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How Long Does a Weed High Last

If you have never experienced using cannabis or smoking weed in your entire life, then you might be wondering, “What will happen if a user consumes a high dosage of weed?” or “How long does a weed high last?” Is there any way to tell how long it’ll last in our system? These are just a few of the questions we often ask ourselves. The article will help you in searching for answers.

Factors that Affect Your Weed High

How long a weed high lasts depends on a variety of factors. There is no specific solution that will satisfy everyone, regardless of your body’s metabolism or how you want to consume cannabis. However, there are various things we can discover to determine the estimated duration of your high. Depending on a number of variables, the high from cannabis might last anywhere between 2 and 10 hours. These factors include:

The type of marijuana you use
The method of consumption
The dosage of THC taken
Your body weight and percentage of body fat
Your metabolic rate
Your genetic traits
How much food have you eaten
THC Tolerance Level

More than 113 chemical substances known as cannabinoids are present in cannabis plants. One of those cannabinoids is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also known as a psychoactive content that is primarily responsible for the high-feeling one gets from consuming weeds.

How Long Does a High Last?

The quantity of the dosage and the potency of the cannabis have an impact on how long the effects will last. Its psychoactive effects usually last longer when you consume too much cannabis with a high THC content.

There are several methods of consuming cannabis, and how long a weed high lasts with each method varies. These include the following:

Smoking or Vaping. How long does a high last when smoking or vaping weed? There are many factors to consider, but an average weed smoker with a reasonable degree of tolerance may anticipate experiencing highs that last for a short period after switching to cannabis vaporizing. However, you’ll use a lot less weed. Usually, the effects of smoking or vaping weed might not last as long as those of traditional smoking, but it is far more efficient and doesn’t have the negative side effects of burning weeds. It takes 1–4 hours before the effect fades.

Dabbing. How long does a high last when dabbing cannabis? Inhaling vaporized weed has its own concerns and is different from smoking, vaping, or ingesting edibles. Cannabis extracts are extracted using the dabbing technique. Dabbing isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re new to cannabis, but patients and consumers discover various benefits when done properly using a clean, tested product. The good news is that it is impossible to overdose on cannabis and that no one has ever done so. Dab attacks, though, can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared because of how strong they are. Dabbing will get you high for about 2-4 hours.

Edibles, pills, and capsules. How long does a high last when taking edibles? Between 30 and 90 minutes after consumption, edible effects start to manifest. However, this will differ based on the type of edible, a person’s age, gender, metabolism, and the amount of food they consume. While other edibles may take 60–180 minutes to start working, hard candies may do so in 15–45 minutes. Edibles take longer to take effect than cannabis-infused cigarettes or vapes. When edibles are consumed, the active components, like THC, must pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream, as opposed to through the lungs. This procedure requires time. In other words, it’s likely that an edible will provide a high that lasts a few hours.

People with faster metabolisms could experience the benefits faster since their bodies can metabolize the meal more quickly. In comparison to consuming it among other meals or just after a meal, eating an edible on an empty stomach may have faster-acting results. A typical edible dose can last up to 6–8 hours. However, if a person is sensitive, the high may last up to 8–12 hours, whereas if a person has a better tolerance, the high may last just 4–6 hours.

Tinctures. How long does a high last in cannabis tincture? In its most basic form, a tincture is a cannabis extract in which a liquid is combined with cannabis and intended for sublingual ingestion rather than smoking or vaping. Depending on how you take a tincture, it may take some time before you start to feel its effects. Before starting any new cannabis product, we advise you to wait a few hours. When tinctures are allowed to sit under the tongue for 30 to 45 seconds, they usually begin to work within 15 to 30 minutes. It typically takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours for tinctures to reach their full effect when taken orally or combined with meals. If you are new to tinctures, it is preferable to wait the entire two hours before taking any further doses. By ingesting tinctures sublingually, you can avoid having your digestive system absorb the active components before they start working. They enter your bloodstream directly, and you probably feel their effects within the first 20 to 30 minutes.

The duration of your tincture dosage depends not just on the technique you use but also on the THC content of your product. Those with greater THC content could endure for more time. About 4 hours after consumption, the tincture’s most potent effects will fade. Nevertheless, according to your metabolism and food, they might last up to 24 hours.


There is no science that could predict how long exactly a weed-induced ‘high-feeling’ will last. Since effects usually vary from one person to another, depending on their weed tolerance. Besides this, several factors may also affect its effects’ longevity such as the amount of substance consumed as well as the mode or way of ingestion used. Typically, the effectiveness of cannabis can be more easily noticed in most new users than in people who have been using it for a long time because their bodies are not used to it. Some research shows that weed-induced high can last for up to several hours, however, among all the variety of widely known and accepted methods to consume weed, it is smoking that has been regarded to have the shortest side effects compared to the other methods out there.

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