Northern Critical Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Northern Critical is a longer-lasting therapeutic and recreational strain. It can put an end to symptoms like pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia, naturally and effectively. You can get the best effects with THC levels at 15 to 18%. You’ll get a dreamy euphoria that will help you get through a tough day.

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More About Northern Critical (fem)

Long-Lasting and Medicinal

This Northern Critical (fem) is a long-lasting and medicinal Cannabis seed that can best alleviate symptoms of stress, pain, and sleep loss. Its THC content level is 15 to 18 percent. It is known to originate from the Northern Lights and Critical genotype. This is just so great for exerting dreamy euphoria rendering the muscles immobile and soft. The varieties crossed are exceptional, offering the two worlds.

This feminized seed is easy for you to obtain and is also satisfying for you to cultivate. This can be grown straightforward that you, as a neophyte, can raise it without the compromise on its yields. Its bud quality is also one thing to be amazed at. Opt for this female variety that ensures a garden free from a male variety. This does not require much effort when it comes to weeding.

This plant is enough to produce a more substantial yield as it grows in the outdoor gardens with dry and warm climates the same as the Mediterranean.

10 reviews for Northern Critical Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for J. North

    J. North

    So far so good! The seeds are all popped and recently planted for seedling growth. New leaves are showing on all of them. Grown it indoor easily and its yield was about 500-550 g/m2, and it was a medium size plant with a height of 50-100 cm with a flowering time of 6-8 weeks. its has a dense and heavy buds. loving it tastes and smells like an earthy sweet spicy berry. Helps me with my sleep and tension.

  2. Avatar for S. Barton

    S. Barton

    Great!!! All seeds I bought sprouted, I grew it outdoor, It was an easy process. I placed it in the area where the humidity is mild. It dense and the buds were wide it was about to 50-100 cm tall and its yield was about 800-900 gr/plant. It has an earthy scent and taste like spicy and sour berry. I’ve been having trouble with sleeping but after using it, I was able to sleep well! Kudos!

  3. Avatar for David W.

    David W.

    worries?? this strain will float that away.. a medium sized plant that is mold resistant. she produces more yields in warm and dry climate when exposed to sunlight. when it comes to its scent, smoke that spicy zesty aroma, and taste like fruity sour yet sweet.. too much stress and depression we are facing nowadays, by smoking this gives relief, feeling body light and positivity strikes. take a break, do some late night talks with friends!..the best!.

  4. Avatar for W. Harrington

    W. Harrington

    Bred from Northern Lights and Critical Mass, this has the best of both strain. Easy to grow because on how resilient to pathogens and molds it is. Does need a trim from time to time. With the combination of the musky, earthy scent and its sweet and sour taste, it’s perfect for a whiff of long lasting relief, and a euphoria that last hours. I’d recommend this to use as anti depressants and for body pain like arthritis and the like.

  5. Avatar for Terrence Mayfield

    Terrence Mayfield

    Easily a banger, very delicious taste and strong effects! It’s got some fruits and berry flavors with a little citrus goin’ on in there. Gets hard and heavy on the head and stops you from pretty much doing anything in the day! Took mine during my days off, now its a part of my regular grows. You don’t really need a lot of seeds because this can handle some big yields. I always had a sweet spot for indicas, this worked out great for my smoking sesh!

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