Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Tangie feminized is a fantastic strain with refreshing citrusy flavors. It is sativa dominant, and hence its satisfying and energizing. It has 20% THC, moderately high, but won’t cause couchlock. You will love to grow this in your garden, and it’s a guarantee to give you good yields when all its growing needs are considered.

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25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Tangie Feminized

An Award-Winning Uplifting Weed

If you love the fruity, tangy flavors of oranges and tangerines, then smoking Tangie should be up your alley. This citrus goodie is a Sativa dominant herb that has been awarded several times due to its potency and flavor. The quality of this weed alone surpasses a lot of cannabis in the market today. With around 20% THC level, this weed heavily affects one’s mood and appetite. Its mood-altering qualities uplift the spirits and allow an energetic feeling to take over.

Those who have suffered pain throughout the years will surely be glad to know that this highly-effective strain is a great pain killer. The Sativa leaning herb also cures fatigue by providing mental and physical energies to the tired mind and body.

While this strain can be grown in any environment, a well-lit warm outdoor climate should be a more conducive environment for this strain to thrive and produce good amounts of yield.

1 review for Tangie Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Judith

    After several years as a customer I’ve had success each time germinating seeds from crop king until this year when clearly something has changed at crop king. Out of 30 seeds, only 2 germinated. TWO! The quality of seed for sale has plummeted drastically. Don’t waste your money like I did, find somewhere else to buy your seed, that is, if crop king is honest enough to post this review. Time will tell.

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