Pruning Marijuana the Right Way

pruning marijuana

The fundamental definition of pruning is cutting off the parts plants. When cultivating other plants, we may take pruning as a necessary precaution to keep the plants from growing too wide and big. But it would be too hard in the case of planting marijuana where you may way to let your plants grow wide and big. Your main goal in planting is to be able to harvest good yield, but how can you have one if you cut some? Understanding pruning when it comes to marijuana is different. Pruning marijuana will help your plant grow bigger and healthier for a better-quality harvest.

Pruning Marijuana – What does it mean?

Pruning is cutting some parts of the plant in different quantities. It may even be called grooming. Pruning marijuana means cutting the branches to give light for the hidden buds or cutting off the dead and yellowish leaves that will only do harm to the plant. Not only that, but it also allows the plant to breathe since it isn’t too tight with all it’s unnecessary leaves and stems. Thus, you are helping your plant by making it focus on the essentials such as new healthy leaves and buds. The best part about pruning is it paves the way for new buds and branches to sprout out of the plant. Thus, each day after pruning, new and healthy leaves will appear.

However, pruning is not a necessity; rather, it is a choice that growers can do. Pruning marijuana takes practice and deep knowledge of what to do and cut. It is also not advisable for beginners since mistakes might occur. And will damage the plant instead. It is even okay if you don’t prune the plant. Nothing will happen to it. Pruning is just a valuable technique to have when you want to harvest the best yield, which is abundant in TCH.

When is the best time to prune Marijuana?

It is also very important to know when to start pruning marijuana. The ideal time is when the plants are bushier and thicker. This usually happens two weeks after the growing phase of the plants. Sativa strain usually grows fast, so they get bushier faster, while the Indica strain is slower compared to Sativa, so you must wait for a week or two. It is very important to remember never to prune after the second week of the flowering stage. This is to stop stressing the plant and allow it to heal. So, make sure to create a specific schedule to follow the right timeline and procedure well.

Marijuana Pruning Guide

Aside from the dead leaves, it is also important to know which specific plant parts you can cut. Your goals are to provide airflow for the plant and let other areas or buds catch the light. Thus, cutting the stems and branches on the lower part is a good start. This part receives inadequate light, so cut it off. You can also cut new shoots to let them grown new stalks.

First, make sure all the needed tools are available. Clippers and sharp scissors are the recommended tools to clip off the parts. Make sure they are sharp to have a clean cut. Clean cuts are easier to heal. You can sanitize your tools to avoid giving infections to the plants. These tools make it easier to finish the job. Secure all tools before pruning marijuana.

Next, take the biggest branches and remove them first. It may look like you are wasting a good deal of leaves, but this is for the well-being of your plant. The yield you will have is far greater than those you cut. Get rid of these branches and take time, cutting them clean.

Then, go and check the middle of the plant. Branches in the middle also need to go. They are not as powerful as those on top, so it is better to get rid of them as well. Also, it is hard for the light to reach them so they won’t fully give you the best quality. When you are done with the branches and the middle, you can now check the leaves and spot any rotting or yellowish ones. You can try one pruning technique; the topping. It is the idea of cutting off the central shoots at the top. Cutting these will make them develop extra shoots and twigs. Make sure to remove only the newest shoot in order to have minimal damages to the plant. Severe damages let the plant use its energy for healing instead of growing.

Another technique is fimming, which is the cutting of two-third of the newest shoot. This will give slight damage to the plant, but it will be easy to recover from, and after three to four days, one shoot can grow another three to four new shoots. Thus, there are more leaves produced. It may not grow as tall as you like, but the plants will get wider and bushier.

Through these steps and techniques, you can have a better yield. Training the plants to grow more using pruning is one of the best ways to ensure good quality harvest every time. With just the use of efficient lights, at a lower cost, you can get the most out of your plant. Aside from those, you can also tray this weed at the early stages of growth and remove plants flowers that are not dead but would be ineffective and useless. Thus, your plants will learn to recover faster and get stronger. Don’t also prune the large big fan leaves, for those are essentials in producing sugar, which is good for growing. However, one thing to remember, these training and pruning techniques can harm and give vital damages to the plants. So, make sure you only start pruning healthy marijuana plants.

Can you smoke the leaves pruned?

No, you can’t. These parts are not best used for smoking because they will lack the TCH level. You need to get hit and high. So, you have no choice but to throw them away safely. Some even make cannabis edibles out of them, but again, the TCH content is still low, so it might not give you the best and powerful hit you are aiming for.

What Happens after Prune Marijuana?

After pruning marijuana favorably, sprinkle your plants with water to subdue the volume of trauma to the plants and still promote growth. Watering is best paired with nutrients and other organic solutions that are recommendable for your plant. This will support your plant get back on its roots again.

Your plants may need days to recover from pruning, thus, exert a lot of patients and continue to give the usual care and attention. Water the plants and make sure they get enough light. After a week or two, your hard labor will be rewarded with fresh shoots and new leaves. Now, you are halfway through having the best quality and a great number of yields.


Here are some tips before and after pruning won’t hurt. Remember these in mind when you decide it’s a chance to cut those pieces off.

Make sure the base and impotent branches are removed and cut. Don’t use blunt scissors, rusty razors, or even your bare hands. You will harm your plant, have the decorum to be kind, and use conventional scissors. If you are uncertain, it is always fitting to inspect pictures and instructions on wherever and whatever to cut.

Even if it is not your usual pruning marijuana time, when you see any dead and yellowish leaves, remove them right away as they are not good for a growing plant. Whatever stage your marijuana plant may be, any yellow leaf is an enemy that must be taken care of right away.

Also, check the plants once in a while and observe them for any damages from the pruning. You wouldn’t want to check them a few weeks later and find them all withered. If possible, do it daily or twice a day to make sure everything is growing perfectly well.

And most importantly, once the marijuana plants start flowering, don’t ever prune it again, or else you will give it a shock causing it to wither and even die, aside from knowing when you can prune marijuana, also know when to not do it.


When you want better control of your plant, and you’re up for any experiments, then pruning marijuana is the answer. It may be overwhelming at first, with all the necessary things to remember and not do, but you won’t learn until you try. You can even experiment with just one plant, just to see how it can be done. Then you can compare the pruned ones to unpruned marijuana and see the significant differences.

Pruning marijuana will also give you the chance to get to know the plant better. This means you have more chances of observing the plant from any changes, looking after its health, or even identifying pests and other issues that could affect the plant’s growth. Pruning marijuana is a technique a lot of growers claimed to be effective and worth it, so it deserves a try.

The goal is to have as much harvest as you can, and to have it, not only do you cater to the demands of the plants but will go to the extent of helping it blossom. There are great benefits once you consider the possibilities. Pruning marijuana may work well with the experienced grower, but if you are an amateur who is up for any challenges, then you might want to study and learn more about marijuana pruning. Soon you will be surprised by the number of yields you have.

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  1. thank you for sharing that info with us. We started to grow a few years back and love to learn more and more about how to care for the plant as it grows. We love to give the plants a lot of attention so as to know the plant as it grows. I was wondering if you have like videos or know of videos we can watch on pruning we care and want our plants to be as good as possible and are willing to learn all the things needed to be good growers..Thank you for your time and seeds…

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