Pro’s and Con’s of Breeding Your Own Cannabis Strains

pros and cons of breeding new cannabis strains

Cannabis breeding may seem a complicated and lengthy process to consider in mind. This is because it requires one to become a master at it. The good thing is that it is possible to do so. It is up to you to try yourself at breeding on a relatively small scale.

Think about breeding at home as it enables you to access to newer hybrids. It also helps in conserving the genetics to be used in the future. This is something cool to experience, right.

While not all novice growers can buy new strains seeds, breeding a specific strain and preserving it does all the more good. This also opens you up to the possibility of creating a hybrid. That’s when you realize that breeding is the best way to go.


Two to Three Weeks Time of Blooming

When you begin your breeding experiment, you will have to choose the female and male strain. The impressive thing about breeding is that it takes just two to three weeks for them to bloom completely. Just choose the plants you want to grow. Follow the necessary steps and the tools needed for the process.

Maximum Results Yielded

The female cannabis strain is pollinated upon following a selective propagation. The male pollen is placed onto the specific branches producing the seeds. It is when almost about twenty to thirty seeds are produced by the process. It is advised to just do the process correctly to bring out maximum results. This will require one constant practice.

Great Experience

When you successfully bred the cannabis strains, you can enjoy the great experience of collecting the seeds. Know that the seeds mature in just four to six weeks, which is quite an easy feat. See and test if the seeds mature. Pick each one of them. You will know it is ready if it is deep tan or dark brown. There usually is a hard shell and a visible stripe.

All of the seeds can be stored in a properly sealed and labeled jar. Just contain it in a dark space. It is up to you to store it in a freezer or a fridge. Once you’re ready to use the seeds, you could just remove them. Allow them to acclimatize in the jar for twenty-four hours before you plant them.

Breeding your cannabis strains give you only a great experience. It will somehow require you to master it more. This way, you will obtain the hybrids you want. Spice up your garden today by creating something as a cannabis strain.

Customize the Strains for Optimum Benefit

As you propagate and breed your cannabis strains, you allow yourself to customize the strains for maximum benefits. Breeding gives you a way to enjoying muscle relaxation, aroma, and psychoactivity. This is because, as mentioned, you customize the strains to benefit you more. This is true regarding effects and palatability.

Cannabis is indeed a complex plant. Different strains would offer different benefits to people who use them. And when you create a strain that satisfies and pleases you, you will also preserve the same genetics. This is made possible by asexual propagation or cloning.

Save the Cost of Buying Clones or Seeds

Breeding your cannabis strains saves you further costs of buying clones or seeds. Although it may require some more effort, it will always boil down to the economic means that matter in maintaining the crop.

Produces Both Female and Male Plants

Cannabis breeding always produces both female and male plants. There is also occasional hermaphrodite that is thrown in. The breeder will have both parents that go under observation. You could also determine the desirable traits that will be passed onto an offspring. And these somehow include the size and yield, the vigor, the disease resistance, the hardiness, the aroma, and the taste.

Faces You Only A Few Concerns

The only thing required for you as a breeder is to provide cannabis strains with water, light, and food. This is true to say for the healthy growth of vegetation and strong roots. The seedlings could just stay together. They could also be moved quickly provided they undergone “sexual declaration” or “sexual determination”.


Has Got A Lot of Requirements

People also face a lot of requirements when breeding their cannabis strains. This is true to say, requiring various growing environments. This is to be specific with the various phases of the life cycle. It will demand an environment of such a long day so that the plant develops. It also requires an environment on a short day to flower and develops Cannabinoids.

Moreover, it demands following a practice of constantly moving the plants from a particular environment to another. This is somehow an additional task to carry out by a home grower.

Indeed, there is a need to put a large investment in the maintenance of the plants and environmental conditions.

Control of the Sex of the Cannabis Strains

One more issue faced by the growers is the control of the sex of the cannabis strains. Both female and male organisms can grow from the same plant. However, only female plants can produce cannabinoids. It can have its active ingredients and recreational and medicinal value that give the cannabis strains a distinctive smell. What’s more, the female plant changes sex and develops pollen. It also fertilizes the flowers in an area and leaves the plants not usable. The mere fact that it is difficult to control the cannabis strain’ sex, it’s when difficulties arise in this regard. Growers would often separate the female and male plants. They remove them in the growing space.

Breeding may require more resources on the part of home growers. But, the pros far more outweigh the cons. It is still worthy of your time and effort investing in cannabis strains.

Provided that breeding is carried out in parallel and also widely, better cannabis strains will then be obtained. There is the possibility that better cannabis strains can be developed with fewer resources and less effort. That is when breeders could recover more of their investment!

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