Top 20 Best Weed for Pain

best weed for pain

Marijuana has paved its way to popularity due to its value. Not only that, it is highly adored due to the high effects, it can provide, but it is worth the money due to its medicinal value. One of the arguably great advantages of marijuana is its ability to relieve pain. 

One that can vary from mild to severe feeling, pain is a very uncomfortable condition. When you feel such pain, it just tells you that something is wrong. Pain can occur in different ways. It can be stabbing, steady, aching, and even throbbing. It is not hard to tell pain. This simple condition can be very serious as it can affect the bodily and emotional aspects of the human body. 

Pain can be chronic or acute. Chronic pain lasts in a long period of time, while acute pain may be severe but can only last in a short time. 

As marijuana is known to be of help to various illnesses, the following strains are recognized to be the best weed for pain. 

What are the best weeds for pain? 

1. Harlequin

  • 75% Sativa 25% Indica
  • Up to 10% of THC
  • Up to 15% of CBD
  • Woody, Earthy, Mango, Citrus, Hash

Due to its CBD to THC ratio recorded to be 5:2, Harlequin is more on medicinal rather than recreational. As its CBD level is higher than its THC composition, the psychoactive effects it can provide is lower than other strains. With that being said, this strain is highly recommended for those patients longing for pain relief that may be chronic or acute. It can soothe any pain related to joint or muscles. With its anti-inflammatory properties, Harlequin can also be of help to neuralgic pain and fibromyalgia. 

2. ACDC 

  • 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • Up to 6% of THC
  • Up to 20% of CBD
  • Earthy, Sweet, Skunky, Fruity

With its notable hemp profile, ACDC is a strain much more valuable for medicinal use than a recreational one. With its well-rounded composition, this strain can be of help in aiding mild to severe pain. With is delectable flavor and aroma, not only that, it can alleviate pain, but it can also present a very happy feeling.

3. OG Kush

  • 55% Sativa 45% Indica
  • Up to 25% of THC
  • .05% of CBD
  • Earthy, Citrus, Pine, Pungent, Hash, Spicy

The terpene and diverse genetics it possesses make OG Kush valuable in soothing body-related pain, may it be chronic or acute. It has the ability to relieve pain like headaches and migraines.  

4. White Widow

  • 60% Sativa 40% Indica
  • Up to 20% of THC
  • Up to 1% of CBD
  • Diesel, Earthy, Pine, Fruity

Though White Widow is more on psychological than bodily due to its high THC level, this strain can boost ones’ energy that can be very helpful to body exhaustion or fatigue. It can also aid migraine and headaches. Notwithstanding its strong diesel, earthy, and fruity character, White Widow can sure offer a very painless high with a very uplifting smoking experience. 

5. The White

  • 40% Sativa 60% Indica
  • Up to 30 percent of THC
  • Up to 1% of CBD
  • Earthy, Pine

With its body-stone effects and its strong earthy and pine character, not only that The White is a powerful recreational variant, but it is also good in aiding various conditions such as mental and body-related pain.

6. AK 47

  • 65% Sativa 35% Indica
  • Up to 20% of THC
  • Up to 2% of CBD
  • Earthy, Sweet, Sour, Pungent

A sativa dominant strain, AK 47, can provide a very pleasant high, followed by a couch-like sensation. With its great relaxing effects, one can alleviate various pain-related conditions, may it be chronic or acute. It can be of help in washing away all pain created by headaches and migraines. 

7. Northern Lights

  • 10% Sativa 90% Indica
  • Up to 18% of THC
  • Up to 0.10% of CBD
  • Earthy, Sweet, Citrus, Pine, Lemon

One of the highly-recommended strains due to its medicinal value, Northern Lights, is worthy in treating body-related pain such as muscle spasm, arthritis, headache, and even nausea.

8. Blue Dream

  • 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • Up to 24% of THC
  • Up to 2% of CBD
  • Sweet, Blueberry

Packed with a sweet and blueberry character, Blue Dream is not only a lovely strain when it comes to flavor and aroma, but it is also a powerful strain due to its medicinal value. It can give a very calming and soothing body high that can alleviate various body-related pain, may it be a neck, joint, muscle pain, and headaches. 

9. Jack Herer

  • 55% Sativa 45% Indica
  • Up to 24% of THC
  • Up to 0.25% of CBD
  • Orange, Herbal, Spicy, Pungent

With a highly energizing strain, Jack Herer can boost the mind and body for a more relieving feeling far from various health conditions such as pain. Though it may be low in CBD, this strain has great medicinal properties in aiding chronic pain and migraines. 

10. Blueberry

  • 20% Sativa 80% Indica
  • Up to 24%of THC
  • Up to 2% of CBD
  • Blueberry, Sweet, Tart, Musky, Spicy

With its great relaxing effects, Blueberry is a strain good in aiding pain. With its therapeutic properties, it can present a very soothing and calming feeling, may it be physical or mental. Notwithstanding its narcotic effects, the couch-lock feeling it can produce can relieve various pain, may it be acute or chronic. 

11. Sour Diesel

  • 80% Sativa 20%Indica
  • Up to 25% of THC
  • Up to 1% of CBD
  • Diesel, Sour, Skunk

Sour Diesel can offer a very uplifting feeling in which you can forget any worries, stresses, and pain that you may be feeling. It can enclose the body into a boosting high with a very relaxed sense. While it may be a sativa dominant strain, the energy it can present can be of aid in alleviating body-related pain to more mobility.

12. 9 Pound

  • 20% Sativa, 80% Indica
  • Up to 23% of THC
  • Up to 0.30% of CBD
  • Citrus, Grape, Woody, Pine, Lime

As soon as the high spread throughout the body, 9 Pound is a strain that can provide an overall body relief from any muscle tension and spasms. With its couch-lock effect, the relaxing sense it can present can be of help in aiding body-related pain, may it be chronic or acute one.

13. Bubba Kush

  • 20% Sativa, 80% Indica
  • Up to 22% of THC
  • Up to 1% of CBD
  • Coffee, Hash, Spicy, Grape, Sweet, Dank

This indica leaning variety boasting its indica properties is not only a pleasant strain for recreational use, but it is also a valuable strain in the medicinal cannabis society. Bubba Kush can present a powerful body high. With the very boosting energy it can provide, this strain can wash away body-related pains and aches. 

14. Canna-Tsu

  • 50% Sativa, 50% Indica
  • Up to 11% of THC
  • Up to 10% of CBD
  • Citrus, Earthy, Pine, Woody, Spicy

A CBD rich strain, Canna-Tsu, is one of the most beneficial strains not only for recreational use but also for medicinal one. With its high CBD inclusion, it is no doubt that it can be of aid in relieving much body-related pain, may it be acute or chronic. With its medicinal properties, it can help in soothing muscle spasms, backaches, and cramps. 

15. Afghan Kush

  • 5% Sativa, 95% Indica
  • Up to 21% of THC
  • Up to 6% of CBD
  • Earthy, Kush, Pungent, Woody, Sweet, Spicy

Not only that, it includes great THC composition, but Afghan Kush is also packed with a whopping CBD inclusion. Its remarkable CBD content can be of help in aiding pain like headaches, migraines, and minor muscle pain. As a good painkiller, this strain is regarded to be with great benefits for those patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. 

16. Cataract Kush

  • 100% Indica
  • Up to 45% of THC
  • Up to 0.83% of CBD
  • Skunk, Spicy, Pungent, Diesel, Earthy

With its indica heritage, Cataract Kush can provide a very relieving sense to various health conditions. One of the maladies it can aid in is pain. One that is bestowed of great therapeutic properties, this strain can alleviate chronic pain, muscle inflammation, spasms, and even headaches. 

17. Master Kush

  • 10% Sativa, 90% Indica
  • Up to 24% of THC
  • Up to 1% of CBD
  • Earthy, Citrus, Pungent, Woody, Sweet

As a powerful and potent variant, Master Kush can be a very beneficial strain not only in the recreational field but also for medicinal ones. This strain is usually prescribed for deep-seated pains and body-related health conditions.  One with medicinal properties, it can be of help in chronic soothing pain. 

18. Jack Flash

  • 40% Sativa, 60% Indica
  • Up to 20% of THC
  • Up to 1% of CBD
  • Citrus, Earthy, Pine

Though its main effect is more cerebral, it doesn’t change the fact that it can give a very relaxing sense that can soothe the body from any pain that may be bothering. As it is infused with sedative properties, one can be of aid in relieving pain such as the back, head, and joint pain. 

19. Redwood Kush

  • 30% Sativa, 70% Indica
  • Up to 26% of THC
  • Up to 1% of CBD
  • Earthy, Pine, Woody

One that showcases its indica dominancy, Redwood Kush is a strain packed with great medicinal benefits. One of the conditions it can relieve is pain. With a more relaxed and calming sense, one can help in soothing deep-seated pains, and bod-related pain may it be at the back, head, or even muscles. 

20. Blackberry Kush

  • 20% Sativa, 80% Indica
  • Up to 20% of THC
  • Up to 0.5% of CBD
  • Sweet, Earthy, Berry, Diesel

An indica leaning variety, Blackberry Kush can be one of your reliable friends if you are suffering from pain. Not only that, it can stimulate the mood with a very happy and uplifting feeling, but this strain can also present a very strong couch-lock sense that can produce a very relaxing entirety resulting in the alleviation of pain may it be chronic or acute. 


In your journey of looking for the best weed for pain, the list above can help you determine which one you prefer depending on your taste preference. As this condition may be a simple word, pain is incorporated with an alarming danger that it can cause the body. Smoking a weed with great medicinal value can be of help in your recreational and medicinal course. 

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