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Eating Weed

What Happens if You Eat Weed?

There are buds of weeds on the table left to be tapped or wiped away. If all those diminutive wastes you make will accumulate, you can roll and enjoy another joint. It must be about curiosity, or the desire to finish everything without a single piece wasted; whatever the reason might be, there is always that single question that could create an over-all inquisitiveness – what happens if you eat weed?

Will it even taste delicious? Does it have any minty flavors? These first questions would encourage you to take that dip and munch on a few buds just to satisfy an immediate wonder you somehow collected.  It always takes curiosity to know everything. The start of smoking weed sometimes begins with curiosity.  Knowing how it tastes like begins with curiosity. And you cannot stop being curious, so you divulge yourself with a spoonful. Does it even matter? It is still the same weed, so it must offer the same effect somehow. But that’s not the case. 

There is a difference, and there is attainment in knowing how different it is to smoke and eat weed.  Could you possibly get the same results, or a better one? Is it even safe in the first place? The curious mind is at work again. There is no secret to what happens if you do. It is in knowing that gives light to it. 

Roll your joint and enjoy the weed 

Weeds are for your enjoyment and needs, and you may be smoking for a whole lot of different reasons, but in the end, there is always that one denominator; the absolute art of creating a joint. 

Weeds are typically rolled into a joint and meant to be smoked in enjoyment.  With your weed, shredded, or ground to perfection, you would want to make the best-rolled joint you could ever do. A poorly made is an inconvenience, so a beginner must practice well and seriously. Rolling takes practice, and while you don’t want to waste any more of your weeds from a bad attempt at making a joint, it is better to keep them safe and sound in a container. Using your carefully-prepared weed, start by using rolling papers. Add some tobacco if it fits your preference. Put on some good music or watch a movie to set the mood. This is how one typically enjoys weed. Though smoking, in general, is not recommended for the lungs, the options are limited, and there are no other things to try. Unless you question – What Happens if You Eat Weed?

The Truth – What Happens if You Eat Weed?

The first taste may not validate your first expectations. Add a few minutes, and nothing interesting or amazing would happen. Your curiosity grows at its highest peak, and you may start to worry. But there is no need for that. Nothing. Nothing usually happens if you eat weed. You won’t get high, and you would not get the effects you were hoping to have. 

You might question why. Well, for starters, weeds require to be decarbonated. Once it is decarbonated, it activates the chemical, therefore, transforming THCA to TCH. TCH will be easily consumed by your organs such as lungs and brain, thus creating changes immediately or within minutes or for the next few hours. For the weed to take effect, it must be heated (decarboxylation). Or else, it is just a waste. 

Though some claim that if you eat weeds, you would get the same result but generally takes longer hours to occur. There are even claims of getting too high because of eating too many weeds. This is a sort of confusion and a scientifically incorrect idea. Unsmoked weed doesn’t have the psychoactive mixture TCH or tetrahydrocannabinol that gives you that high euphoria. Instead, they have an acid – the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) that is not psychoactive and will not do anything to your body. It has to pass the decarboxylation process.  Only then will you get the effect of the weed. Only then will something happen.

An added analysis of why it is impossible to get high when one happens to eat weed is the complicated process our body undergoes. First, TCH requires to infiltrate your bloodstream to reach your lungs and brain. When you eat weed, the quantity of TCHA goes through the acidic stomach and digestive system.  Thus, the possibility of it entering your bloodstream is almost impossible.

What you will get in the end is a nasty mouth-taste and, preferably, a stomachache. If you are willing to go through that just to satisfy your curiosity, then, by all means, go and take the risk. 

How to make it happen if you want to eat weeds? 

However, if you are looking for another way to enjoy weed, preferably thinking of what will happen if you eat weed, but not the raw and shredded buds, there are options available. They are safe and effective with moderate intake. 

There are different safe and edible food which are infused with cannabis. There are alcohols and even butter, which are available. All of these passed a special process, but none has an added raw and unprocessed weed. This is also a better option for those who can’t take the harmful effects of smoking. You can add the oil in your recipes and enjoy the food you make. After, you will get the answer to your body pains and insomnia. A lot would even claim that eaten weeds last longer than when smoked. Whatever works best for you and there’s no harm in trying.  


With all the thrill of doing something new and discovering interesting ways to make a good thing better will always be everyone’s reason to try different things. A question that would perhaps clarify your ever-curious mind is always welcome even if the question goes like – What Happens if You Eat Weed?

Of course, experimenting would always be welcome, as long as you know the limitations and understanding of your own body. It would also be best to always seek for any professional opinions; otherwise, you are just running on a fool’s errand that might make more trouble than its worth. A thorough understanding of the process of smoking and using weeds will also give you a clearer reflection of the good and bad side effects. It pays to be curious, but being curious has its limitations.

Now that’s everything clear, and eating weeds won’t change anything and won’t give you the same effects as smoking, it is important to change the narrative of eating weeds just for the sake of doing so. Don’t waste a good weed by munching it and getting nothing after.

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