Ultra Violet OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Ultra Violet OG feminized version is a strain that hailed from two very impressive and potent strains. It is a consistent indica, but it takes time to grow and flower. Don’t lose patience because it will reward you with amazing yields. It comes with a gentle stimulating effect that will make you happier and more positive.

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More About Ultra Violet OG Feminized

The Ultimate Creeper

Ultra Violet OG is a cross between Purple Indica and Face Off OG. The addition of Face Off OG further strengthened this Indica dominant strain as the latter is known to have a very influential effect on the former strain. The result became one of the most consistent Indica dominant strains in the market today. Ultra Violet OG is a slowpoke. This bud likes to take its time to formulate its effect. However, when it does start, it will creep up on you. The strain begins its initial reaction with a gentle buzz that makes you feel happier with each toke.

Users of this strain will slowly feel a sense of clarity that is very distinct from Ultra Violet OG. An innate sense of creativity and imagination will start to show, and a happy disposition is now very evident. This sweet-tasting herb has a complex mix of apricot and pine that lead to a chemical aftertaste. The most notable medical effects of this weed are its ability to relieve stress and induce appetite. Weight gain is bound to happen when you have a chronic affinity for this strain.

1 review for Ultra Violet OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    We all are looking for good quality seeds. From the many sellers I have tried purchasing seeds, CK nailed it! I have found what I’ve been looking for. Cheers, CK!

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