TOP 10 Crop King Seeds Sativa Strains That Grows In Dry Climate

Marijuana can flourish in any kind of environment and climate as a robust and resilient crop. Not all crops grow well in hot climates near the equator; however, some strains truly prosper in places where the planting season is warm and sunny. Usually, the plants will adapt to the natural sun, especially when working with sativas, and will do well even when the darker periods. Cultivators who wish to guarantee that there is no issue may want to choose autoflowering marijuana strains. After achieving some certain stage, they can start flowering instead of depending on the sunlight to enable themselves to do so.

When cultivating marijuana plants, make sure that you’re providing an adequate amount of water and nutrients. It will hold the soil warm sufficiently to not scorch the roots but will stimulate profound root growth instead. The deeper soil will be colder as the seeds begin to expand deeper down on the soil medium; the sources will no longer be at risk of becoming burnt.

Inserting water-holders in the soil can also help maintain the marijuana plant hydrated. These are made from starch and polymers, and they absorb it and become much more significant than their original size as they come into contact with water. These water holders will start to release the water they’ve been retaining when the soil begins to dry out, maintaining the crop also hydrated though you have difficulty doing just that. You have to know the best marijuana strains for growing in dry climates if you live in an arid, sunny, dry environment. It can be thrilling and daunting to decide to cultivate your weed. We assume we’re able to assist you the way. 

What are Marijuana Sativa Seeds?

Marijuana Sativa strains have been bred for decades for hemp fiber and psychoactive coatings, among other advantages to all those who use the crop. Sativa varieties, which originated in equatorial Central America and Southeast Asia and included Thailand, Mexico, India,  and Colombia, are ideal for warm climates and prosper when grown outdoors. Furthermore, the plant’s anatomy allows it to grow to heights of up to twenty feet and thrives in wet conditions and hot environments. In contrast to stocky, dense Indica hybrids, Sativa strains will have tall, slender leaves and long, conical buds on their plates and flowers. Sativa takes a little longer to grow, taking anywhere from ten to sixteen weeks in maturity, leading to a higher product.

Things you Need to Know When Growing Marijuana Sativa Strain

Consider that sativa crops develop taller, which takes much longer to maturity while planning your grow area. Letting for the extent of stretching sativa and sativa-dominant hybrid strains does mostly during the flowering period, you’ll need plenty of vertical space. There’s no doubt that pure sativas such as Durban Poison will reach great heights; that’s why some farmers choose to grow them outdoors in climates that are more favorable to a plant that usually has to wait again till October to harvest. If you live in an environment where cultivating sativa outdoors becomes feasible, you should strongly consider this remedy. Your output will be considerably higher, and the plants’ height will no longer be a problem. If the height is a problem when growing plants indoors, don’t let them grow too huge during the vegetative period of development. Top them off immediately to help control their upward progress and could need training for specific strains. Since some sativa-dominant marijuana strains expand a lot during flowering and their buds take a very long time to maturity, maintaining them at a manageable height when the light period is shifted to 12/12 can help you keep track of their development.

TOP 10 Marijuana Sativa Strains


Underneath the warm sun of the southern West Coast, Cali breeders produced Sour Diesel. She’s been circulating among many of the international marijuana population ever since, following a trail of delightful terpenes. She comes from Initial Diesel, Northern Light, Shiva, and Hawaiian. Sour Diesel consists of 30% Indica and 70% Sativa genes that produce psychological impacts. She also generates thick buds that hold a 19% THC content and an average CBD content. Sour Diesel could have 400 to 500grams per plant when grown indoors and 600 grams outdoors.


Some myths say that Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is well-suited in hot and sunny environments or Southern Europe. The origin of this strain could be tracked down to Jamaican landrace and South Asian strain, making her well suited in a warm or hot environment. Amnesia Haze has a very high THC content. An award-winning marijuana strain that could generate a very generous yield with 700 grams per crop produces a couch-locking high and sweet lemony taste. 


The combination of OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze resulting Chocolope with 95% sativa-dominant hybrid is a perfect choice for novice and skilled marijuana cultivators. It has a chocolatey, mellow taste, with grapefruit undertones is a significant part of Chocolope’s enduring appeal, making it one of the tastiest cannabis strains out there. Chocolope often generates a powerful effect that can spread to slight delusions in massive doses, so don’t let its sweetness mislead you. However, you’ll feel a gentle, hallucinatory high that will fill you with excitement to bring a smile to your face.  

Some other wonderful attribute of this durable solid marijuana strain has been its capacity to endure any mistakes that less experienced growers can make in watering and maintaining the plants. That’s also because it has such a long vegetative cycle and can consume any extra water or nutrients easily. You can expect to have a harvest season after 8-9 weeks of growing; she can yield 600 grams buds per plant when grown indoors and 450-500 grams outdoors.


Tangerine autoflower is a highly versatile strain that can develop outdoors and indoors as long as this can survive in a hot and humid location. Even for inexperienced farmers, this medium-sized plant is simple to cultivate and can reap a rather sturdy and good yield throughout its harvesting. It takes about 9 to 10 weeks for this strain to flower indoors and gets ready for a complete harvest. It can anticipate that Tangerine will produce an estimated total of around 18 ounces of fresh and fragrant bud. It is predicted that the Tangerine grown outdoors would be ready to be harvested by the end of October. This hybrid can produce approximately 16 ounces of buds for each plant on the scale.

5. AK-47

The AK-47 strain is renowned for being the extreme contrast to what is implied by its aggressive name. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that creates a mellow, calm head high due to a high THC percentage. Using Genes from sativas from Colombia, Thailand, and Mexico and an Afghani indica made this strain. Most would imagine that considering the lineage of AK-47, it will be one of the most potent strains to thrive in dry climates. And to be honest, in arid conditions, this strain thrives. But it’s pretty hard to keep alive outside; it’s especially susceptible to bud rot.


Durban Toxin, a pure sativa, is one of the best cannabis strains in dry climates to cultivate. A wide variety of temperatures and conditions are easy to grow and able to handle. It comes from the port city of Durban in South Africa. Worldwide, it has gained notoriety for its strong fragrance and powerful, positive impact. Durban Poison is the right strain to help you remain active during a long day or lend a burst of inspiration while enjoying the outdoors. The large resin glands that make this strain a quality alternative for concentrate extraction can also be appreciated by growers and concentrate enthusiasts. The buds are round and chunky, leaving nearly all parts of the plant with a thin layer of trichomes.


The Kali Mist is a dominant Sativa hybrid with 90% and 10% and has a THC content of around 15% and 26%. It is a cross between four inbred lines, namely Colombian, Cambodian Sativa, Thai, and Afghani Indica. It has positive, energetic, concentrated, and elevated effects. A tremendous relief of discomfort, exhaustion, depression, pain, and appetite loss is Kali Mist. This marijuana develops up to 10ft outdoors and 4ft indoors with a flowering period of around 70-90 days. This strain generates an indoor yield of 11 to 18 ounces per square meter, while outdoor production produces 25 ounces more than each crop. With very mild temperatures and extreme sunlight, Kali Mist does well in tropical or subtropical conditions. In soft, warm, sunshine conditions, Kali Mist is an excellent plant to grow and is immune to diseases.


Super Silver Haze is an Indica-dominant hybrid and has an 18 percent THC level. It is a crossbreed between Smoke, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1. It is perfect for stress, discomfort, lack of appetite, exhaustion, and exhaustion, often has euphoric, imaginative, invigorated, and energetic results. The maximum of this strain is high, and the flowering period begins at 9-11 weeks. This strain yields a good yield and is exceptionally disease-resistant. In a hot and humid climate with an average temperature of between 70° and 80° Fahrenheit, Super Silver Haze usually grows.


Purple Thai Fem has a heritage originating from some of the world’s most friendly climates, like Thailand and Mexico; it is not rare that she often thrives well in a wet, humid setting. As such, this is the temperature that matches with her to thrive when cultivating this plant indoors.  Since this weed has a few problems that need expertise in the production of marijuana, considering its all-female sides are complicating some of the jobs, it is not advised for inexperienced growers. Sativa-dominant and moderately tall, in difficult situations, this ganja will achieve crazy heights of up to 20 feet tall, which ensures that a lot of vertical space is needed unless this strain is your goal to practice. We will suggest strong HID development lamps to replicate the sunlight of her parent strains’ homelands to achieve her limit.


Strawberry Cough has 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with an 18% THC content level. She thrives well in tropical climates or environments and is ready to harvest in about 9-10 weeds, and is immune to diseases. Strawberry Cough also generates euphoric, uplifted, soothing, and happy impact; it even could cure severe pain, loss of appetite, and stress.

Final Thoughts 

It is a crucial job to be able to grow marijuana, particularly during this prohibition period. It is empowering to learn how to cultivate your own medicine! In life, there are dozens of strains, most with their characteristics and requirements. You will make intelligent choices as to what strains to thrive until you identify what kind of environment you live in. Sativa is primarily present in the characteristics of marijuana strains that cultivate successfully in tropical and wet climates. Such strains typically fight against humidity and temperature variations. Most leaf fingers need to be slender with chunky buds to allow proper plant respiration by evaporating water. Resistance to molds and pests under harsh conditions is also a highly favorable feature, as it can influence the crop by shifting seasons and temperatures.

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