Marijuana Leaves Turning Yellow – How to Fix your Plants

marijuana leaves turning yellow

One leaf turning brown or yellow may not be something to be worried about, but a couple and more leaves turning lifeless and yellow is surely something to be taken care of. Perhaps, this is one of the most common problems when growing marijuana plants. It might get confusing, especially when you made sure you got everything done and followed. What is the reason for this great horror? Take a look at these marijuana leaves turning yellow, and do your check-up.

For starters, there could be different reasons why marijuana leaves turn yellow. These reasons are sometimes from any small detail that was overlooked or deemed unnecessary. Taking care of a marijuana plant is not easy for they are sensitive plants and are prone to pests and diseases. The good thing is, these leaves can be salvaged when properly treated with the right solution.

Growing perfect marijuana can be hard to achieve, especially for a beginner, so growers are allowed to make mistakes. Still, these mistakes can be prevented, so it is better equipped with the best techniques and essentials to limit the number of dead and yellow leaves. Soon, healthy and green leaves will start growing, and the yellow leaves are soon forgotten.

The Science behind marijuana leaves turning yellow

A little review of Science will help you understand why leaves will turn yellow. A leaf is composed of plant cells, and these plant cells are from organelles names chloroplast. The chloroplast absorbs light and heat from the sun. The most dominant color of the chlorophyll is green, and others none nondominant are the yellow and the orange carotenoids. Through photosynthesis, the chlorophyll will consume light. If the plants are healthy, the chlorophyll will flourish, but when the plant is stressed out, the chlorophyll diminishes, leaving the yellow carotenoids. This is responsible for the yellow color. Thus, your plant has a yellow color means it is in dire stress, and it needs your immediate help. Or else, it will die in the end.

Correct Diagnosis

The first thing you may want to do is pluck the yellow leaves off the plant. Well, this works if you see one or two yellow leaves. But if there are more, it is better to keep those scissors down and check the plants. Yes, you can see yellow leaves, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of it. You can only save it once you know why the leaves are turning yellow. So, the first thing to do is to correctly diagnose the reason. If there are only two or more yellow leaves on the growing phase, this is also normal, and if you are in the final week of the flowering phase, then leaves turning yellow is also normal. All you need to do is water the plants to remove any organic nutrients sprayed on it, which can cause the yellow leaves. If it is not the flowering stage, then you have to immediately identify the problem to give the right action and solution.

Marijuana leaves turning yellow – Reasons and Solutions

There a lot of common reasons why your marijuana leaves are turning yellow. These causes are experienced mostly by most growers. Take this as a guide to help you determine the best way possible for your plants to grow back healthy again.


This case is very common. You might think plants need as much water as they can to grow. But marijuana plants don’t work that way. They only need the right amount of water, with enough interval to let the topsoil get dry and the roots drinking all the moisture before watering it again. That’s why it is important to always water the plants when the topsoil is dry. If not, wait for a few more hours.

Ensure that the pot has holes so water can drip through it, and the pot is the right size for the plant. Small plants need a little amount of water, so make sure to estimate correctly. When plants droop after watering them, you’re overwatering. If plants are perking up after watering, then you are underwatering them.

Low or High PH level

The medium you use for growing marijuana will also affect the leaves. The medium must have nutrient deficiencies or pH levels, which are either high or low. It would be hard for the plant to absorb the natural nutrients without the right amount of pH, thus ending in nutrient deficiencies. Aside from yellow leaves, they may have a burnt look on the edges and spots or stripes on them. When using soil, you must have an amount of six to seven ph. You need to check the pH level first using a test kit. You can improve the pH level by combining an acid or base to water.

Light burn

Another reason for the marijuana leaves turning yellow is light burn. The yellow leaves are those who are closer to the source of light. It is not easy to pluck even though they are yellow. If you are using LED lights, then this might be the reason. Light burn happens when the leaves are too close to the light, thus making the leaves work and produce too much. Marijuana plants are sensitive, so you need to take better care when it comes to lighting.

You can move your light away from the affected lights or follow the instructions on when and how to install them. If possible, you can enclose your plants in clear glass so the light won’t be too harsh on the plant.

Nitrogen Deficiency

When the yellow leaves are prevalent at the bottom part of the plant near the roots, and the leaves are soft and easy to pluck, then this might be the problem. This can happen when the plants did not have enough nitrogen and nutrients from the soil. If you did not spray any natural nutrients or cannabis nutrients, then this might be the case.

This is easy to fix. Just make sure to give the necessary organic nutrient for the plant to have added supplements. It is also good to transfer the plants to a new pot with fresh and healthy soil.

Bud rot

If your buds suddenly have yellow leaves, then you need to take a closer look at the buds. There might be mold forming on the insides, and the leaves come off quickly. The reason for this can be a cool or cold temperature and the lack of airflow. Too many bushy plants will also cause the bud root.

So, keep the right temperature, make sure there is enough airflow. The humidity is below fifty percent RH, and the temperature more than sixty-five to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Also, take care of the bushy buds and plants to further prevent this.

Pests and Bugs

The most annoying and deadly cause of yellow leaves is the pests and bugs. These bugs and pests will suddenly appear and continuously attack and eat the plant. Watch out for any of these common pests and bugs. Some are moderately easy to find since they also leave marks and shimmering spots. Overwatering, uncleaned space and bad airflow are some of the causes these bugs appear.

Identify the bugs right away and get rid of them. There are organic insecticides, soaps, and sprays that could help you get rid of them. You can also enclose the plants on a screen. Make sure you are not also the carrier of these pests and bugs. If you find some bugs and pests, your plants will now need the extra care. Make sure to check once in a while if the pest and bus return, all else your effort will be wasted.


Seeing marijuana leaves turning yellow may cause you to panic a little bit, but that is not needed. There are solutions available to keep your plants happy and healthy. The marijuana industry is continuously innovating to make sure every grower will have excellent quality yields at the end of the planting phase. Though prevention might not work well this kind of problem, knowing the immediate cure will make all the difference. Once you familiarize the essential thing a plant needs, it would be easier for you to know the problem and the solution right away.

Growing marijuana plants is a wholesome experience. It won’t leave you without letting you experience varied things, so before you decide to cultivate one, make sure you are ready for any challenges ahead. Still, it is also very rewarding. The good quality yield you will get is worth all the trouble.

No matter how nerve-racking it might be, marijuana leaves, turning yellow is not something to be afraid of. It is just your plant’s way of communicating with you and sharing its problems. You have to listen to it to give what it needs the most. Make the most of your marijuana experience, and don’t let a yellow leaf take the fun away.

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