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Regular vs Feminized Marijuana Seeds: How do They Differ

There are currently four types of seeds known in the world of cannabis cultivation. These are the regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and CBD seeds. These four types of seeds greatly differ in many ways. However, nowadays, two of them stand out as the ones being opted to grow by many cultivators due to their great features and ability. These are the regular and feminized seeds.

Remember the first time you wanted to grow marijuana in your garden? Before even picking the strain itself, you may as well be considering if it is a regular or a feminized one. There are various seed banks available online that classify their seeds into different types. Understanding their differences, uses, and way of growing can help you choose which of these seeds is best for you.

In this article, we will be talking about how regular and feminized seeds differ. Let us understand their definitions to better differentiate them and to know if your preferences suit them or not.

What is a regular seed?

Regular seed, as its name suggests, is the type of seed that has not been modified or altered in any way. This type of seed has been progressively becoming famous to many marijuana cultivators.

Regular seeds are also regarded to be very strong, unlike other types of seeds. As they are produced naturally, their vigor is much better than others. Moreover, the creation of regular seeds is only through the pollination process. The danger of natural processes is that we sometimes don’t have any control over the results.

As there is a 50:50 chance of producing successfully using regular seeds, they may not really be preferable for new growers as it takes time for them to achieve a successful result. It takes time for a grower to separate males from females in order to create a perfectly combined sexes for the new strain.

Regular seeds are leaned on in creating clones. They are not focused on female ones alone. These seeds can also create a new clone for males which are very beneficial in the continuation of species and a new generation in the near future.

What is a feminized seed?

On the other hand, feminized seeds grow into female plants only. If you are looking to grow marijuana without any further challenges of separating males from females, a feminized seed is what you are looking for. It gives you at least 99 percent chance of growing the female plant you specifically wanted in the first place. However, this type of seed is not considered suitable for creating new strains.

The process of creating feminized seeds vastly differs from the natural process a regular seed undergoes. The most popular way to produce feminized seeds is by stressing a female plant into producing her own pollen sacs. This is the female plant’s natural way of protecting her genetic line. So what happens in this process? Basically, stressing a female marijuana plant leads her into thinking that she’s already done for. Hence, she is forced to pollinate herself including her neighboring female plants. Through this, her genetic line is secured!

What is the difference between regular seeds and female seeds?

  1. Regular seeds can produce a 50-50 chance of female plants at the end of the day while feminized seeds can guarantee you up to 99 percent chance in producing female plants during the process.
  2. Regular seeds are much vigorous in structure than the feminized seeds. Regular seeds are much more stable against environmental stress than the feminized ones.
  3. Regular seeds are ideal in the production of new and healthy clones while feminized seeds are weaker for this process.
  4. Regular seeds are made through a natural pollination process while feminized seeds are created by stressing a female plant into producing her own pollen sacs.
  5. Regular seeds cannot guarantee resinous buds but feminized seeds can as that is what they were made for.
  6. Regular seeds take a lot of time in cultivation and eventually become costly while feminized seeds take less time making them cost-effective.
  7. Regular seeds are for those cultivators whose main motive is producing seeds and not buds while feminized seeds are for those growers whose main motive is producing buds rather than seeds.
  8. Regular seeds require great monitoring during the cultivation process while feminized seeds do not.


In understanding the difference between regular seeds and feminized ones, you will get a great idea of which one will work best for you. While it is your main responsibility as to what type of seed you will choose, relying upon the characteristics of the seed can give you great results at the end of the day. If you are the type of grower who is much more experienced and would like a thrill in growing, choosing regular seeds will be great for you. If you are the type of grower whose main motive is to get a great number of resinous buds during the harvest time, then feminized seeds are your best option.

If your main reason for growing cannabis is to create new species or healthy clones, regular seeds are your best choice. If your sole reason is to harvest buds in a reasonable amount of time without further challenges in separating males from female ones, then go for feminized seeds.

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7 Responses

  1. I question the information on this site or my understanding of the process. This is my first time nosing around and purchasing from Cropking. My past purchases have been from Europe for feminized seeds, i’ve had a 100% germination, strain accuracy and female production record that I’m very pleased with. My understanding is the seeds are visually identified as male/female seeds, by certain attributes that identify their sex. The process is widely used and demonstrated on youtube. Regular seeds in my mind are seeds that are unsexed and strain unidentified. You could very much use these seeds with the understanding that you may not know what strain you are growing and that weeks can pass before you can identify which sex you are growing so that you can cull the males. For those with limited time, space and resources feminized seeds are the way to go. I’m unfamiliar with chemically treated seeds to produce feminized seeds, this processes if it exists would be highly undesirable to me. Been enjoying the plant for 45 years, this is really getting fun.

  2. I thought that you need to make a female plant seed and that pollen you use from that goes on another female to make feminized seeds. I made one female seed with pheno spray and that female put seeds in my flock of girls.. so it’s a true feminized seed.. Am I wrong? I made my own strain that way too. fruit punch and whatever it pollenized.

    1. Female plants do not pollinate, feminized seed can be made by highly stressing ot a plant while it is in flower causing the plant to change sex during flower. This will cause “bannanas” to form in your bud in other word it will cause your buds to grow pollinate sacks, at this point your plant is now a Hermaphrodite meaning it now has both sex. The pollinate sacks can now pollinate the pistals that come out of your bud causing the plant to make some seeds of its own. Since the plant did not use any pollen from a male plant but instead created some of its own this seeds are now feminized seeds because the plant has self breed and has created self made seeds.

  3. I am 69 yrs old and I remember back when you one could just throw down some seeds and they would take off like a rocket. Its a science today with mixing in the hobby of it.

  4. Stopped using regular seed nearly a decade and a half ago. Why waste six months or more getting your mothers sexed and producing the clones when you can buy a handful of seeds pick the best specimen, and Bod’s your uncle for a couple of long time…

  5. I grew White Widow feminized last summer. Four out of five were female and one was mostly female flowers. The one, shortly after the fem flowers started, it started growing small male flowers off of the main stem. I started taking the male flowers off, but some of the pollen did get on fem flowers.
    I later found, after drying, that some of the buds had seeds. I started some plants from the seeds and they are doing well.
    What strain would I have White Widow x White Widow?
    I enjoyed reading your info on seeds. I love watching the plants grow.

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