Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Lemon Haze Diesel in feminized form makes it easier and economical to grow potent Lemon Haze Diesel plants. You’ll be growing all female plants so you won’t have to worry about accidental pollination in your garden. This is a sativa dominant strain with a powerful smell and aroma and a potent effect. This is one of the best-selling strains in the world.

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More About Lemon Haze Diesel (fem)

Delicious Cerebral High

Lemon Haze Diesel is a wonderful cannabis strain known for her adorable qualities. She was the offspring of two popular strains: Lemon Haze and Diesel. Lemon Haze passed on to her child her sativa-dominant qualities involving her powerful aroma and potency. Diesel, on the other hand, is also a sativa strain that became a best-seller in the US and a parent of different strains like Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel.

In other words, Lemon Haze Diesel leans on the sativa side. Expect her to grow tall if you let her. Also, expect her flavor to be delicious and invigorating. With a THC content of around 16 to 20%, her potency is just right to keep you alive and mentally focused for hours.

Since she’s sativa-dominant, Lemon Haze Diesel can be your ideal daytime smoke to keep yourself alive and eager to face the challenges of the day. Lemon Haze Diesel can be grown indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re a novice or experienced grower, she will give you a rewarding growing experience.

4 reviews for Lemon Haze Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for M. Jones

    M. Jones

    Friend of mine recommended this strain,so without any hesitation i got 10 seeds! then surprisingly she makes me so happy how beautiful she become after 8 weeks of nurturing with a good yields.Her buds coated with creamy trichomes and orange hairs are impressive to the eyes.Must be keen in growing this cannabis to have a huge harvest.Some trimming and cutting are needed. Name itself give you an idea what its taste like as well as her odor,exactly a delicious fusion of citrus taste and strong diesel scent that tickle the body and mind.Her high hit makes me physically active and keep me motivated.Then after 1-2 hours,the soothing feeling get in and wiped out depression. Thumbs up!

  2. Avatar for Inna P.

    Inna P.

    This girl is my new best friend! Because of this whole pandemic, I’ve been stuck at home all year long. And what kept me sane and occupied is tending to my Lemon Haze plant. Currently, I am applying the SCROG method and have been managing its height really well. Lime green buds and orange hairs are becoming more prominent and I’m noticing an abundance of resin around the big buds. It grew pretty fast too and I was able to yield a pretty hefty amount of harvest in about 9 weeks. Anyway, my last supply was really enjoyable. The citrusy diesel flavor and smell takes some getting used to but it has really grown on me. The smoke is heavy and smooth and the effects are phenomenal. I’ve recently learned how to paint, and I manage to find serenity and satisfaction while painting my canvasses as I smoke every puff. I’m not to brag but I did pretty good and I think it is because of my best friend. Good quality!

  3. Avatar for Rom Taylor

    Rom Taylor

    a heavy hitting weed..a tall plant with well spaced buds. this plant needs a bit of care,some maintenance like trimming. if you want to cultivate Lemon Haze Diesel consider the upright space it can grow up to 6.4ft all. she prefers a warm climate, spot under sunlight to harvest higher yields. you can smell and taste a citrus diesel when smoke..I take this every morning to start my day with high level of energy. 1-2 puff hits me quickly, feel that mental clearness to a buzzing feeling then happiness within..too much dose may cause dry eyes,dry mouth and even dizziness..for beginners,be aware..

  4. Avatar for Bar Raney

    Bar Raney

    hit you high!.best sativa seed to grow, a tall easy growing plant with light green buds covered by trichomes.orange hairs and resin coating are eye-catching, while its smell like diesel hype the senses. during growth need a little care like trimming. Lemon Haze creates a good yields after 8-10 weeks flowering time. This strain gives that satisfying citrus taste with hint of strong scent diesel when smoke. a morning strain to take! enough dose gives a buzzing mind high but uplift my mood to feeling happy. Keep me focus at work and productive. you may feel dizziness and dry mouth, keep your bottled water with you. Top quality strain! plant this in your garden too…

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