Critical Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Feminized Critical Mass will let you grow female plants with confidence. No more males that can cause accidental pollination plus it comes with a balanced indica and sativa qualities making it perfect for all users and growers. It will give you heavy and dense buds that can produce very high yields indoors or outdoors.

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More About Critical Mass (fem)

Straightforward For You To Grow

This is a particular version of the Critical Mass that has come down from cutting the plant that was blessed for more than a decade. This is especially maintained due to the production of the seed. That is because as well of its exceptional quality. This is classified to be fifty and fifty Sativa and Indica hybrid strain. This is also bred from the Skunk and Afghani genetics. This can leave you even prouder for being a productive strain having some good yields.

One more positive thing about this strain is that it is fairly straightforward. Just be warned by its buds that can become heavy and very dense. This is also unless the branches have been staked. Or else, it will continue its chances of snapping the stems. Its normal height can range between one-hundred to one-hundred twenty centimeters. Its indoor yields fall in the range of four-hundred fifty to five-hundred fifty gr/m2 in the period of seven to eight-week flowering. As for outdoor growers, they can expect to harvest it in September.

10 reviews for Critical Mass Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Joshua


    It was my first time growing Critical mass and I was surprised how easy and straightforward it is. I was also surprised by how heavy and dense the buds were after just 8 weeks of carefully tending to this bushy medium-sized plant in my yard! I can’t believe that it yielded 800g of an earthy yet sweet smelling weed harvest. I enjoy every hit of its fruity flavor that I just ride the high for hours on end after a long hard day. It can really dry the mouth so I always have Kool-Aid in the fridge to keep me hydrated. To put the cherry on top, smoking this incredible dope really helps relieve my back pain from an old injury. It’s like I never had it! No doubt the perfect strain for me!

  2. Avatar for S. Cade

    S. Cade

    excellent!. I loved this strain. try to order 10 of this, 9 grown beautifully. less than 65 days to see her flowers. she needs less attention,but still gives me a good yields. see? how amazing is she, a must-try..Be aware as it grows she produce a heavy dense buds that may break her branches,prepare a support. every sweet taste smoke takes all the heavy feelings in my heart and gives me “hope”. perfect for stressful days to unload negative vibes! night,while watching movies,I take 1 hit to feel more relax,tends me to fall asleep. a good strain to remember!..

  3. Avatar for K. Wells

    K. Wells

    now i know why they call this strain Critical mass coz if fully grown it has ample buds which are heavy and thick,if branches at risked it may break its stems,need to put support. Anyway, I harvest a very high yields,plant is average in height. Have this at morning time, I feel that happy sleepy high, like a vitamin c boost my energy. Its strong punch just right to ease pain and worries,negative thoughts go away. Along with good effects comes the not so one,smoking critical mass dry your mouth,keep hydrated. when smoke you’ll taste a citrus and sweet flavor like honey. Add this up in your list!..

  4. Avatar for Myron Barlowe

    Myron Barlowe

    This Critical Mass Fem grow very quick, and high yielding, Though she’s small her leaves are very large and bushy. She really grows healthy and beautiful when cultivated correctly. This strain really helps me with insomnia and sometimes with my depression. Her sweet and cookie-like scent and taste are really drooling.

  5. Avatar for A. Harleen

    A. Harleen

    If you want to try to literally sedate yourself, congrats! You found the right strain LOL. Growing this was quite the journey for me. It’s actually newbie-friendly enough with a size-able yield. It’s quite resilient against diseases, bugs, and mites, so cheers to that. Do watch out for mold and rot, keep the moisture at the minimum. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s battling anxiety, depression BUT y’all better start with a small dosage. Again, this is literal self sedation. Oh and perfect for bodily pain like migraines, arthritis and spasms.

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