Can you Overdose on Marijuana

marijuana overdose

marijuana overdose is rare, though that doesn’t indicate cannabis is not dangerous. The symptoms of consuming excessive cannabis are like the common results of consuming weed; however, more critical. These symptoms may comprise vomiting or severe nausea, increased blood pressure, hallucinations or delusions, fast heart rate, panic, paranoia, anxiety, and extreme confusion. Sometimes, these effects can bring about erratic damages like poisoning, a motor vehicle crash, or a fall.

Can you overdose on marijuana?

No and Yes. In case you’re questioning if you stuff yourself and die from cannabis: it’s not highly possible, so the answer is no. But, you can feel severe panic attacks (anxiety) or demented feelings (where you may become fearful and lose sense with the real world) after using cannabis strains with high amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

Also, individuals do and can hurt themselves due to cannabis’ influences on coordination, perception, and judgment. Moreover, weed pitches the reactions of other stimulants; because of that, blending alcohol and marijuana can link up with formidable drunkenness, rash action, and/or enhanced influences of drinking.

What is the Lethal Dose of Cannabis?

Drug overdose mortality is getting more prevalent in America. A majority of these deaths are prompted by a type of sedative drug (opioids) that covers hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (Percocet), OxyContin (also with oxycodone), and morphine.

It is strategically unlikely to badly overdose on cannabis, considering the lethal dose of marijuana is approximately 680 kilograms. You noted that perfectly: not 680 grams, 680 kilograms.

How much is too much?

There isn’t a plainspoken statement here, considering all of us are distinct. Some individuals appear to endure marijuana strongly, while others don’t stand it favorably in any event. Marijuana merchandises likewise differ considerably in their strength.

Though, edibles appear to be more potential to provoke an adverse effect. This is relative since they need some time to take effect.

It can be wherever from a couple of minutes to a few hours before you begin to experience the reactions after consuming an edible. For the time being, numerous individuals eventually are consuming more since they wrongly think the edibles are inadequate.

Combining alcohol with marijuana can likewise generate an adverse effect on some individuals.

Marijuana merchandise carrying high amounts of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that causes you to experience “buzz” or weakened, can likewise create a negative effect in some individuals, particularly those who don’t consume marijuana frequently.

What to Expect?

Albeit marijuana overdose manifestations are bizarre, individuals can feel indications of becoming extremely drug on the plant. Some manifestations of unnecessary usage and marijuana overdose may include:


As anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations are not common results from a marijuana overdose, they can change a part of the community who utilizes cannabis. Some records that mental signs of extreme cannabis consumption can likewise include disorientation, mania, and fear.

The analyst from the study things that tetrahydrocannabinol can badly change an individual’s sense of character and mood. Those adverse feelings, aligned with anxiety, can bring about the common paranoia some marijuana consumers address.

Impaired Motor Skills

The comfortable sense that develops from a conventional drug high also produces more delayed response rates and slowed reactions. In case you’re lying in a common room, that’s not a problem. It’s a bigger issue, in case you’re driving your vehicle.

A small number of incidents of late response times from cannabis usage have cause road accidents and collisions and other disasters on the highway. But, it’s necessary to understand that your motor skills perhaps be damaged or restricted — particularly if you inhale or consume more cannabis than average.

Short-term Memory Loss 

Marijuana is believed to create these problems on a wide-ranging measure over a longer period. Daily usage of cannabis deals with the capacity to concentrate, learn, and retain knowledge, along with reducing the urge to perform chores, even after the effect is done.

Though the medical research, those conclusions are developed on, indicates the cannabis usage requires being somewhat general for harsh drawbacks. Also, the research still has to prove an informal connection. To rephrase it, it’s not completely resolved if cannabis induces memory gaps, or if individuals who have less mental skills are more likely to massive cannabis usage.

Dry mouth, shortness of breath, nausea 

Consuming excessive cannabis can cause numerous bothersome physical indications, including shortness of breath, red eyes (common of marijuana smokers), and severe dry mouth. Sensitivity to freezing temperatures, vomiting, and rapid pulse rate can likewise be an effect.

Even though cannabis is occasionally ordered as an antiemetic medication, consuming it too often can produce the reverse reaction. A tiny proportion of individuals who utilize marijuana on a regular or periodic schedule can prompt CHS or Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. Cyclical vomiting, abdominal pain, and extreme vomiting are the main manifestations, and some physicians relate it to nausea some pregnant ladies encounter.

Preventing Marijuana Overdose

These behaviors may avoid marijuana overdose:

  • Asking expert advice for cannabis dependence
  • Changing colleagues, communities, and people, so exposure to the weed is reduced or removed
  • Possessing an understanding of health diseases that could be done more serious by marijuana usage
  • Being informed of any extra substances that may be in the cannabis
  • Staying hydrated
  • Being conscious of a reduction in immunity after fasting
  • Being informed of the possible serious synergies with alcohol—refraining from this and other drug mixtures entirely
  • Decreasing amounts of cannabis usage
  • Breaking off from marijuana abuse

Marijuana overdose help

Therefore what can you accomplish in case you assume you’ve marijuana overdose? In a few hours without medication, a less severe case of a greening-out will normally take off on their own. Keep an eye for signs that guarantee additional preventive concerns like; unresponsiveness, fast heart rate, pale skin color, and trouble breathing. Call 911 or, if you can, bring the person to the nearest hospital.

A marijuana overdose is still a discussed matter, and there isn’t precisely a definite solution to how much marijuana is extreme. Up until it’s essential to be careful if you prefer to consume and to have yourself familiarized. Don’t believe the catchphrase that marijuana is organic and hence, harmless. What delivers anything secure is an educated user and a sharp intellect.

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