Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Purple Kush is world renowned for its purple leaves and strong smoky taste combined with a very high THC level. The plant is short in stature with dense buds riddled with thin white and orange hairs. Purple Kush is a durable and versatile plant with frosty buds and an earthy, pungent aroma that will take you on a ride outside of your body. It flowers within 8–10 weeks and it can provide you with a high yield. The THC level is extremely high and the effect is a pure indica feeling that will make you come back for more. Not quite narcotic, it has a strong, pleasant buzz which is very relaxing and even couch locking. If you want to chill, then Purple Kush can help you.

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More About Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana

Having a unique purple color and buds with orange and white hairs, Purple Kush feminized marijuana has become one of the most iconic strains of our time. One look is all it takes to distinguish this plant from the others. Its scent is distinctly pungent, so there is no mistaking it once a little Purple Kush bud is brought into a room.

Capable of thriving both indoors and outdoors, this strain is classified as an easy to moderate growth. Flowering takes an average length of time, and the yields are fantastic. Indoors, this plant can produce up to 400g of dense buds. Outdoors, that number becomes 250g.

The THC content of Purple Kush feminized is amazingly high at over 24%. Unlike most high THC strains, Purple Kush is not highly psychedelic. Instead, this strain will keep you glued to the couch for hours on end while keeping your muscles soothed and relaxed and the mind drifting pleasantly. This is the perfect smoke for those lazy Sundays when you just want to lie down and experience a deep level of calm.

56 reviews for Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jeff


    Planted only 2 seeds of the 7 I received. One seed was smaller than the others. I planted it and I planted one of the regular size seeds. The little seed is producing a plant that is 5 times smaller but has a very pungent smell. The larger seed is just a beautiful plant now, very healthy no smell yet. Crop Seeds did a good job with sales and shipping. Thanks

  2. Avatar for Kasper


    These girls are fantastic, I had to of course baby them a little more than the auto Northern Lights and auto White Widows but they all popped as they were big dark seeds all 5. They took off and flowered beautifully when I switched from 18-6 lighting to 12-12. I had ordered the same but in an auto form from (Xotic-seeds) And 5 popped with their seeds but 2 were of poor genetics, the leaves were all deformed. At first, I thought I had burned them with water and my lights but it turned out to be poor genetics as 2 plants had this deformity all through the growth cycle, so I chopped them down and tossed them. The third one was tall and scrawny and 2 seemed ok but they just didn’t grow very well at all. They too replaced the seeds but I haven’t started them so I did with CropKing and low and behold they are fantastic. I did notice that I didn’t have to pound them with nutrients as much as an autoflower type plant seems to require. Possibly a genetic type needs? Anyhow, I fully recommend to anyone with a tent to grow these guys but be slow and methodical as you grow them, they will produce well and be a great tasting type plant for you. Thank you CropKing, I won’t get my seeds from anyone else! Cheers!

  3. Avatar for Chris


    Started 3 of these seeds 9 months ago all popped and turned into good looking females. Got lucky and had one actually turn pure purple through the whole grow .the smoke is very relax and everyone wants more. Good job cks

  4. Avatar for Doug


    Best Pot I’ve ever grown. Not an easy grow, but the buds were big. Been smoking for 40 years and this smoke is supper good. Love it. Will be harvesting Gelato soon. They are budding like crazy. Buds are really sticky. Will let U know when that’s harvested.

  5. Avatar for Don McPhee

    Don McPhee

    Wow! I harvested the Purple Kush . The buds are lovely, firm and sticky as heck. Used Fox Farm’s Happy Frog soil and LED lighting. I used complete set of Ganja Brand nutrients. Took a bit longer to ripen under the LEDs but the buds are fantastic. Definitely a good choice.

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