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Different Names for Weed

Different Names for Weed

Marijuana or cannabis is the most popular and used illicit drug used in the whole world. Marijuana has been around for a long time now, and it has been a part of many cultures and history. The interesting fact about marijuana is that it also has its own rich culture, which includes growing, buying, selling, smoking, or ingesting it. Marijuana comes with many names, and the different names for weed came from other places, cultures, and ethnicity.

The names given to marijuana are many. It is a long list, and it is constantly changing. It has been used worldwide for hundreds of years, so there is no wonder that it has gotten many nicknames depending on its appearance, use, and origin.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana is the most commonly used and abused substance. It contains a psychoactive compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the feeling of being “high.” THC is accountable for making you feel euphoric, ecstatic, or happy. The other component is Cannabidiol or (CBD), which is the prominent cannabinoid in medical marijuana. There are several types of marijuana. The three main types of marijuana are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. In simpler terms, the Sativas can let you experience a strong mental high; Indicas will allow you to experience a strong physical high, while hybrids are the combination of the two. 

The subject of this article is to know the different names for weed, which came from its origins or how it is popularly called, referring to its effects.

As mentioned earlier, marijuana has different names and nicknames based on how they are used, where they came from, and how they look like.

Here are the examples of the Different Names for Weed: 

  • Cannabis – Marijuana is technically cannabis. This is the nearest name for marijuana as it came from a cannabis plant. Cannabis is the scientific name for marijuana. It can be broken down into Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Indica produces physical effects; Cannabis Sativa has substantial mental effects, and Cannabis Ruderalis is a combination of the two.
  • Pot – Marijuana is also popularly known as pot. This term came from the Spanish word potiguaya or potaguaya, alcoholic drinks where cannabis flowers have been taken.
  • Weed – This is also a popular nickname for marijuana as the term refers to a plant.
  • Marijuana as a plant is being associated with a weed. This slang term for marijuana was popularized during the 1920s as people used the term for a marijuana cigarette.
  • Marihuana – the term is spelled as “marihuana” is from Mexican – Spanish origins. The name came about in the 1930s. This term was first used to spread cannabis propaganda linking the use of cannabis to racism and anti0immigrant views of Mexicans. 
  • Grass – Just like the term “weed,” “grass” refers to marijuana as a plant. It seemed like calling marijuana “grass” is safe, just like referring to a natural green plant.
  • Herb – Calling marijuana as a “herb” impacts some cannabis users as it has seemed to provide some therapeutical appeal to marijuana. It adds up some unique attributes making it somewhat powerful and distinct. It creates a different effect from the typical smell, taste, and effect. The herb hints that marijuana can contribute to its medicinal benefits. Users can consume it in different ways. You can smoke it, mix it with food and drinks, or vaporize it.
  • Bud – Bud also refers to a plant or a small plant. This name is not a good cover-up referring to marijuana. This was primarily used on the streets by cannabis users who wanted to be discreet in their use of marijuana, and the bud is their perfect cover-up. Marijuana also grows buds. These are tight clusters of flowers that the cannabis plant is producing. They contain cannabinoids.
  • Nugs – “Nugs” is the term given to marijuana, which refers to the flowers. Marijuana produces flowers that are very important in cannabis production. “Nugs” is a close name that relates to marijuana, which became popular among marijuana consumers.
  • Skunk – Perhaps the name was created and associated with the strong scent of most marijuana. Most marijuana has this classic skunky or earthy smell that can fill a room when you open a bag containing it. Cannabis consumers have been associated with the scent and nicknamed marijuana as a skunk as a disguise.

Aside from the names derived from the streets, marijuana also came from wordplay or other languages.

  • Mary Jane – the popular name of marijuana, and if you are a marijuana smoker, it is impossible that you have not heard of this term. Mary Jane is a wordplay. It is a code used that refers to marijuana. During these times, the need to create a code is very important because marijuana is strictly prohibited.
  • Ganja – This term came from the Sanskrit. People believe that the term came from the Ganges River. The term “ganja” is currently associated with Jamaican or Rastafarianism and a popular term that refers to marijuana.

Other names associated with marijuana are :

  • green
  • hash
  • dank
  • reefer
  • chronic
  • flower
  • dope
  • hay
  • blaze
  • boom

As mentioned, marijuana is a prevalent and most used illicit drug worldwide, and it is not a surprise that it has a lot of names and nicknames associated with it. The names and nicknames were used as codes to hide the identity of marijuana, especially during those times when the use of cannabis was strictly prohibited. In current days, people still use nicknames and other slang terms just because they have gotten used to it or associate it with the characteristic of the effect of marijuana.


Marijuana has been legalized in many states and countries, and it is still gaining popularity. In those areas where marijuana is legalized for recreational and medical use, cannabis consumers are given access to enjoy the perks of marijuana. The goal is not to get high as possible but to a pleasant high. Though there are different names for weed, it still refers to one amazing plant creating breakthroughs, a popular recreational and medical drug that we call Marijuana.

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