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Like other plants on the planet, marijuana also has full colors or chlorophyll that allows plants to absorb energy from the sun or light. So what transforms your Sour Diesel green is indeed the exact thing which makes your green grass lawn sparkle.

But what about strains that wind up in shades of pink, purple, red, or black? We have to dig far further into the marijuana plant for that. Anthocyanins, a family of water-soluble pigments that include various reds, blues are the vivid colors. Different plants are more likely to develop anthocyanins than those in marijuana, although it all depends on the plant’s climate and nutrition.

They require less support from the sun as cannabis plants enter the latter part of the flowering period. Subsequently, chlorophyll’s production slows down, and the anthocyanins ramp up as the temperature begins to fall. As for marijuana farmers, this ensures that, based on individual growing temperatures and small jobs, usually violet, purple, and pink strains will only begin to display their true colors during the harvest season and can even turn-out as green buds.

TOP 10 Colorful Marijuana Strain

What strains do you look for if you’d like to grow a colorful marijuana strain? With all the knowledge on how marijuana attains its color. No marijuana strain is sure to develop any one color in its buds, as we’ve seen, but here are a couple of our favorite flower varieties with genetic arrangements vulnerable to bright colors.

1. Northern Lights

 This strain presents crystal-colored leaves that appear to sparkle, arising from the synthesis of Thai and Afghani strains. The tiny shimmering flecks line the flower, which makes the cosmos appear like this soothing Indica. And rightly, this starry-sky-like strain leaves the one who loves it soothed and prepared for sleep. It offers a sweet, spicy taste.  And in comparison, at past High Times Weed Cups, it has been a fan favorite. It might not be the bravest and brightest of the vibrant cannabis strains on this list, but its shiny impact makes it sparkle just a little differently from the others.

2. Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is a skunky Indica taste strongly like berry and grapefruit, and its colors back up those tastes. This flower has colors that blend to create a stunning product, like many more colorful strains. Most commonly associated with cannabis, the orange and violet hairs blend with the rich emerald green. This flowering strain is perfect for complete body stimulation and functions well enough for insomnia. Besides that, it may help relieve arthritis or some form of mental illness. It’s simple to find your comfortable spot in this high; it’s powerful and a real elegance to lavish your eyes on.

3. Acapulco Gold

If they only knew they should quickly extract this golden-colored marijuana strain, thousands would hurry westward. However, this marijuana strain makes it to the list being on the most colorful marijuana strains declares popularity as a purebred sativa. Considering hybrid strain, this is an impressive achievement. And finish off the good qualities of this Acapulco Gold strain; it offers a heady and compelling high that also helps with body pains. More than just a gold ring, it will fit well as a thoughtful, colorful strain and romantic present for any cannabis lover to win Acapulco Gold in such a rose vape.

4. Banana Kush Feminized

This fruity Banana Kush is known for its cheerful vibes. This magnificent green Indica-dominant variety smells like bananas and offers a long-lasting, powerful high that is as good as its fragrance. Banana Kush grows from vibrant green buds, thickly surveyed in fluffy white trichomes and neon colors. Red and rough orange pistils give this pleasant and hearty strain a bit of color. Mostly, Banana Kush strains were inverted cones. Banana Kush is soothing and calming with both Indica and Sativa characteristics. This present strain’s mood-boosting characteristics can assist with pressure and suffering, while the body-high is also useful for muscle tension and severe pain.

5. Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds

Zkittlez marijuana is indeed an Indica-dominant crop that produces bright scenery of purple, green, and orange. This strain provides a positive emotion and a mellow vibe. This strain is ideal for beginners or casual users, offering a moderate-high strain. Based on how you cultivate it, THC content levels will adjust anywhere between the range between 23% and 15%.  For a constant, fun high, Zkittlez is a great strain. It is more like a calming buzz than an intense rush, although the symptoms are mild and cerebral. One toke of this tasty strain, and then you’ll understand why the fruity rainbow candy lent its name to Zkittlez. The people that experience it concludes that they can not just feel the rainbow; they also see it.

6. Tangie Feminized Marijuana

Tangie is a hybrid form of weed from an unknown strain of Skunk and California Orange. It has a distinctively luscious, citrusy tangerine fragrance. The flavors of Tangie are an equally tropically sweet, citrusy peach, making this herb, among others, a standout.

Tangie marijuana strain is a tall herb with tiny, pale green buds. With bright orange pistils that grow prominently around the stems, it generates a moderate amount of trichomes. In comparison, its purplish tones are stunningly wonderful and differentiate this strain from its greatness. Tangie marijuana strain is a tall herb with tiny, pale green buds. With bright orange pistils that grow prominently around the stems, it generates a moderate amount of trichomes. In comparison, its purplish tones are stunningly wonderful and differentiate this strain from its greatness.

7. Strawberry Cough Feminized 

Strawberry Cough offers fun fruitiness and a reasonable boost. This Sativa-dominant variety smells like strawberries and tastes like them. In a strawberry field, which accounts for the sweet scent and flavor, some reproducers produced it. This marijuana strain has slightly skunky leanings as well. Although it is low in upkeep, it can thrive by pruning other foliage and allowing a pleasant breeze. The most beautiful strain will notice the most beautiful strain with strawberry composition all over the old green.

8. Purple Trainwreck

Purple Trainwreck is a combination of Trainwreck and Mendo Purps. Although Mendo Purps has an Indica gene and operates on the body, the Trainwreck strain is Sativa-dominant for brain effects. Purple Trainwreck, their offspring, bears a mix of their most robust characteristics; a purple appearance and a lemon and berry aroma are present in the Purple Trainwreck strain. Some people notice a crystallized and green look with a spice scent.

For various medical uses, including pain, glaucoma, nausea, migraines, epilepsy, and cancer, people focus on Purple Trainwreck. In conjunction with pain relief, users experience euphoric and energizing results. Most claim that the results are long-lasting and also add to sleep. Because of its long-lasting impact, medical patients may take a dose at night and expect pain control or discomfort throughout the morning.

9. Blueberry Feminized 

Blueberry Feminized the combination between Thai, Afghani, and Purple Thai as she bears 15-24% THC and holds a refreshing and soothing body high. Owing to her bluish flowers and leaves, she deserves to be called such as this. The Blueberry is pretty and healthy. She delivers a strong punch that’s always quick and smooth on your throat, considering her THC stuff. Surprisingly, she’s pleasant and fruity. The floral hint makes it more appealing, reminding you of the fruits and blueberries of the trees.

She also provides a body stone that can remain for a specific time in the body. This high body is so calming that it also gives a pleasant euphoria feeling that allows you to break away from pressure. The height is also refreshing. For medicinal and recreational uses, blueberry is fitting.

10. Skywalker Feminized

Skywalker Feminized strain was a cross between OG Kush and Skywalker, two possibly the best marijuana strains. This strain contains up to 26% too high THC concentrations. From the first hit, you’ll get notes of new plantation spice quickly transforming to a calming moist scent of fresh earth, dirt, and thick trees. In comparison, you can feel a burst of zesty pleasantness. When you start to taste the smoke, this scent will persist. The name comes from the appearance of green-colored plants with orange-tinted sparkling hair.


We are fortunate that colorful strains continue to grow while becoming prevalent in the marijuana industry, as growers with impressive exterior presentations are inclined to cultivate potent weed. Their production is a type of art for farmers, with performance as their creation.

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  1. I harvested Blue Cookies and it is the bomb. Huge buds , the smell, taste and potency exceeded my expectations. I grew Auto Northern Lights and that is so good, enjoyable smoke and very medicinal. I can’t wait to sprout auto Blueberry/Big Devil cross.

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