Northern Critical Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The Northern Critical Strain Feminized Cannabis Seeds strain is a high-yielding, mostly-Indica cannabis variety that flowers more quickly. It is a little breed that grows to about 50 to 100 cm tall, but it has a maximum yield of 550 grams per square meter indoors and 900 grams per plant when grown outdoors.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica
Parents: Northern Lights x Critical Mass
Flowering Time: 6-8 weeks
Climate: Mediterranean, Warm/Sunny
Yield: 550-900 g
Flavor: Sweet, Earthy, Spicy, Sour
THC Level: 18%
CBD Level: 0.4%
Height: 50-100 cm.
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

This contains flavors that are tart, earthy, and spicy-sweet. The ideal strategy for producers to get the best yield by harvest is to plant this weed during the warm and dry seasons. Get your hands on the legendary Northern Critical strain marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds and enjoy free shipping on orders over 200$!

What is Northern Critical Strain?

Northern Lights and Critical Mass are two traditional strains that are combined to create Northern Critical strain. This Indica-leaning plant is one of many hybrids that can be introduced to beginners for enjoyment and has THC levels of up to 18%. The ideal strategy for producers to get the best yield by harvest is to plant this weed during the warm and dry seasons. It is simple for you to obtain and pleasurable for you to grow this feminized seed.

This is so easily cultivated that even a beginner may raise it without sacrificing the yields. Another thing to be astounded by is the quality of its buds. Choose this female variety to keep a male variety-free garden. When it comes to weeding, this doesn’t demand much work. As it grows in outdoor gardens with dry, warm conditions similar to the Mediterranean, this plant is sufficient to provide a larger output.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Your feminized Northern Critical Strain seeds emit a musky, loamy earth aroma as they develop into plants and nugs. You also detect a few zesty undertones and a lot of fruity undertones. Enjoy a lovely aroma filling your nostrils as you take a breath. The flavor is delicious and resembles your favorite sweet and sour meal almost exactly. Your tongue is tickled by a mild spice when you exhale, and it lingers for a time. It’s difficult to resist taking another puff because of the delicious flavor.

Growing Information of Northern Critical Strain

Northern Critical Strain feminized seeds make growing enjoyable for both inexperienced and seasoned gardeners. The crops are simple to handle and, with a little tender loving care, yield bumper crops of enormous nugs. Growing from Northern Critical Strain seeds, medium-sized plants with lots of lateral branches are produced. The strain is resistant to mold and infections by nature, however, some pruning improves ventilation. Your feminized Northern Critical Strain seeds will grow whether you sow them inside or outside. They are perfect for indoor grow rooms and gardeners who want to use the Screen of Green (ScrOG) training method due to their diminutive stature. In order to create a “screen” of crops, this method entails weaving the branches through a mesh.

Buds can receive the most light exposure possible as a result, growing fatter and more potent. If you decide to cultivate Northern Critical Strain seeds indoors, maintain relative humidity (RH) levels of 40–50% and temperatures between 70–80°F. Both soil and hydroponics techniques produce top-notch outcomes. Outdoor growers need to reside in an area with a warm, dry Mediterranean environment. For the plants from Northern Critical Strain feminized seeds to yield substantial, resin-coated nugs, they require a lot of sunlight. In the Northern Hemisphere, try to harvest by October. Your crops should flower and produce gigantic buds in 6-8 weeks whether you seed indoors or outdoors; think about installing support. 21 ounces should be expected to be harvested. per square meter indoors and a massive 24.5–28 oz. each outdoor plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow Northern Critical feminized?

Definitely, yes. Northern Critical seeds produce enormous yields and are simple to grow. They can be grown indoors or outdoors because of their tiny stature and natural resistance to common gardening problems. To raise this strain, beginners don’t require any prior knowledge.

What is the Northern Critical feminized flower time?

It takes around 6 to 8 weeks for your feminized Northern Critical seeds to germinate and enter the flowering stage, at which point they are ready for harvest. Picking time comes when buds are covered in crystalline trichomes. To enjoy a more flavorful and smoother toke, make sure to cure and dry the nugs.

What are the Northern Critical feminized seeds effects?

Due to the Indica genetics of Northern Critical seeds, some of the most calming buds are produced. Blast your problems to the curb for all-over impacts that will make your body melt. You can feel the psychotropic qualities filling your mind after taking a few puffs of the nugs made from Northern Critical feminized seeds. You experience euphoria and a sense of unadulterated happiness. These uplifting feelings relieve your stress and leave you feeling light and relaxed. Soon after, the Indica begins to take hold. Within minutes after smoking, a cozy sensation spreads from your temples throughout the rest of your body. Your body’s tension and stress disappear when tight muscles become loose.

11 reviews for Northern Critical Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for J. North

    J. North

    So far so good! The seeds are all popped and recently planted for seedling growth. New leaves are showing on all of them. Grown it indoor easily and its yield was about 500-550 g/m2, and it was a medium size plant with a height of 50-100 cm with a flowering time of 6-8 weeks. its has a dense and heavy buds. loving it tastes and smells like an earthy sweet spicy berry. Helps me with my sleep and tension.

  2. Avatar for S. Barton

    S. Barton

    Great!!! All seeds I bought sprouted, I grew it outdoor, It was an easy process. I placed it in the area where the humidity is mild. It dense and the buds were wide it was about to 50-100 cm tall and its yield was about 800-900 gr/plant. It has an earthy scent and taste like spicy and sour berry. I’ve been having trouble with sleeping but after using it, I was able to sleep well! Kudos!

  3. Avatar for David W.

    David W.

    worries?? this strain will float that away.. a medium sized plant that is mold resistant. she produces more yields in warm and dry climate when exposed to sunlight. when it comes to its scent, smoke that spicy zesty aroma, and taste like fruity sour yet sweet.. too much stress and depression we are facing nowadays, by smoking this gives relief, feeling body light and positivity strikes. take a break, do some late night talks with friends!..the best!.

  4. Avatar for W. Harrington

    W. Harrington

    Bred from Northern Lights and Critical Mass, this has the best of both strain. Easy to grow because on how resilient to pathogens and molds it is. Does need a trim from time to time. With the combination of the musky, earthy scent and its sweet and sour taste, it’s perfect for a whiff of long lasting relief, and a euphoria that last hours. I’d recommend this to use as anti depressants and for body pain like arthritis and the like.

  5. Avatar for Terrence Mayfield

    Terrence Mayfield

    Easily a banger, very delicious taste and strong effects! It’s got some fruits and berry flavors with a little citrus goin’ on in there. Gets hard and heavy on the head and stops you from pretty much doing anything in the day! Took mine during my days off, now its a part of my regular grows. You don’t really need a lot of seeds because this can handle some big yields. I always had a sweet spot for indicas, this worked out great for my smoking sesh!

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