Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Sativa Star is a feminized strain for advanced growers, great for outdoor and indoor settings. Its tall plant height makes it ideal for outdoor gardens and indoor grows with plenty of head height, and with enough space will provide a very high yield. As the name implies, Sativa Star will provide a long-lasting sativa effect with a cerebral high and is great for reducing stress and anxiety.

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More About Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana

Sativa Star feminized marijuana is almost completely Sativa, at 90%. It has quite a long flowering time, reaching up to 14 weeks, but you can expect bountiful yields at harvest time. The yield can reach up to 350 grams indoors, and 600 grams when grown outdoors. Whether you grow indoors or out, this plant requires lots of head height to get the maximum yield. These plants exhibit tall, thin, and narrow leaves, with a lighter shade of green compared to their indica counterparts.

The THC content of Sativa Star can reach up to 22.60% but does not have overwhelming psychedelic effects. Instead, this strain does what great Sativa is meant to do, making the consumer feel more creative, energetic, and provides a big boost in mood. A great strain to diminishing depression and anxiety, one puff of this will have you reaching for your guitar or starting a conversation with a stranger. If you’re looking for the ultimate Sativa, look no further than Sativa Star.

35 reviews for Sativa Star Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jaso


    Tired of hitting the street for decent bud, I am so pleased with these autos. Every one popped and has given me a decent yield. I need more in-depth descriptions so I can properly ID my plants and I will know what to specifically order next time. First time grower here. They were resilient while I dialed in the nutrition. They are easy to grow if you get a game plan and spend a few dollars on some decent equipment. It will all pay for itself! Thanks CK, I am having a blast with this whole process.

  2. Avatar for Keith Pope

    Keith Pope

    I need the fastest growing demonized seed u have

  3. Avatar for Customer


    So far so good with crop king seeds good selection nice prices and 5 star customer service they best o yea very fast

  4. Avatar for Stef Abate

    Stef Abate

    I bought around 25 seeds from cropking in the last 3 years , every last one of them poped out! And every autos gave me an incredible product with about half the reccomended nute dose. Trust me i tried another seed bank and there no one better than cropking …..6 stars

  5. Avatar for John Of The USA

    John Of The USA

    Just ordered mine. Looking forward to growing this new strain. I have been growing Crop King’s strains for quite some time now and I’m very satisfied with everything. Too excited to get started with this one

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