LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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LSD is an indica-leaning strain that is very potent and has an amazing display of aromas and flavors. It is your passport to a more energetic, euphoric, psychedelic, and focused day. Make sure to consume this moderately to avoid potent couch-locked effects. It is a strain for beginners with a short and bushy plant structure.

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More About LSD (fem):

Trippy and Strong

LSD is another good indica-dominant strain packed with strong potency and good aroma/flavor profile. As the child of Skunk #1 and Mazar Sharif, you can hope for a wonderful smoking experience right from the first time you use this strain. She is potent enough as she comes with a decent THC percentage that ranges from 14-19%.

When it comes to flavor and aroma, she exudes the combination of musky, nutty, earthy, and hashish notes that you will notice on her flowers. All these scents and flavors match her potency. For effects, she may make you feel more energetic, trippy, euphoric, mentally focused, and psychedelic. You may also experience a couchlock sensation, especially if you take a high dose.

LSD is easy to grow, so she is highly recommended even for the beginners. She is short and bushy. Also, she takes less time to bloom, which is another great reason why she deserves a spot in every cannabis garden.

9 reviews for LSD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Dennis


    This is good stuff! This LSD strain got me into a psychedelic state immediately after just a few tokes on my pipe. As the heavy smoke surrounded my room, I felt like I was sitting on a cloud. The musky, earthy and hashish taste and aroma quickly took over my senses which got me dancing on the table too. Started getting hungry after awhile so I ordered some McDonalds take out and devoured it in seconds. Anyway, the strain was easy to grow too and didn’t need much training during cultivation. It immediately grew into a short bushy plant with big nuggets wrapped in delicious trichomes. In just a few weeks I was able to yield a good amount and I can’t stop consuming it. Got dizzy at one point but that was because I smoked too much. Other than that, I love it!

  2. Avatar for B. Arnold

    B. Arnold

    It really amazes me how perfect this was for my body. this strain was easy to grow but it’s not recommended with someone who doesn’t have planting experience because this plant was high maintenance. Its prone to mold especially during rainfall. Its yield were wide and buds are dense, sticky, and a pleasure to break down before packing a bowl or joint. I saved every grain of LSD to enjoy its mind- altering effects. Great buzz and flavor of spicy sweet and sour! Love it so much!

  3. Avatar for N. Ratliff

    N. Ratliff

    So glad I have found this strain. I’ve had depression, that interferes with my ability to work, eat, sleep and enjoy life but after using this, seems like I never had this. Its balance of energy and relaxation were amazing and very euphoric. Its spacy and stoney effect was exhilarating but it was too intense as well for a first-timer like me. this strain was easy to grow and yields approximately 17 ounces per plant. its buds were small and cone-shaped dollops covered in golden trichome glands. taste and smell like an earthy- sweet and sour. Perfect for those who have anxiety and depression.

  4. Avatar for W. Cooper

    W. Cooper

    relatively easy strain to grow, I kept the temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit but It has a natural resistance to pests so It was really a high maintenance plant. it produced heavy yields when left to grow on its own, it also has massive buds. it has a musky and spicy aroma with an earthy-sweet flavor. It provides a powerful cerebral high and gives energy; it helps me to relax before the Indica body high kicks in. I used it as an analgesic to ease body pain. I’m glad, I tried it.

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