NY Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

NY Diesel Autoflower has a stimulating effect so you can remain focused all day long. It is best for stimulating creative juices to engage in artistic endeavors and for jobs that require creativity and mental alertness. It is ideal for growing outdoors as it needs a lot of space to grow taller and wider.

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Additional Information

More About NY Diesel Autoflower

The Weed That Never Sleeps

Named after the famous city of New York, NY Diesel Autoflower is the auto-flowering version of NY Diesel, which is a Sativa dominant strain. One would immediately think that this strain offers a sedative experience; however, it is quite the contrary. This special strain offers a stimulating effect on the mind causing it to rile up and extend your focus and concentration. This effect alone makes it highly recommended for people with artistic and creative tasks as it stimulates their minds further.

While it can be stimulating, it is also a very good medical marijuana due to its Sativa roots. This strain is commonly used to combat mental health issues like depression and anxiety. The stimulating effect promises to fill up the mind with bliss and happiness. Fatigue is not an issue when you use this strain as it sustains the mind and body with energy.

Just like its predecessor, cultivating this strain should be easy and can be done indoors. Due to its fast flowering period, one can expect a harvest in just a few months.

1 review for NY Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5

    Joseph Vallecillo:

    Magnificent plant! It is very independent that you won’t need any help growing this. And that is what every grower really want. The plant amazingly grow taller and beautiful. The effects, made me more imaginative. Led me more concentrated and focus to all my activities. Especially the daily routine, I got much more energy! Great weed!

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