Triple XL Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Mostly Indica-dominant and high-yielding is Triple XL Strain Autoflower. When you rigorously adhere to its growing requirements, it can produce bigger yields thanks to its enormous, dense buds. High-yielding, primarily Indica-dominant strain Triple XL Strain Autoflower is available. This strain was given its name because, as compared to other strains, its buds were big.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica
Parents: Northern Lights#5 x Big Bud x Green Crack
Flowering Time: 8-11 weeks
Climate: Any environment
Yield: High Yield
Flavor: Spicy, Earthy, Skunk, Citrus
THC Level: 15-20%
CBD Level: 2%
Height: 75 cm.
Harvest Period: All season
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

The ability of this plant to produce an even larger yield has now been unlocked thanks to the Ruderalis strain. This strain has all a grower might want. This hybrid is a fantastic addition to any grower’s farm due to its quick growth rate. Get your hands on the legendary Triple XL Strain marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds and enjoy free shipping on orders over 200$!

What is Triple XL Strain?

Triple XL Strain Autoflower is a hybrid of the Northern Lights #5, Green Crack, and Big Bud that contains 80% Indica. Moreover, DNA from the Ruderalis strain has been added, making Triple XL Strain an autoflower. Because of its huge buds, which are unusually large compared to those of other strains, the Triple XL Strain earned its moniker. Indica-dominant Triple XL Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds has a high THC content of 20%. While just 75 cm tall, this plant may yield up to 1000 grams of marijuana per square meter indoors and 200 grams of marijuana per plant outdoors. It has citrus, skunk, and earthy aromas.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Triple XL Strain buds contain enormous, heart-shaped, neon-green nugs that are covered in a thick frosty covering of tiny white crystal trichomes. They also have reddish-orange hairs. Sweet berries and fresh herbs with a faint earthy undertone are revealed when you break apart each icy tiny nugget. The flavor is extremely similar and leaves a spicy, floral aftertaste on the tongue after the last puff.

Growing Information of Triple XL Strain

Ruderalis is a favorite among growers since it develops swiftly until it reaches maturity. Every grower’s dream strain is Triple XL because of its quick growth rate, which makes it the perfect addition to any cultivator. Because of its Indica-dominant variety, it thrives in practically any environment, including outdoor areas with more latitude. In addition, it is a highly strong plant that can withstand pest infestations as well as erratic weather changes. After successful germination, this plant’s life cycle might take anywhere between 8 and 11 weeks to complete. Expect to harvest an outstanding bud of up to 1000 grams of enormous buds per square meter because the name Triple XL Strain denotes a large amount of yields. This type may provide at least 100 to 400 grams of plants per plant when grown outdoors.

Frequently Asked Question

What is XXL Strains?

The XXL autoflowering seeds combine high yields with incredibly quick flowering to provide the best automatic strains. The finest automated marijuana strains, ideal for planting indoors or outdoors and producing a top-notch harvest in a matter of weeks, are presented in today’s list.

2 reviews for Triple XL Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for The Grower

    The Grower

    High very good, very euphoric and upbeat … Like you can hear sound ahahaha
    Grew 3 so far in my experience the lanky one produces the shorter one plump up
    Smells real good taste real good to and she’s sticky with resin
    Worth the purchase seeds where mature and healthy… Only thing is at the time the seeds weren’t in a regular crop king card but it’s been awhile since I ordered from the king before this order so things could of changed
    Happy customer be purchasing some new cultivars soon

  2. Avatar for Tamsine Trautman

    Tamsine Trautman

    I love this plant it has become a staple. I love her taste, good positive high. Best part the yield; it is like growing a regular plant, it grows really fast.

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