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Smoking a joint

Smoking Joint – What you Need to Know

One of the easiest, classic, many weed users happy. Aside from cheap rolling papers, the accessibility is a plus. The truth is, purchasing joints can be very easy as it is almost found everywhere. Another thing is efficiency; you will not need to waste a lot of weed when using a bong or other paraphernalia

Whether you opt to smoke joint alone or with your friends, knowing how to use it is very important. Though you think it might be very challenging, it is as easy as ABCD. Yet, learning it for your first time comes with trial and error. But when you eventually know-how, the enjoyment and fun it can bring are priceless. 

Smoking Joint 101

It is an important matter to understand how to smoke joints, especially if you wish to be a cannabis enthusiast. In the next section, the steps are given to help you understand how to smoke a joint on your first attempt. 

Break the weed down

Before you even start rolling a joint, breaking down the weed is the first thing you have to do. You should considerably break it down into a smokeable form. Nowadays, there are newly devised methods, such as grinders, to help smokers break down their weed in a very even texture and structure. Opting to have grinders to obtain the consistency of the weed will be very helpful before aiming to roll up the joint. 

Prepare for a filter paper.

Prepare for a small piece of filter paper. When it is all prepared, begin to design it in any shape you desire, depending on your fashion. What you need to take note of is the spacious gap. You have to make sure that there are no wide intervals. The next step is to use the remaining paper and start rolling it comparatively the same as the shape you already designed, tightly. Using a filter paper means a lot. This can help in preventing any weed from going into the mouth. It can also help every user in smoking the joint without any resin penetrating the mouthpiece. Moreover, it can prevent burning the fingers. Yet, putting a filter is optional. It will still depend on your preference. 

Prepare for a rolling paper

It is essential to have quality rolling paper as much as possible. Smoking marijuana on a good quality rolling paper can offer a fun experience. A lousy quality rolling paper will also speak out for an extreme smoking adventure; hence, a bad joint. Once you have the rolling paper with you, deciding where to put the filter is necessary. Users can place it at the bottom or the top of the joint. Whether you choose it at the bottom or top of the joint, both work perfectly. In cannabis colloquialism, these two styles are known to be the bat and the pinner. 

Bat is typically described as a cone-like shape. The pinner, on the other hand, appears more like a cigarette. Using the pinner is more sneaky than the bat. Bats are best to use alone as it finishes off quickly. It gives an exceptional flavor and smell. Thus, when you opt to use a bat, choosing to add more weed is very exciting. 

After adding a weed to your joint, you can start shaping it in your desired fashion. Shaping is effortless. The only thing you need to do is use your index finger and thumb to roll it. Roll the joint up and down until you form a cylinder-like structure. Make sure that it is firm and solid without any gaps. 

Pull your joint in

Pulling your joint may be somewhat complicated. Being careful in doing this process is a must. Knowing this very artistic process is helpful for those who want to be marijuana lovers. The procedure starts at the tip of the filter and pulls in the paper that surrounds it, and then immediately transfers the thumb to the lower point while drawing in the remaining part. 

Role and Seal it

After pulling in your joint, you can start rolling it again until the glue end appears. When the glue end appears, you can use your saliva and place it down at the tip to add some moisture and continue doing that until all the part of the joint has been sealed. Be careful in sealing it to prevent the weed from getting out. Once you have finished doing that step, make sure that the joint is tightly sealed and rolled. You can use a tiny stick in pressing the weed to top up any wide gaps. Yet, ensure not to push it tight as over-pressing can lessen the airflow. 

Twiddle the end and light it up

Twisting the end of the joint will depend if you want to use it immediately. If you are planning to light it up at another time, there is no need for you to do this step. If you have difficulty enclosing it, what you can do is add a tiny amount of saliva and twiddle the end. Wrapping it up isn’t necessary. If it is simpler for you to burn it, twisting the end is not a big deal. 

Draw the smoke in the mouth and breathe it in

As you burn the joint, the first thing you need to do is draw the smoke in the mouth before breathing it in. This process allows you to burn the joint consistently. If you already tried smoking a cigarette, the process will be similar and will not be very difficult. Yet, for starters, attempting it for the first time may be a bit challenging. After drawing the smoke in the mouth, you can start inhaling it into the lungs. Practicing this step until you ideally get it can offer you a great and enjoyable smoking experience. 

Take a pause before breathing it out.

Smoking your joint wouldn’t even be better if you savor it. You can take a pause for a second or two before breathing out the smoke. Doing this process will enable you to feel the effects as soon as it reaches the lungs. Yet, this may be different if you are using a weed with a lesser amount of THC like that of CBD-saturated weeds with no cerebral influence. 


There may be some people that are tangled or get confused after smoking a joint. This circumstance depends on their tolerance. With that, it is an important thing to consider the amount of weed to smoke or the potency it includes. Like having too much sugar in a cup of coffee, the effects depend on the reaction of the body from the compound being presented. Choosing the amount of weed to add to your joint will still be your decision. 

An amateur may considerably feel that their heart rate has increased or appeared anxious after burning a joint. In consideration, trying it for the first time should include caution. As time goes by, you can add a little more, depending on your tolerance. Smoking joint means so much fun as you fully know and understand the process. As you take a step forward, doing it every time can eventually make you a pro.

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