Top 10 Sativa Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Strains

sativa dominant hybrid

By combining the genes of Sativa and Indica, breeders have made it possible to duplicate any strains and breed them any strains they want. It opens up a broader spectrum of plant characteristics. Gone are the days that you have to choose, breeders, pave the way for combining different strains according to your liking.

Sativa dominant hybrid strains are the popular choice, especially for beginners; they forgive when it comes to its potency and high. Plus, they deliver a more uplifting and euphoric high. However, Sativa-dominant strains take longer to flower and tend to be stretchy, a few characteristics growers dislike.

However, there’s a lot to like with these Sativa-dominant genes, and we can’t help but adore them. And lucky for you, we’ve listed some of the best Sativa Dominant Hybrid Cannabis Strains today!

Amnesia Haze

A product from a very popular breeder, the Amnesia Haze, was introduced by the Royal Queen seeds. When it was introduced, it didn’t take long to capture the hearts of its smokers. The Amnesia Haze is very popular for its whopping 22% THC content. As you may already know, people who smoke weed are after their THC content. The higher the content, the more Stoned they feel. By its exceptional features, the Amnesia Haze gathered so many awards. She is also liked for the smoothness of its flavors that resonates with the Original haze, a palatable delight with tropical and fruity flavors altogether. A majestic queen indeed!

Diesel Strain

A very popular hybrid, the Diesel strain is a hybrid cross between the Afghan and Mexican Sativa. This strain is well-loved that it was cross heavily with different strains because its offspring resulted in a very stable one. So, if you are looking for a strain that stabilizes it, might go for the Diesel strain. Not only were growers fond of its stabilized genes, but also it is very easy to grow, and the yields are very promising. So, if you are a beginner and looking for a strain that doesn’t require much knowledge about planting, then go for this strain.

AK-47 Strain

An award-winning strain, in fact, it has won 22 times in multiple categories. Considered as one of the best Sativa created, the AK-47 strain is still raking rewards up to this day. The AK-47 strain is popular in all aspects, growers are fond of its very fast-flowering features, and grows abundantly with massive yields. Smokers love their potency and long-lasting effects. Truly, the AK-47 is a class of its own. Some enthusiasts went by far as saying that this strain is the best Sativa strain there is!

Chocolope Kush Strain

Thanks to its parent, the Kosher Kush strain, a true legend on its own right. The Chocolope strain inherited some of the best attributes her parents could give. From dazzling effects and potency to mouthwatering flavors and aroma, you name it, Chococlope has it. Its mother, the Chocolope strain, was very famous for providing a sweet and rich chocolate flavor that blasts the palate of your mouth easily. If you are looking for a strain that exemplifies what true Marijuana is, then have yourself the award-winning Chocolope Kush strain.

Super Silver Haze

The very first haze to produce a very fast-growing compact plant that yields massively, the Super Silver Haze strain is popular for its silver that makes the plant look like it has been pulled out from the snow. It is a great option for indoor growing and ideally serves as a good trophy in your living room. What separated her from the others is it has a unique flavor to it combined with 21% of THC, the flavors are reminiscent of peaches and cream, a deadly combination that will have you addicted to it for hours. Super Silver Haze high is not to be taken lightly, too; it provides a very powerful high that might not knock you off your feet if you came unprepared.

Critical Jack

Although this sativa dominant hybrid is new to the scene, it took the Cannabis world by storm once it was introduced. The Critical Jack strain is across from two legendary parents, the Medically gifted Jack Herer strain and the very popular Critical strain. This vicious pairing created an offspring like no other; it inherited some of the best qualities of the two, Jack Herer’s medical ability, and Critical strain’s devastating high and easy to grow traits.

Given its top of the line genetics, Critical Jack is a vigorous strain that most growers like, and it is very easy to grow and is highly resistant to common diseases. Critical Jack’s exceptional flavors and aromas too aren’t to be taken lightly; it has a sweet spice to it with hints of incens and exotic wood. Critical Jack gives a cerebral high that is pretty much long-lasting.

Moby Dick

Another product from a very Popular breeder, the Moby Dick, is a strain made by the Dinafem seeds. It was created by pairing the Haze strain and the White widow strain. What people love about this strain is that fact that everyone can grow it because it has great resistance, the Moby Dick also provides enormous yields. The potency is what keeping this strain very popular, a winner of the Best Sativa on many occasion, the potency is quite about right, a nice smoothness of relaxing and blissful euphoria in the end. A great strain to have if you want to have a step back from reality and just relax.

Strawberry Cough

Easily one of the fruitiest Sativa dominant hybrids on our list, the Strawberry Cough will serenade your taste buds with sweet flavors of strawberry. Strawberry Cough doesn’t boast high amounts of THC. However, – her effects are pleasant enough to be enjoyed and not be too overwhelming for smokers. Growers will surely love its short flowering time, not exceeding nine weeks and only needs some basic things to get this plant started. The plant also stays at a manageable height, a perfect option for people having limited space. Overall, a well-balanced Sativa dominant that is pleasantly satisfying in all aspects.

NYC Diesel Strain

A strain that has rich origins from the Big Apple, the NYC Diesel strain’s flavors will remind you of sweet red grapefruits that are a joy to have in your taste buds. Not only that, but this award-winning strain will deliver some of the most potent affects you could find. Her high is very uplifting and infuses its smoke with energizing ability that boosts the smokers’ confidence and creativity. The NYC Diesel strain is a great choice if you are going to an event; it is a great conversation starter strain as it boosts social interaction. Overall, if you are looking for a sativa dominant hybrid with roots coming from the big apple, expect big things to happen from the NYC Diesel strain!

Laughing Buddha

As the name suggests, you will enjoy Laughing Buddha’s effect, all you need is one smoke to enjoy its overpowering effect, once you inhale it, you may find yourself giggling for long periods. It’s motivating high, too, is great for people who have gone through stress and depression. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Like with its great high, its flavors
are of sweet and fruity aromas that easily magnetize your nose to their buds. Unlike others, the Laughing Buddha requires a lot of care to grow, and might not be suitable for beginners. Nonetheless, this strain is perfect for casual smokers and beginners as well.


There’s still a lot of Sativa dominant hybrid out there that are exceptional and packs the potential to be called one of the best. It is up to you to find some of the best there is. We hope in our article, we helped you pick and choose the right sativa dominant hybrid for you!

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