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Mango Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Mango Kush is a very potent indica with a very strong body high that brings about easy relaxation. The high is compared to an opiate-like buzz that includes soothing stress and anxiety relief and amazing physical relaxation. It’s a strain that flowers fast and comes with huge yields as long as you follow all its growing needs completely.

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More About Mango Kush (fem)

A Pungent and Fruity Smoke

Mango Kush is a heavy indica-dominant strain that offers a strong body high and relaxation. Like her parents, she tastes nice. She inherited the exciting tastes and aromas of Hindu Kush and Mango. So, she tastes sweet and hashish.

She has been known for her opiate-like body buzz that gives total physical relaxation and soothing symptom relief. She is also somewhat effective in calming your mind and uplifting your mood. She’s great enough as a stress-relieving smoke that will make you ready to sleep at night.

Since she is indica-dominant, don’t expect her to grow tall. She takes less time to bloom, which is another good thing about her. She is beginner-friendly, so do not hesitate to add this strain to your garden if you like her. Once you do, rest assured she will do everything to keep you happy and satisfied during yield. She is not demanding and feels okay with both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

1 review for Mango Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Scurvy Smokesalot

    Scurvy Smokesalot

    Great plant, grew fast, buds are immense, trichomes stay close to the flowers so probably not the best choice for hash making, but I have trim from 3 plants, so I’m gonna try. I plan to buy this strain again and make it the workhorse of my grow op. Haven’t smoked any yet, still in cure, but smells super fruity.

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