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Weed stem tea

How to Make Weed Stem Tea – Making Use of Leftovers

Cannabis is a versatile plant. Its buds are dried and cured to make all kinds of cannabis products while the leaves are used as bulk material for joints and edibles. Even the stems are useful too, and usually, these are prepared as a tea

Weed stem tea has been used for many years now as an alternative remedy for different ailments, including pain, nausea, vomiting, asthma, and anxiety. It is known for being a better alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis, especially for people who can’t stand smoke. Some people use a cup of weed stem tea to help them with various conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Taking a cup before sleep will relax you and make you ready to fall asleep. 

The secret of stem weed tea is it also contains the cannabinoid compounds found in the buds and leaves but in a smaller amount. And because of this, you’ll have better control over the dosage. So before we learn how to make weed tea, remember that although weed tea is potent and very powerful, it is not for everyone.  Although weed tea is designed to provide you with the best therapeutic and recreational effects, it’s still important to take this potent beverage moderately. 

Also, with weed stem tea, you’ll have control of the effects, the flavor, and the side effects. Is weed steam tea very potent? Yes, you can make your own version of weed steam tea as potent as you want with your own tea recipe. 

Take these special precautions carefully

Can a child take weed stem tea for his medical condition? You must consult a doctor before you offer this drink to a child. Even in small doses, it can cause terrible side effects, some of which are life-threatening. 

And if you wish to us weed stem tea for a medical condition, talk to your physician first. He will diagnose your condition and recommend the ideal dosage of weed stem tea. You may also consult a doctor for the best dose for anxiety and for better sleep

So without further ado, here’s how to make potent weed tea at home. 

Things that you’ll need for Weed Stem Tea

  • ¼ to ½ cup of cannabis stems, we prefer you use stems from organic sources
  • Dried weed or leaves to improve potency and taste
  • 3 cups of filtered water
  • Coffee filters 
  • A bag of tea, your choice of flavor 
  • Alcohol, whole milk or coconut milk (as a binding agent)


If you’re using alcohol, use 2 to 3 tablespoons. For whole milk, use ½ cup and for coconut milk, use ½ cup

  • ½ tablespoon of unsalted butter or coconut oil 

Instructions – How to Make Weed Stem Tea

1) Grind the stems

The first step is actually optional. You can grind your stems or not and consider the pros and cons of each. 

Grinding the stems is done by using a handy hand-held grinder. You may also use other similar objects and tools like a food processor or juicer. The advantages of grinding the stems are to increase the surface area of the stems and thus will enhance potency. However, some people don’t grind because this is very messy (especially when you’re just using a small hand-held grinder), and the flavor becomes stronger. So if you’re looking for a potent effect and you can stomach a bitter flavor, you may grind your stems. 

So how to grind your stems? Take fresh stems and cut these into very small pieces around ¼ inches in length. If you’re using a small grinder or pocket-sized grinder used to grind dried weed, use a blade with larger teeth to grind the chunky stems. Grind a teaspoon at a time. Set aside the stems that you have prepared. 

If you’re using a food processor, you don’t need to cut the stems. The tool will grind the stems to a smaller bit, enough to use as tea. And if you don’t have a grinder or a food processor, you may use a sharp pair of scissors to process your stems. Cut the stems as small as possible. Set the processed stems aside. 

2) Boil water 

For ½ cup of processed stems, use three cups of water to make your tea. Use a saucepan or a teapot to boil water. The water should boil before you add other ingredients like milk, butter, coconut oil, or alcohol. 

A fatty binding agent like milk, butter, alcohol, or coconut oil is used because THC in cannabis stems and other plant parts combine with fat, and doing so enhances the potency of the weed stem tea. If you want to add alcohol, add this after the tea has boiled so it won’t start evaporating. Bring all the ingredients to a boil under low heat. 

3) Add the stems

As the mixture starts to boil, add the freshly-ground stems and let this boil up to 10 minutes. As the concoction boils, stir it frequently using a spoon. 

You can use a reusable teabag that’s large enough to hold the processed stems. A reusable teabag is better as you can strain the stems faster and more efficiently. You may also use a stainless-steel tea infuser, a mesh ball strainer that allows you to make all kinds of teas and tea blends. 

4) Add trims or plant material if you wish

As the tea is steeping in the pot in newly boiled water, it’s time to add more flavor and enhance potency by adding other plant materials like some shake, trim or nugs, anything goes. Although this is an optional step, this is perfect for enhancing the taste and potency of your tea. But you can always skip this step if you think that you already have a potent tea. 

5) Strain the stems

When your tea is made, it’s time to strain the stems and other plant material. This is an important part of the tea-making process as no one wants to sip anything solid in their tea! If you used a tea bag or a tea strainer ball, then this won’t have to be a problem as you simply remove the bag or the ball from the tea. But if you did not use these tools, take the coffee filter and place this over a cup. 

Pour the tea slowly into the coffee filter and wait till the stems have been removed. You may also secure the coffee filter around the teapot spout with a rubber band to keep the plant material from pouring out. If you’re using a saucepan, choose a kitchen strainer to remove the stems.

You may also use cheesecloth to remove the plant material from the tea. Cheesecloth is better when straining fresh tea like weed stem tea because you can hold the cheesecloth and squeeze any excess tea out. Remember, you want potent tea, so you must consider the best way to strain it.   

6) Add some spice

After your tea has been strained, add extra ingredients to improve its flavor. You can add a little sugar to sweeten it up, or you may also use honey or molasses to create a sweet blend. If you want to bring out a fruity flavor or a flowery flavor, you can steep floral teas or a bag of flowery tea together with the potent weed stem tea. 

Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Go to the store to get a bulk of your favorite dried herbs. You can mix these dried herbs with your freshly-cut stems. 
  • Aside from ready to use herbs, you may also use other materials like fresh fruit such as ginger, lemon, and many more. Just use a vegetable peeler and peel a small part of the skin or the rind. Place these on a baking sheet and dry these in an oven with a temperature of 200 degrees for around 2 hours or more. After this designated time, remove these from the oven and let these remain on the pantry overnight. These will be good to use in the morning. Before use, chop or grind these into smaller pieces.
  • Use lavender to add to your weed stem tea. It is a popular flavor that will give your potent weed tea some zing.
  • And if you’re looking for a zesty kick, add a few drops of lemon and a small slice of fresh ginger. Ginger and lemon pairs well with weed stem tea. This is especially great when you want a very potent brew, and you also want a pleasant-tasking tea. 

Benefits of Weed Stem Tea

Cannabis on its own is medicinal, but you can combine this with other herbs and natural ingredients to create therapeutic tea. Here are some recipes are taken from the web and enhanced with a tablespoon or two of freshly ground or cut cannabis stems. 

Stomach soother

Cannabis is known for its benefits to the gastrointestinal system. It can soothe digestive pains, reduce nausea and vomiting, and can boost appetite. This tea is made from the following ingredients: 

  • Freshly ground cannabis stems, leaves, and some buds
  • 2 teaspoons of mint leaves
  • Half a teaspoon of fennel seeds 
  • A small amount of dried ginger 
  • 3 cups of water


Boil water in a pot or saucepan and add all the ingredients. Stir this concoction occasionally, and after ten minutes, remove from heat and wait till it’s cool. When the tea is cool, strain using a cheesecloth or coffee filter. Drink ASAP, and don’t let the beverage turn cold. Drink this soothing tea twice or thrice a day to reduce digestive problems. 

Anti-anxiety tea

Anti-anxiety tea or tranquil tea is a blend of ingredients that will soothe and relax you. You can take this tea anytime during the day, but its best served in the evening so you can get much-deserved sleep. Here are the ingredients of this tea: 

  • Freshly-ground cannabis stems and plant material
  • 4 parts of chamomile
  • 2 parts of rose petals
  • 2 parts of lemongrass 
  • 3 cups of water


Use a glass jar to combine the herbs together. When the herbs are inside the jar, shake it well to mix the ingredients well. To make tea, use only a teaspoon of the mix in one cup of hot water. You may also use a strainer or a tea ball to hold the tea together. Some say that this is a bitter blend, but you can correct this by adding honey. You should drink this while the tea is still warm. 

Weed stem tea blend to increase immunity

Cannabis is also known for its ability to boost the immune system. It comes with natural cannabinoids that can support immunity and help prevent sickness. For this tea, it may look like it’s anything goes, but actually, this is a weed stem tea that has carefully considered ingredients. Here are the ingredients you need:

  • One part elderflowers
  • One part elderflowers, 
  • One part rose hips
  • One part of chamomile
  • One part rose hips
  • One part Echinacea 
  • One part astralagus
  • One part of cannabis stems cut in small pieces 


Use a plastic container to mix all the ingredients together before placing this in an herb ball. Let the water boil completely before adding this tea. Let this steep for a few minutes and strain the stems before pouring in a large cup.  

Tea to cool you down 

Another unique property of cannabis is it can help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety. You can brew this tranquility tea to relax you right before you sleep or in the middle of the day. 

  • Two parts of rose petals
  • Two parts of lemongrass
  • Four parts of chamomile
  • Two parts of freshly ground cannabis stems


Boil two to three cups of water and add all the ingredients. Let the tea steep for fifteen minutes. Strain all the ingredients before drinking. You should let this cool before drinking. You can drink this tea once or twice a day. This is perfect for relaxing right before you sleep. 

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