Pure Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Pure Indica is a strain with an amazing relaxing effect. You will be enveloped with a warm, fruity taste and aroma that will linger in your senses for a long period. It has moderate THC, but when taken in a potent dose, it can lead to a couchlock effect. It is easy to grow sativa that has bountiful yields.

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More About Pure Indica (fem)

Great for Relaxation

The Pure Indica (fem seed) is very likable in the sense that it gives great relaxation. This is sourced out from the Afghani genotype. This Pure Indica fem seed is known for having a THC content level of about 13 to 17 percent. This is good for having fruity aroma and taste. This can give out its guaranteed results as promised.

This may seem quite a rare type, but this remains still a favorite for many smokers. This is due to the reason that it gives out a sense of floating. Their body can remain as glued to a couch enjoyable and delightful.

This is classified to be a hundred-percent pure Indica. This seed can turn into a small plant packed by its powerful punch. A lot of smokers enjoy it for its known therapeutic qualities. That is why they depend on it more.

This is just so relaxing and uplifting in the high it can bring. This exhibit Indica traits that are only visible in the hybrids.

8 reviews for Pure Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for J. Garvan

    J. Garvan

    This is AMAZING!! I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease and began treatment immediately but I don’t like my meds for I was having hallucinations so I started planting this seed and grown it outdoor. Planting was very easy. Its yield was about 400 grams per plant. It was 3 feet tall. It has a large and dense buds. it also has a delicious berry flavor and a fruity scent which I really love. It has a spacey buzz that made me feel great! After toking it, I felt like I never had this disease, it soothes my mind and body that made me feel relaxed and comfortable. So if your battling with Lyme disease just like mine or even depression, would suggest you to try this!

  2. Avatar for Z. McGahey

    Z. McGahey

    The plant was grown indoor and great for beginners . Planting was easy and quick. I used “super cropping” method. It was a short, squat and bushy plant. Its dense buds were prone to mold so I needed to handle it carefully. its body buzz was coupled with an energetic cerebral high. I really love its taste as sweet as earthy and fruity scent.It was an excellent way to calm down after a stressful day and made me feel happy, comfortable, and relaxed. This is a new fan favorite and I can’t wait to see how it will grow outdoor next season!

  3. Avatar for T. Holloway

    T. Holloway

    Love the seeds! They have grown extremely well for a first time grower like me! It was an easy indoor cultivation. The plant was very low maintenance and was a compact and short size plant. It has a dense and thick buds. The smell and taste of a sweet fruity and colors of this strain are gonna make people do a double take. I was very happy at week 11 when I realized how much this plant would yield. 10 days of dry time and the thick plumes of sweet and piney smoke filled my lungs! It really helped me with pain relief, for it relaxes body and those very muscles. Give this 5 stars.

  4. Avatar for A. Woods

    A. Woods

    quality seeds here! pure indica for a deep sleep, a short plant with a fruity scent. i planted 5 seeds, all fully grown. she blooms beautifully hassle-free plus she creates a good yield.,this strain shows good resilience to diseases and pests. when it blooms, tight buds gives a scent of fruits with hint of earthiness. when smoked,mixed fruit taste stays the tongue and a bit of spice tickle the lips and mouth. 1-2 tokes are enough for me to enjoy her effects. after few minutes,I notice heavy bodied feeling from the head going down to my entire body that is why this weed is best for nighttime use..extreme intake cause dry mouth and eyes. thanks a lot!.

  5. Avatar for M. Siegran

    M. Siegran

    This is exactly what it is. 100% indica. No wuss no wuss, just the uplift high that you get in any indica. Growing this ain’t that hard so the usual basic needs, “average” climate and good fertilizer should be enough. With a sweet, earthy taste combined with an easy sour smell, its quite calming and balanced. I’d send this to the people with insomnia, and highly recommend it to people who are stressed, or anything that needs a bit of pain relief.

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