Marijuana and Sex: Enjoying it Better While High

marijuana and sex

If you are a fan of marijuana and you love having sex, chances are it has crossed your mind to combine the two. And if you ever tried it, you must have identified the various things, sensations, and feelings that marijuana can provide. It cam generates a totally different kind of experience for everyone to encounter.

However, marijuana and sex, is it safe? Does it cause long term impact on the aspect of health? And in what way does marijuana improve sex in a meaningful manner? Marijuana and sex have a higher likelihood of going along really well. Hence there is nothing to be surprised about that there are researches that prove its proven benefits and improvement on the aspect of sex.

In this article, we will discuss the science behind marijuana’s capability in sex enhancement and what are the other things it can do with the sex lives of parents people. Let us also find out if there are adverse effects waiting for people who regularly rely on marijuana to enhance their sex life.

The Role of THC in Marijuana and Sex

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or widely known as THC, is the primary compound in marijuana that provides psychoactive effects on humans when taken. The high effects it can generate will cause enhancement of human senses and trigger the reduction of inhibitions.

It may likewise reduce inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties comprised. These favorable impressions allow users to feel more comfortable and fun sex with loved ones. This is how marijuana and sex interact and work with each other.

Although with proper precautionary measures and responsible regulation of marijuana intake can provide favorable outcome on humans’ health and well-being, too much of it will trigger the occurrence of anxiety and paranoia that may affect sex badly. Therefore, a favorable outcome in sex comes with a lot of careful consideration and responsibility in using marijuana.

Is Sex Better with Marijuana?

Many pieces of research have pointed out the significant relationship between marijuana and sex. Many have claimed that sex is indeed better when a person is high and even improved their pleasure. With a variety of ways to enjoy marijuana, like smoking it, eating it as edibles, or use vapor, there is a tremendous number of things to incorporate marijuana and sex together.

Apart from this, it also carries a wide array of good reasons for people’s health problems like a relief for pain discomfort, reduction of stress, and treatment of complicated illnesses. Marijuana’s effects on humans have an overwhelming number of positive reinforcements. It seems only a part of these effects only. Many people are becoming an enthusiast of this herb due to its less dependency likelihood.

The greatest thing marijuana can do on people’s sex life is it allows people to get out of their heads and jump into their bodies. Yet, this fascinating combo of this should be taken with precaution as the overconsumption of marijuana is rampant and unavoidable. Just to prevent anxiety and paranoia from occurring, when the primary intention was to indulge with heavenly sex.

Reasons Why Sex is Better While High

Elevated Desires

According to a study in Psychology Daily, researchers have found a significant relationship between marijuana and sex in the improvement of a person’s desires. There was a report that the libido had significantly increased upon consuming marijuana. There were few claims also that supported the findings of the research wherein people’s sexual desires reached heightened increase while they were high.

This is not a piece of surprising news provided that marijuana has endless positive claims on how to impacts humans’ health and behavior, yet with a lack of scientific evidence.

In the recent study, researchers found that marijuana users have a higher rate of sexual activity of around 20% compared to people who don’t use marijuana. Both men and women underwent the experiment, and both of the sexes has provided a similar increase in the frequency of sex per month compared to those who don’t engage in marijuana smoking.

The research even confirmed that marijuana does not seem to impair people’s motivation in sex or decrease their performance in doing the activity. Rather, the only association between marijuana and sex has is its elevated frequency of having sexual intimacy.

Heightened Sensitivity

In this topic, the increase in the sensitivity of people has been the major intriguing factor often investigated. There are many reported claims that marijuana users feel better-having sex when they are under the influence of the herb.

This is supported by a study wherein it shows how people feel better relaxation, and more happy than usual, which leads to a better and pleasant experience in sex.

This can be explained clearly as we compared sex with massage. If a person is more relaxed when having a massage, the more he will feel the tension of massager’s hand and enjoy it more. If someone is tense and uncomfortable, there is little likelihood that he will experience greatness.

Slows The Time

In the study of marijuana and sex, there is also another important finding found. Many marijuana users have cited that sex seems to be longer when they are high. This could be true because marijuana may alter a human’s perception of time.

It is favorable among couples who struggle to sustain energy for sex to last long. Although marijuana cannot exactly lengthen the time spent on sex, rather it changes how people perceive time, and make it seem to be longer than usual. But in real sober life, the time spent does not differ significantly. However, the alteration of time can make all the difference.

Strong Orgasm

Another research confirmed that with the heightened increase in a person’s sensitivity and alteration of time can contribute to increasing and intensity of orgasm after consuming marijuana. One report claimed that her orgasm lasted for thirty seconds, and she considered it the best orgasm she ever had while high.

According to the recent study conducted by a Sexual Medicine journal, they have proven that women with experience smoking marijuana frequently have double times experience intense orgasms compared to those infrequent users of marijuana.

By blending marijuana smoking and sex, women under the experiment have reported to have favorable results and experienced satisfactory sex. There is also increase desire and orgasm has improved dramatically. Women feel more comfortable with their bodies, and there is less feeling of insecurities. Also, women feel less anxious and more relax than ever.

Marijuana and Sex Adverse Effects

Dosage Matters

According to research made about this, researchers investigated marijuana’s effects according to dosage. They found out that the more a person smoke marijuana, the more they feel the effects and may not do anything, especially having sex.

It simply means that when a person is too high, he cannot do anything much. However, there is an exception to this for veteran users who are used to the effects of marijuana. With less activity, sex won’t even be possible to do.

Low Count of Sperms

For couples trying to have a baby, marijuana and sex may not be a perfect pair for your intention. However, it does not necessarily mean that marijuana is a could be a great alternative for birth control. Instead, the effect of smoking marijuana can reduce a man’s chances of impregnating his partner due to the capacity of marijuana in reducing the production of sperm cells.

A small study conducted which showed that once a week usage of marijuana has demonstrated a lower number of sperms by thirty percent. These findings lead the researchers to the conclusion that THC, a psychoactive compound in marijuana, interacts with the sperms to cause such a situation.

Drying of Vagina

Basing on the words from an expert, a combination of this may lead to an unfavorable outcome like drying of the vagina. Similar to having a cottonmouth when smoking marijuana, the vagina can still experience similar cases as the mouth. Of course, with less lubrication of the vagina, sex is expected to be unpleasant.

Reckless Behavior

From a study od marijuana and sex, it was found out that when a person is high by marijuana’s effects, he is expected to do careless actions and behavior because he is under the influence of psychoactive effects. With such behavior, a person is inclined to make the worst decisions like contracting sexually transmitted infections from having sex without thinking of protection.

Being extremely high makes a person careless to asked or assure that their sexual partner is clean. Unless, of course, you have a stable partner, you deeply know.

Never Experiment

If you are a beginner user, never try to experiment with any strain of marijuana that same night just to feel better, just because you have heard the great potential of combined effects of this. It is still better to understand and get to know the strain of your choice to get acquainted with your tolerance. Remember that every person has different and effects from similar marijuana. It may do great in sex for others, but not on you.

Use Lubricants

As mentioned above, marijuana may cause dryness of the vagina. However, it does not affect women’s sexual drive and orgasm. It is important to use lubricants to spice up the upcoming intimacy. Vaginal dryness is a real thing when a woman consumes marijuana, especially for regular consumers. Hence, instead of whining about it, a lubricant is a great solution to the problem.

Final Thoughts

The psychoactive effects of marijuana rely solely on the individual. Each person’s body has different ways of taking in the chemical compounds of marijuana. Although there may be reported cases of adverse effects of marijuana on sex, however, there is also an overwhelming number of wonderful and amazing things that marijuana can do in making sex feel a better activity to experience.

Provided with tremendous findings on positive associations of marijuana and sex, always remember that when trying to incorporate the herb when having sex, use it with moderation.

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