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CBD Candyland (1:1) Marijuana Seeds

(4 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

CBD Candyland is a sativa strain created by two wonderful, legendary strains. It has enhanced taste and smell, making it one of the most stimulating strains. It is a hybrid with high THC and enhanced CBD. It is a versatile plant as it can be grown in any environment, indoors or outdoors.

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More About CBD Candyland

Who Would Have Thought Candy Could Be Good For Your Health

Candyland is a Sativa dominant strain produced by crossing Grand Daddy Purple and Platinum Cookies. Meant to serve as a way to enhance the taste of a very stimulating strain of weed, this hybrid offers even more than just its sweet and earthy flavor. Often, this breed of marijuana is a good strain to pick up for any social gathering, and with the addition of CBD into its genes, it reduces the impact of THC into the mind, thus lowering any chances of anxiety or paranoia. This is a highly suggested strain for newbies who want to experience the mind-boggling high with getting overwhelmed by the effects.

The calm and relaxing vibe you get from smoking this weed allows for a more subtle experience. Growing CBD Candyland is a lot easier to do than most Sativas. A very versatile plant that thrives in a different environment, this strain is best for beginners who want to learn the art of marijuana cultivation specifically for a Sativa breed.

4 reviews for CBD Candyland (1:1) Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Lamar Cooper

    Lamar Cooper

    Sheesh this one hits like a mfer! crazy head high, was super impressed with the number of hours the effects lasted. The seeds do a great job of taking in some nutrients, gotta feed them more frequently than Im used to. Grows into some fine buds that looked mouthwatering! The freshness and sweetness of the flavors can definitely get you hooked, makes you prone to smoking too much HAHA! nice dreamy and hazy high. Full of fun and creative juices! Much better than my old standard strains

  2. Avatar for Gary L

    Gary L

    I have been growing this indoors for so long even if I know that it also grows outdoors. One time, I decided to maximized all my garden beds because I still have a few space left within my hoop houses. And you know what? All seeds germinating beautifully like butterflies entering the last stage of metamorphosis. I have no inch of regret in taking my chances on this.

  3. Avatar for Kim Tsoi

    Kim Tsoi

    Defintely one great strain that’s remarkable and perfect. I can say that it is a sativa dominant strain that offers tasty and sweet flavor. Smoking it is fun as ever! Plus, it gives me the level of cerebral high that I want and it’s my go-to remedy when I experience body pains. Apparently, I will order more of this this time.

  4. Avatar for Jacquelyn Howard

    Jacquelyn Howard

    Extremely beautiful strain. I love this cbd sativa strain that creates a sweet smell and taste wonderful. Great yielder too and currently has a medium height within 2 weeks only. I had a great smoke and had so much fun. This is also good for first timers growers. Over all, good product for me!

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