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Growing from Seeds VS Growing from Marijuana Clones

Growing from Seeds VS Growing from Marijuana Clones

When we are talking about the buds, it is hard to tell if it comes from seeds or via clones. This is specifically true to hemp seeds and clones. However, the manner of developing cannabis plants is fairly complex for both of these processes. Growing from seeds versus growing from clones have their own benefits and disadvantages. Before even opting to grow marijuana from seeds or from clones, having an in-depth understanding is essential in order to know which one will work best for you.

In this article, we will be talking about their differences, advantages, and drawbacks. Aspiring to become an expert cannabis cultivator, one should understand what it can offer.

Growing cannabis seeds: What are the benefits and disadvantages?

The benefits

One of the benefits of growing marijuana plants from seeds is its resiliency. It is known that if a cannabis plant was grown from seeds, it most likely has a taproot. Taproot is regarded to offer aid for a better and healthier plant. When a plant has been cultivated from seed, least likely that it will acquire plant infections from its mother plant, this means the seed is clean.

Another plus of growing marijuana plants from seeds is its numerous varieties. Though it is truly difficult and risky to obtain cannabis seeds, a lot of dispensaries online sell various varieties with great quality, unlike the clone ones. Moreover, storing seeds will be possible as it can last long,
followed by proper storage.

Compared with clones, seeds in any varieties can be stored in a span of time as it can stay good. With clones, its either the cultivation gets failed or successful. Meanwhile, a lot of cannabis cultivators reported that marijuana plants from seeds are more sturdy, resilient, and efficient as it can save you more time with its short period requirement in growing but will still produce a great number of buds during the harvest time.

The disadvantages

One of the drawbacks of growing from seeds is its time-consuming efforts in separating males from females. Given the fact that it is bought from a good seed company, the risk is still there. Within the 6 weeks of the development of the seeds, there will be a notable indication of pre-flowering. At this period, gender will be obvious. One to regard is that after the seeds had already germinated, they will be very sensitive. This will be one of the challenges if you are new in cannabis cultivation. One more thing is that it takes the germination process sometimes.

Knowing great details about the germination process requires skills that not everyone has. Experience is needed.

Growing cannabis via clones: What are the benefits and disadvantages?

The benefits

When growing cannabis plants from clones, the female gender is guaranteed. Yet, if these plants aren’t given proper care and get stressed, there are possible chances of it being a hermaphrodite.

Having male plants isn’t that sufficing because of the fact that it doesn’t give the coveted high that females are highly known to produce. That is the main reason why growing your marijuana plants from clones gets its advantage. Given the fact that the origin of the clones is reputable and the breeder of it has some documentation or samples of its previous yield. With that, you will know what to expect.

One more thing is that the development process will be fast. Unlike growing from seeds, it takes the seed to undergo from germination process in order to grow. When it comes to clones, the plant is already ready for a couple of weeks, which is way beyond the period you will take when using seeds.

Unlike seeds, clones are not too sensitive. Especially in its first period. It is easier to maintain and develop a rooted clone versus the freshly sprouted seed.

The disadvantages

One of the drawbacks of growing cannabis plants from clones is its lack of taproot. Instead of the taproot, they normally develop a secondary root, which is called the fibrous root system. Knowing more about taproot, it is a type of root that grows down directly to the base of the plant, which creates a heart from other spring that doesn’t have roots. In the more basic description, it is the main roots were other tiny roots came from. As discussed above, it is the one that can help the plant to grow healthier and stronger.

Another disadvantage of clones is that it is prone and possible to carry plant diseases or infections. With that, whatever type of disease its parent plant has, there will be a great possibility of it being transmitted to its clones. This is the [main reason why other cultivators quarantine their newly acquired clones for a couple of days before bringing it to the rest of the group.

Lastly, it is difficult to acquire clones. Unlike seeds, having clones will be by chance and too limited, depending on the place you live in. Moreover, clones are a 50/50 chance. It is either a success or a failure. As they have a limited shelf life, watching them over requires constancy.


There are two main origins of having a cannabis plant. It is either from seeds or from clones. In your pursuit of planning to cultivate, one should consider what to grow it from. Depending on the type of growing means and environment, better consider which will best work for you. There are
no problems if you wish to grow your plants in an indoor or outdoor environment. However, the problem lies if you are growing a clone and not from seeds.

In understanding the different advantages and setbacks of seeds versus clones, you will be able to easily decide for yourself. Seeds can produce greater yields and bigger buds with loads of terpene, while clones give a consistency of quality and results.

To help you further, if you are aiming for personal cultivation, marijuana seeds will work best for you, and if it somewhat for commercial type of thing, clones can be a good idea with a well-balanced and consistent quality of the product.

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