Kalimist Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Kalimist is a powerful sativa that can trigger a cerebral effect. It is the queen of sativas that will give you good yields plus amazing mood-enhancing effects. It can also help deal with pain, anxiety, and stress naturally and effectively. Kalimist is also an easy strain to grow and is also versatile as it can be grown indoors or outdoors.

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More About Kalimist (fem)

A Robust Sativa

If you’re searching for a strain with more powerful sativa genetics, then you will never go wrong with Kalimist. She is 90% sativa, which means she induces a cerebral buzz that will hit your mind for better creativity, improved productivity, and a friendlier attitude. Her nearly pure-sativa genetic makeup has made her extremely popular among the avid sativa cannabis consumers.

Kalimist is also called the “queen of sativa strains” that is due to her abundant yields and excellent mood-enhancing capabilities. She has strong pain-killing properties, so she can benefit even medical marijuana users.

She is easy to manage. She can take care of herself, just like what a strong woman can do. You can cultivate her indoors or outdoors. Whatever the case is, she yields more. If you grow her outdoors, she may take advantage of this opportunity to grow taller. Well, that is okay as she will yield more.

4 reviews for Kalimist Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Steve


    Received these from CK as a free sample. Grew one plant outside this year. She was probably 9 feet tall by the end. Buds were not the biggest but they turned out great after dry and cure. Will consider trying these inside down the road.

  2. Avatar for Big D

    Big D

    Kali Mist was a gift. Thank you Crop King. This flower was amazing, it sure turned alotta heads, the size, aroma and effects were awesome. I grew this in my hydroponic system and they ate and drank like mad cows. I would grow this again in a heartbeat. I have always over the years, used your seeds, sometimes the odd batch doesn’t germinate worth a crap, but I was never one to complain. These Kalimist germinated just fine. I Thank you again for the gift.

  3. Avatar for Fras


    So far so good! Just germinated one seed with absolutely no problems! It is growing really nice and I am only one week in. If you go with the germination method described on this site, you cannot lose! Can’t wait for this to really get going! Still too cold here in newfoundland to put outside so I may grow this baby in the ole grow tent! If it warms up here, I may do a couple of clones and see how big this can get outside in newfoundland!!! Thanks King, you are simply the best!!!!!

  4. Avatar for Tone Dog

    Tone Dog

    I grew this 2 years ago with great luck. Tall and strong with dense buds that tasted great and picked you up and got you going. I really have to get some more!! I loved it!! I had trouble getting seeds to germinate but one plant was enough to hook me.

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