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Grow a Marijuana Bonsai

How to Grow a Marijuana Bonsai

As the legalization of cannabis making waves, the cannabis industry is becoming more extensive, and cannabis use in both recreational and medicinal becomes more widespread. The interest in cannabis does not only end in people using them for recreational use or using it for therapeutic benefits, but a new hype is also building up in this booming industry.

As the industry is getting bigger, cannabis enthusiasts have also shown interest in cultivating cannabis. They have seen the possibilities of growing cannabis in adopting several methods that ensure high-quality yields. Cannabis cultivators have found a new stake in horticulture science or cannabis bonsai trees. They have found ways on how to grow marijuana bonsai, which continues to be a hot topic.

What are bonsai trees? 

Bonsai trees are trendy, especially for plant lovers. They are small trees that are put in containers or small pots. Bonsai came from the Japanese word “Bon-sai,” which means “planted in a container.” The art came to form China, but Japanese Zen Buddhism has influenced a part of it. The art of making Bonsai has been around for many years already. Its ultimate goal is to create a miniature or realistic representation of a natural tree.

Is it possible to grow Marijuana Bonsai?

Can you imagine having a small marijuana plant that you can set in your window? This can be realized by growing a cannabis bonsai. The most marijuana plant grows small but having a “bonsai” is appealing to most cannabis cultivators because of the landscape and its art form. The marijuana bonsai is not a genetically dwarfed plant. Cannabis cultivators found in horticulture have finally explored the possibilities of growing marijuana bonsai, and the results are excellent. Marijuana bonsai-like any other plant, requires tremendous dedication and a lot of care, but it would serve its purpose.

At first, cultivators thought it was not possible to make marijuana bonsai because the fact of the matter is that not all plants are suitable for bonsai. The main reason people like to grow marijuana bonsai or “canna-bonsai” is to produce clone clippings. Since the mother plants are relatively small, marijuana bonsais take up small spaces to grow a mother plant. Creating and maintaining small mother plants that you can use for clone clipping is a great way to be diverse in maintaining your marijuana garden.

How to grow a marijuana bonsai

In cultivating your marijuana bonsai, you may be needing several important things: 

  • An electric drill
  • A plastic-covered wire
  • A wooden stake and
  • A young cannabis plant


Here are several steps in planting and growing a marijuana bonsai:

  • PREPARE THE POT TO BE USED. The first step is to get yourself a pot for the plant. In growing bonsais, you will need a small pot.
  • DRILL THE POT. Use an electric drill to create a whole to facilitate training. Make sure that the holes are big enough to accommodate a string of twine.
  • PLANT YOUR CUTTING FROM THE MOTHER PLANT. Set the mother plant on the pot. Select the cutting from the mother plant, and make sure you pick the sturdy and healthy ones. The mother plant must be able to plant should be able to reproduce quality buds.
  • TRUNK TRAINING – After putting the mother plant, the next important thing is to put a wooden stake. Put the wooden stake to help train the plant’s main stem. Placing a wooden stake is the most crucial aspect of creating a marijuana bonsai. Use the stake to position it in the direction that you wish. Gently press the wooden stake down into the soil alongside the trunk and then wrap the trunk the way you want it. You may tie it with wire or twine to the nearest hole you have drilled in the pot. Ensure that you do not connect the trunk with so much force and allow extra room for it to expand.
  • TIME TO TRAIN THE BRANCH – Now it is time to tie the branches of your plant. This is somewhat similar to when you tied the trunk. Use a wire to link them and connect them to the holes you drilled earlier in the pot. Do not tie them too tightly; leave room for growth so the branches won’t be constricted when they are growing. If you the branches to grow horizontally, tie them down with more force. For vertical growth, tie them lightly.
  • BRANCH PRUNING – As your marijuana grows and becomes more extensive, you may need to limit the number of branches. You need to prune the branches. The need to prune the branches is basically because it restricts the number of extensions to achieve the classic bonsai look, stature, and shape and allows and maintains the excellent airflow in the plant’s main stem. Just prune the offshoot branches and avoid cutting the main ones, affecting the plant’s health and growth.


The critical question now is, how long should the mother plant, the marijuana bonsai, be kept. The answer is indefinite. Even if your canna-bonsai is bud less, it will continue to breathe. It is possible to keep it alive for seasons to come. To extend your plant’s life, removes 1/3 of the plant. The central part of the plant needs to be trimmed and remove from the old yellow leaves. Do not remove buds from the 1/3 part of the lower section. This process will allow the regeneration of your canna-bonsai. Continue to nurture and take care of your marijuana bonsai for the next season.

Cannabis cultivators are in the severe business of reinventing cannabis and finding ways to improve cannabis production further. As the industry is getting bigger, they have also taken the risk of adopting methods that would change the face of cannabis cultivation. Adopting modern horticulture science has allowed us to create marijuana bonsai. A mixture of a classic and contemporary approach to growing marijuana. Now it is possible to display a miniature of a marijuana plant with beautiful green branches and an artistically lovely spiraled center. It’s possible, and it can be such a lovely sight.

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