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Best Marijuana for Sex

Best Marijuana for Sex – Top 10 List

Points to View when picking the best Marijuana for sex

If you are looking to spice things up, or just in a hunt for various aphrodisiacs, there are diverse possibilities for your consumption. It is a rational reality of humans to perpetually be in a quest for pleasurable elements that simply maximize one’s happiness. It’s the same principle in sex. Everyone would fancy getting a genuine taste. Sex is essential and normal; however, not everyone gets equal satisfaction. 

The excellent news is, there are a lot of strains accessible – the best marijuana for sex that can help you attain the peak of your fleeting, almost-tricky orgasm, and will you give the most satisfying sex of your life. If you are looking for the ammunition to light up that tiny flicker within, then here is your answer. 

There are a lot of distinctive things to contemplate, such as what strains to use, its flavor and aftereffect, and what’s best to use for any type and situation. Worry not, the column got it all included. Here is your guide to having the best sex of your life using the best marijuana in town.

What are strains, and do they matter? 

First, let us get to know the terms better. What is the strain? The strain is a word used alternately with type, selection, or choices.   The word ‘strains’ is usually used to describe the varieties of plants and their produce. So, the marijuana strains are the choices you have to get whatever it is you desire.

Strain names are often identified based on the powerful characteristics the products have. For example, some strains are named after where they come from, and some are named after their fragrance and some by how they get you to respond. It’s a marketing approach that achieves well. 

However, strains’ names don’t strictly matter, and they aren’t reliable. Since the name are just made for marketing, their effects are different from what you would want to get. The best thing to do is get to know more about the strain and where they have grown and manufacturers, as well as their chemical combination. This is where you get to know your aphrodisiac intimately. 

The Best Marijuana for Sex – Top Strains Choices 

The best marijuana for sex is somewhere among these top choices. The best will, of course, refer to what you prefer and desire. There are many to choose from, depending on the things you want and need. Here are the following: 

1) Bubblegum Kush – An Indica strain

Nope, it doesn’t taste like bubblegum. Instead, it has a sour taste like a lemon or an orange with a bit of sweetness. 

This won’t make you go like wild animals and leave scratches on the back. Instead, this is more of like a drug that turns sex into a romantic movie. It doesn’t give you the highest energy for some hot action but will give a comfortable and untroubled orgasm with the waves of pleasure running through the veins as you look into each other’s window to the soul. The aftermath of the strain, however, could give you a slight headache.

2) Jack Herer – A hybrid, Sativa is dominant 

It doesn’t smell like it’s a name of a person, but it has a distinctive spicy smell and taste like herbs or pepper. 

This strain is very quick to take effect and easily provides a sense of leisure with your mind still active. It won’t be hard to get inventive since your imagination is heightened.  This is the best marijuana for sex if your plan is to engage in fantasy foreplay or get extra creative with each other.

3) Sour Diesel – Sativa strain

It doesn’t taste green, but it does taste similar to gas with a trace of musky and piney odor. It may not taste considerable, but this will give you unthinkable satisfaction. 

Since Sativa is aggressive, it basically gives a rush of passion. This can make you voracious. That is precisely what makes this one of the best marijuana for sex on the list. It is a desire- producing power that provides you the set of sex you only read in erotic novels, hot and sweaty skin, hearts pumping loudly, and the plausibility of saying ‘more’ owing to the desires needed to be devoured.

4) Trainwreck – Hybrid, Sativa-dominant 

It savors like citrus and ground with an abrupt kick of pepper and a whiff of pine. 

If you choose to venture BDSM – inspired sex, this will support you in getting it executed admirably. The grand TCH in the variable empowers you to erase the pain. The term discomfort in this one is simply an illusion. It targets the mind and is accountable for your good mood and exaltation, plus it produces that fire, sexual body sensations.

5) Jilly Bean – Indica strain 

This is one of the tastiest strains available. It has a tropical flavor, a mixture of the sweet pineapple and delicious mango. 

If you plan to get kinky with your partner, this is the absolute answer. It targets the brain best, so you will have a great sense of euphoria and a soothing high body. This would be a fun generating strain that would encourage you to suit up for your roles, with a little bit of a dirty-talking on the side. This would be a great time to try the things you were too afraid to try when you were sober.  However, there is one problem. This strain can give you dried eyes and dehydrated mouth.

6) Purple Princess -Hybrid, Indica is dominant 

It smells delicious with a sugary fruit taste that would make you remember of gum or any fruity snack. 

It also has a lower TCH, so it won’t set the mood from cool to very hot, but it does give you a moderate effect on the physical aspect. This strain needs to be taken slowly, engaging in sweet foreplay until you’re in a nice and comfortable feeling, and then you can get creative. This is for those who want to take their first best marijuana for a sex experience.

7) Granddaddy Purple – Indica strain 

This tastes yummy. Yes, it does have the sweet taste of berries and grapes. But don’t use too much out of pure excitement, for this can make you motionless; thus, the idea of having great sex flushes down the drain. 

It offers a feeling of euphoria and a touch of bodily leisure. Others jokingly call it Viagra in green. You would enjoy a nice, dreamlike buzz that lets you get into a romantic slow, and intimate sex. All your inhibitions will disappear as you succumb to the greatest pleasure it offers.

8) Blueberry Yum Yum – Hybrid, Sativa is dominant 

True to its name, it does have a blueberry aroma with a taste of earth, mint, and pine. It has an aftertaste that’s sweet and tasty as well. 

It has a balancing effect on both brains and body, so you would get a feeling of euphoria and a flirtatious buzz in your body. It is best for sex that needs both the body and the mind’s cooperation. It can make you think of creative ideas and have the stamina for it.

9) Strawberry Cough – Sativa Strain

Another strain that’s true to its name, Strawberry Cough, has the aroma and the taste of strawberry. The more breathe it out, the sweeter it gets. 

It sharpens your mind, so you have the energy to enjoy deep discussions or even dull ones. It gives you a clear and fast mind, so doing sex play acts, and it gives a fun chance to play with power and dominance. The best thing is, it also could last long for four hours. So, you have plenty of time to have all the fun.

10) Atomic Northern Lights – Indica strain 

It has a sharp marijuana and flower smell combined, so it generally smells decent. 

If you want to heighten the level of intimacy, then this strain works well. It has a dreamy feeling that could let you engaged in using sex-related toys and could intensify sexual sensations. 


It doesn’t matter if you prefer any influencing strains or crossbreed options. What values most is the marijuana itself if it accomplishes considerably and nicely. The next time you are in the spirit to explore with sex plus drugs, you can never lose any alternatives to fancy from. The answer here is spotting the precise ones that would please your desires and affection, whatever they may be. 

The best marijuana for sex is available in different options, if you are in for a toe-curling experience and even a variety to choose from if you just want to get creative with a little bit of a romantic touch. Marijuana has got not just your back, but your potential orgasm, so you go take a few moments to line up your desire and have a fun time with your partner in choosing whatever that works both for you.

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  1. To be more exact, some marijuana strains are better for particular sexual position. The real high THC strains are too high and just make the male sloppy and unattentive to his sex object. I think women prefer more CBD and a slow moving body experience. I have never had much success with CBD oil rubbed on clitoris nor breasts. Then there is the matter of taste.

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