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Wedding Crasher Strain Profile: A Mellow Hybrid Punch!

Wedding Crasher Strain Profile: A Mellow Hybrid Punch!

With high levels of heady euphoria balanced against a hazy body high, Wedding Crasher (a.k.a Wedding Crashers) has turned into a mainstay in smoking rotations throughout the world. Initially developed by the team at Symbiotic Genetics, Wedding Crasher’s smooth vanilla and berry notes mix for a gassy hybrid that relaxes as much as it mellows.  

While considered a pretty balanced hybrid, consumption of this strain can lead individuals to succumb to late afternoon naps. You won’t be crashing any weddings, but you certainly will end up crashing on your couch!

It’s available in dispensaries around the nation and easy to cultivate through the acquisition of seeds from a reputable supplier. Let’s explore how this strain can take your home growing experience to the next level.

Wedding Crasher Plant Genetics

More than the name of a great Vince Vaughn comedy, Wedding Crasher’s unique plant genetics create a well-rounded smoking experience for recreational and medicinal users alike. Crossbred from Purple Punch and Wedding Cake, the Crasher strain provides a mellow yet sharply euphoric high that combines the best of both its parental genetics.

Even for novice or inexperienced users, Wedding Crasher’s intensity is never too much thanks to its balanced hybrid genetics. First-time consumers will note that the strain provides a spike of energy upon the first inhalation before slowly experiencing their high taper to a calming crash.

This Wedding Cake x Purple Punch cross is considered a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid with THC levels hovering around the 15 to 20 percent mark.

Key Flavors and Effects

At a glance, it can be easy to see why Wedding Crasher’s profile tends to fade into the background around other Wedding Cake hybrids. Pale green mugs give way to light orange pistils and a relatively unimpressive color scheme. The size of the plant, however, is where Crasher begins to showcase its best traits. 

This strain features larger-than-average colas with intense resin production to make for potent, trichome-laden plants. When grown correctly, deep purple hues speckle amongst the vibrant greens and bright oranges. The taste of this strain is as unique and varied as its terpene profile suggests. Notes of grape and sweet vanilla overtake the tongue as a spicy finish rounds out the experience. 

More than just a skunky-sweet strain with bag appeal, Crasher has a unique high driven by a terpene profile consisting of beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and alpha-humulene. As a result of this particular triumvirate of terpenes, the Crasher strain can be great for addressing mood swings, nervous thoughts, a racing mind, or even lack of motivation. This blend of relaxing and motivating terpenes makes Wedding Crashers an exciting strain to try as well as to cultivate from the comfort of home.

What drives this strain above many of its contemporaries at Crop King Seeds is its uplifting tilt and sativa-driven experiences. Wedding Crasher’s profile allows individuals to produce extra energy as they tackle the day, handle conversations with friends and family, and crush goals along the way.

Medicinal Benefits of Wedding Crasher

Thanks to the caryophyllene-leading terpene profile and relatively modest THC levels, Wedding Crashers has turned into a popular hybrid strain for medicinal users looking to take the edge off. Brimming with natural euphoria from its Wedding Cake genetics, Crasher is beneficial in helping to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and even stress.

Medicinally, this hybrid strain does a lot to relieve some physical sensations of sore muscles and deeper tissue pain. Soothing effects and euphoric sensations extend to the mind as the strain combats anxiety, some forms of depression, and most symptoms relating to stress.

Ideal for addressing:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation

Possible Side Effects

As with all cannabis, this strain has the potential to create dry eyes, cottonmouth, and bouts of paranoia when consumed in larger doses. All of these side effects are mild and typical of the consumption of cannabis. Novice consumers are advised to drink plenty of water while monitoring their intake level.

Cultivating Wedding Crasher

Cultivating Crasher at home can be a joy-filled experience that ends with a large harvest after roughly nine to 10 weeks of flowering. Ideal for growth in hydroponic settings, Wedding Crashers produces sticky, resin-coated buds that can be tough to break apart.

Thanks to its hardy nature, this is a solid strain for growth by beginners and experts alike. Crasher thrives in both soil and hydroponic settings, allowing cultivators to decide how they want to approach the dynamic and hardy hybrid.

Prioritize a Large Yield

Growing Crasher at home can take a little bit of patience as well as some extra elbow grease. Ostensibly ideal for growing both indoors and outdoors, W. Crasher needs high levels of sunlight when cultivated outside. Indoor growers should be prepared to actively trim and prune their plants throughout their lifecycle to ensure that growth is maximized.

Crasher plants will grow to just under six feet high in most grow rooms, but that doesn’t stop them from getting quite rotund and bushy. Growers will want to make a habit of properly trimming their plants while reducing humidity levels along the way because this strain is particularly beholden to mildew and pests.

Growers looking to maximize their chances at success with Wedding Crasher will do their best to grow the strain either indoors or in a more Mediterranean environment. With stable growing conditions, advanced and novice growers alike can help bring this soaring hybrid to fruition.

No matter where you decide to grow your plant, the process begins with successful germination and that requires quality seeds from a professional supplier.

Key Growing Numbers

  • THC – 21%
  • CBD – Low
  • Height – 180-200cm
  • Growing Difficulty – Easy

As a prolific sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Wedding Crasher’s unique terpene blend provides a deep well of experience for consumers of all levels. Crasher’s terpene profile leads with caryophyllene and is buoyed by moderate levels of CBG.

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