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The Best Strains To Try This Growing Season

The Best Strains To Try This Growing Season

The cannabis world is experiencing constant innovation thanks to its population of dedicated strain-breeding professionals. The team at Crop King Seeds has put an intense focus on cultivating a selection of the top marijuana strains for the new growing season in 2022. If you are looking for a new strain to try in your home cannabis garden, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s explore our top five strains for the first half of 2022 with a little support from Crop King Seeds!

Blue Cookies

Otherwise known as Blue GSC or Blue Girl Scout Cookies, this is an Indica-dominant cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. A heavyweight in the indica-leaning hybrid community, it provides users with incredibly uplifting euphoria before swiftly sinking them into the couch with wave after wave of relaxation.

Blue Cookies is moderately potent, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Expert consumers or individuals with a high tolerance may find that this strain checks more of their boxes.

Flavors & Effects

When you cross Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, you walk away with a flavorful strain dominated by notes of cherry and sweet berry. The bud itself is traditionally coated in frosty resin and speckled with hues of purple and green.

When grown using cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds, Blue Cookie strains are brimming with waves of undulating euphoria and relaxing effects. Wave after wave of focus and happiness will bring users to a giggly high that’s great for combating symptoms related to depression or anxiety.

Blue GSC is also highly regarded by consumers thanks to its ability to calm muscle tension while reducing symptoms associated with tremors and chronic pain. Considered a more well-rounded high than other Indica options on most menus, Blue Cookies can make a hike outdoors sparkle or turn a movie at home into the ultimate experience.

Growing Information

Blue GSC is a strain that thrives when grown by experienced handlers. Best grown indoors, BC is easier to manage when its temperature, climate, and humidity can be controlled. This strain thrives between 70 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit and matures into a moderately small plant, making it an ideal choice for indoor cultivators.

Thanks to the broad fan leaves of the plant, pruning with relative consistency is of utmost importance. Making sure the plant stays trimmed will help the yield prosper, ensuring that all of the bud sites receive the light and air they need. Growers will also want to provide support during the flowering stage to prevent these heavy, stocky plants from tipping over.

The average THC content for this cookie strain is between 20 and 26 percent.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a powerful indica strain that first emerged in Oakland, California as a bountiful cross between Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. Now, this popular Kush strain can be obtained through marijuana seeds for sale by Crop King Seeds, bringing potent and long-lasting relaxation to any grower’s front door.

Known for its waves of relaxing effects, Purple Kush was named one of the Top 10 strains of all time by the illustrious team of writers at High Times in 2016. Bred directly from pure landrace genetics, PK has plenty to offer in both style and substance.

Flavors & Effects

At a glance, Purple Kush pops off of the page with deep purple hues twisting through an orange and green bud structure. This dark and distinctive strain overloads consumers with earthy and berry undertones that bring to mind candy, wine, and even grapes.

As a pure indica strain, PK is deeply relaxing with a full-body effect that leaves you feeling like you are wearing a weighted blanket. While sedation and relaxation are keyed in on by advanced consumers, everyone will notice their stress levels ease after consuming Purple Kush. Giggly and relaxed, this is a dynamic strain by Crop King Seeds.

Growing Information

Not intrinsically easy to grow, Purple Kush is a strain best left to experienced growers. This plant stays low to the ground throughout its growth cycle, making it important to maintain proper trimming practices. Low-lying leaves can quickly become victim to a lack of light if trimming isn’t performed regularly.

Better grown indoors where it can be kept at consistent humidity and temperature levels, Purple Kush is resistant to pests. The strain will flower within eight weeks, which is much shorter than other similar strains, leading to an overall indoor yield of 15 ounces per meter squared.

Wedding Crasher

Otherwise known as Wedding Crashers, this is a hybrid strain grown from the crossbreeding of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake. With sharp gassy notes counterbalanced by sweet grape and smooth vanilla, Wedding Crashers is one of the top marijuana seeds for sale to individuals with dynamic and varied taste palettes.

Wedding Crashers is deeply relaxing and downright spacey, which can make it the perfect afternoon or evening smoke to bring down stress levels while relaxing to the point of sedation. This strain is generally credited to the team at Symbiotic Genetics, though Crop King Seeds carries cannabis seeds for home growers.

Flavors & Effects

While known for its work as a balanced hybrid, Wedding Crasher’s unique traits become clear when users inhale it off the bud or from freshly ground marijuana. The Purple Punch genetics bring about fruity notes that are balanced by the sweet and caky vanilla of Wedding Cake. Bringing together a mildly sweet strain with a bit of fruit on the exhale, Wedding Crasher is palatable for most.

This strain produces a strong high that straddles the line between stony and couch-locked. The legacy indica genetics keep it mostly cerebral with a slightly invigorating undertone. Ideal for use throughout the day and even at night, Wedding Crashers provides a clear-headed and cerebral high.

Growing Information

With a flowering period of eight to nine weeks, Wedding Crasher features THC levels up to 23 percent during most grows. A long-lasting high gives users equal parts energy and relaxation with harvests surpassing 22 ounces per plant.

Grown well in both soil and hydroponic environments, growers must be ready to manage broad fan leaves through consistent trimming. The plant can grow up to six feet in height with a rounded bushy body. Ideally, growers will keep humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent.

Banana Punch

Known as a remarkably balanced hybrid strain, Banana Punch is the delicate crossing of Purple Punch and Banana OG. Sedating when consumed in even small quantities, Banana Punch puts consumers on their back feet as the high takes over in a rapidly accelerated yet creeping manner.

Flavors & Effects

A first glance at Banana Punch will leave growers impressed by the dark green leaves and bright orange pistils. Following the color scheme of the bud structure, this hybrid strain is known for its tropical flavor with notes of berries, bananas, haze, and fresh-cut pineapple. As pretty to grow as it is to smell, this banana strain will leave you relaxed with a loose smile and lack of anxiety.

With limonene as its dominant terpene, Banana Punch tends to make individuals feel equal parts happy and relaxed as a tingle overtakes the rest of the body. It’s ideal for treating symptoms associated with appetite problems, stress, and anxiety.

Growing Information

With a flowering period between 40 and 50 days, Banana Punch offers an abbreviated growing season for novice and experienced cultivators alike. Breeders find this strain to be particularly easy to grow because it provides elevated yields despite an abridged flowering phase.

Growers can find Banana Punch marijuana seeds for sale at Crop King Seeds. This strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing environments.

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