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Premium Quality Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Whether you are looking for regular seeds, feminized versions, and autoflowering marijuana seed varieties, we have If you’re looking for the best quality marijuana seeds for sale online, then you don’t need to look further. We carry premium marijuana seeds that you can order online and have them shipped right to your doorsteps whether you are in Canada, the USA or anywhere in the world. Whether you’re planning on cultivating cannabis for recreation or for medicinal use, seeds from Crop King Seeds will bring you more value for your money.

We carry hundreds of marijuana strains plus the ones that we bred. If you want marijuana seeds that are easy to cultivate and will give you the fastest flowering times, then let our wide variety of autoflowering cannabis strains impress you. If you want to breed your own strains, then you’re likely looking for stable and good-quality regular cannabis strains. Many customers recommend our feminized strains, great for growing gorgeous females with dense and heavy buds.

We invite you to browse our library of marijuana strains. You’ll surely find the best seeds that you’ve been looking for.

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Why Buy Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds 

  • We Carry only the Freshest Marijuana Seeds

We only have the freshest marijuana seeds for our customers because we believe that fresh seeds will produce healthier and high-yielding plants. Our products are carefully packed and labeled to maintain freshness.  

Note: Some of our customers especially outside of Canada might not get our original packaging for security reasons. We do this so your order will get to you without issues. Rest assured that you will get your seeds inside a discreet packaging to make sure that your seeds are fresh. 

  • Wide Variety of Cannabis Seeds to Choose From

Just check our collection of weed seeds! We have all the types of marijuana seeds you’ve been searching for. You’ll find Autoflower Marijuana Seeds, CBD Medical Seeds, Dwarf Auto-Feminized Seeds, Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Regular Marijuana Seeds, and our special Mix and Match Seeds. Order one, two, or more to get started on germinating the best seeds soon. 

  • Your Favorite Strains in One Roof

There’s no need to visit any other seed bank site. You will surely find all the strain of marijuana at Crop King Seeds. Aside from the various types of seeds, you will also find popular THC-rich seeds, CBD potent seeds, medical seeds, and high-yielding seeds. 

  • Viable, Ready to Sprout Pot Seeds

Viability is the measure of how easy a seed can sprout. Naturally, growers and cultivators need viable seeds that will sprout easily so they can start growing their crops right away. The problem is, you can’t tell if the seeds you purchased are viable. All you can do is rely on the seed bank’s viability guarantee. But here in Crop King Seeds, we put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee the highest germination rate of 80% or higher, but we recommend that you use our expert Germination Guide. We can only guarantee high germination if you follow our guide to the T. 

And if you have any problems with germination, contact our 24 Hour Germination Hotline at 1844 276 7546.

  • Great Deals Await You

Nothing beats special deals and discounts. We offer the best marijuana seeds for the best price and special deals. We have new deals regularly, so make sure to check these out before you buy your cannabis seeds. 

Explore our different marijuana seeds products 

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are available all year round and are our best picks. Remember, choose autoflowering seeds if you want

  • Faster Flowering Times
  • Blooms without Light Schedule
  • Small Yet Productive Plants
  • Easy to Grow

If you’re looking for marijuana seeds that flowers fast, that’s very easy to cultivate and is small enough to hide indoors, then Autoflowering Marijuana is your best choice.

Autoflowering or automatic plants are among the fastest cannabis plants to flower at just 7 to 9 weeks. Because of its very short life span, some autoflower cannabis growers are able to cultivate twice or even thrice a year! Not bad for growing your own personal stash!

Autoflowering cannabis plants don’t need to be exposed to a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark light schedule to stimulate flowering like what regular cannabis plants need. These plants will automatically bloom, hence the name autoflowering marijuana. 

Autos are the smallest types of cannabis plants and thus are preferred by people who want to grow for personal uses at home. Because of the size of autoflowering plants, you can fit three, four, or more plants in one small screen or cabinet!

CBD Medical Seeds

Crop King Seeds have a large supply of CBD Medical Seeds ready for orders. You need CBD seeds if you want

  • Plants that Have a High Ratio of CBD to THC 
  • Grow Medical Strains for your Own Stash 
  • Cultivate Quality Medical Cannabis Strains at Home 

There’s no doubt that marijuana is therapeutic. It has been cited in many medical journals and its components heavily-researched as a cure for many types of medical conditions. Cannabis is a natural, effective, and safe treatment for conditions like pain, epilepsy, and migraines. It is good for the relief of stress, anxiety, and depression. It can help the elderly manage pain, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and MS. Some doctors prescribe marijuana products for nausea, lack of appetite, insomnia, and other illnesses. 

Crop King Seeds strive to provide the most potent strains and to ensure the quality of our CBD medical seeds. CBD medical seeds will grow into potent CBD-rich plants. CBD is one of the most prominent natural compounds in marijuana. CBD is the therapeutic component of weed, which is the opposite of THC, which is the recreational component. 

Some marijuana strains contain more CBD than others, making them more therapeutic than other strains. You may also find strains with balanced CBD and THC. This balanced strain will let you enjoy the recreational high from THC and still get the therapeutic relief you need from cannabis. 

CBD medical seeds will help you grow your own supply of medicinal cannabis at home if you live in a country or state where cannabis growing is regulated or prohibited. But if you’re using cannabis as medicine for the first time, we urge you to get medical help. Consult your doctor and find out medical marijuana is right for you.  

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Our large collection of feminized marijuana seeds is always available for orders 24/7. You need feminized marijuana seeds if you are looking for 

  • Easy to Grow 
  • No Need to Worry about Male Plants in your Batch of Seeds  
  • Save Money, Time & Effort Growing Marijuana Plants that Will Flower 

With feminized marijuana seeds, you can forget about growing more plants just to compensate for any male plants in your garden. When growing regulars/ photoperiods, you don’t know what you’re getting. You can’t tell if you’re growing male or female plants. With feminized seeds, you’ll know immediately that you are cultivating females. 

You will grow only the plants you need, save time, money, and effort too. And when your female plants are all in bloom, you can let your guard down and grow in confidence. If you have been using regular seeds and throwing away male plants during the flowering phase, then it’s time to use feminized seeds. 

Our feminized seeds are hand-picked and are guaranteed to grow into lovely, productive female plants. And of course, our feminized seeds are viable, will sprout as long as you follow our easy germination procedure. Browse our top feminized seeds today.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Come and check out our widest selection of regular cannabis seeds. All our regulars are available for purchase all year long. You know that regular seeds are the right seeds for you when:

  • You want to Breed New Plants 
  • You want to Grow More Seeds  
  • You Don’t Mind Growing Male Plants (There are Uses for These Plants!) 

Without regular seeds, there won’t be new cannabis strains! Imagine a world where you can’t smoke your favorite strain! So, if you plan to create a new strain, to breed new plants, regular seeds will save the day. 

Regulars are also called photoperiod strains because these strains depend on the amount of light it gets to bloom. Regular plants can identify the length of day and can tell if it’s nearing harvest time. If these plants are placed in a special growing light schedule of 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness for several days, these will eventually bloom pre-flowers.

Regular strains are a challenge to grow as well because you need to maintain this 12/12 light schedule until your plant’s bloom. Any mistake can affect its blooming phase, and this is why most growers grow their regulars indoors to be able to control the amount of light their plants receive in a day. 

Also, regular seeds are a mix of male and female seeds; you won’t be able to tell which is which! This is why most growers who prefer regulars germinate more plants to compensate for any males that may emerge. Male regulars are often discarded when growers want to cultivate weed. But if they need seeds, growing males will surely guarantee more seeds, more plants for the next generation. 

Mix and Match Seeds 

Try our special Mix and Match seeds! This is for people who have yet to decide what to grow. You can choose from our Auto Feminized Mix or the popular Feminized Mix. This is your product if

  • You Can’t Decide Which Strain to Grow 
  • You Want to Further Improve your Growing Skills  
  • You Want to Save Money

The Mix and Match packs are available in 10 or in 25 seeds pack. Imagine growing different plants at one time or one strain this year and another one the next year. It’s all up to you. This pack is for the indecisive grower, for someone who wants to improve his knowledge and skills in growing different strains. 

The contents of this pack have been carefully selected with just a little bit of everything. You have a sativa, indica, and a hybrid in one convenient pack. Instructions on how to germinate and how to grow each type or strain are also included in the pack. 

Fast Flowering Cannabis Strains

Due to high demand for fast flowering cannabis strains that will produce high yield, then we have added Fast Version seeds to our line up. These are feminized photoperiod weed strains that will flower and finish 1 week earlier than the normal strains. 

Can’t decide which kind of marijuana seeds to grow?

Then, contact our customer service representatives and we would be glad to help you. 

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