What to Do with Marijuana Stems

what to do with marijuana stems

Cultivating marijuana is not a piece of cake. It will take time, countless effort, and patience just to develop a healthy and vigorous plant. If there is one frustrating thing that growers mostly hate is a pile of leftover stems from harvested marijuana. Throwing the stems is such a tremendous waste and, of course, very heartbreaking that some parts of the hard-earned work, gone into waste.

However, growers should stop whining about the leftover stems because now, there are a lot of ways and things on what to do with marijuana stems. The hack of recycling stems will make good use of them without having to worry about making a huge waste. Below, we have compiled the things and ideas to make a valuable piece out from marijuana stems.

Tea Time

This is the most commonly used method on what to do with marijuana stems and considered to be the most excellent idea has ever created, and that is, making tea. How to do it? Well, making marijuana tea is very simple. First, slice the stem vertically and pour boiling water over it. Let the stems soaked the water for at least one day.

However, this process is only applicable when you attempt to get the flavors of marijuana for the tea. But if you want to acquire its potency, it requires the marijuana stems from undergoing the process of decarboxylating. This is a way to activate the essential cannabinoid compounds of the marijuana present in the stem.

To do this, you need to put the stems inside the oven preheated at 100 degrees Celsius within fifteen minutes’ time. Afterward, you can elevate the temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius and let the stems be baked within forty-five minutes. After that, take out the marijuana stems from the oven and allow it to cool before grinding. Do not grind the decarboxylated stems too much as it can create a rather bitter taste.

Right after doing it, place the decarboxylated stems in a pot and put enough water to soak the stems before adding few mixtures of coconut oil. Let it boil and simmer within a maximum of fifteen minutes. You can use filters for coffee or cloth to filter out the excess particles of the stem. It is now ready to drink. If you want to improve the taste, you are allowed to add into the mixture your favorite tea or some cocoa powder will do.


There are already beers and wines with infused weed selling in the market presently. However, making your own booze will not only save you money but also save your stem from wasting.

This is another method, and that is infusing extract from the stems into your booze. This can be done by preparing a bottle of alcohol of your choice, preferably vodka. You can grind marijuana stems and mix about 1.5 grams of it in every ounce of the alcohol.

You may have to go to wait for a while and let the mixture sit in a room with no lights for around three weeks. You are required to shake the mixture occasionally to stir the mixture. Anticipate a powerful taste after the three weeks of isolation. It is recommended to take a little amount of shot and just let it observe for some time on how it affects you. You can likewise mix the booze with your favorite mixed. Indeed, fun and much cheaper way on what to do with marijuana stems.


Typically in making cannabutter, people use buds. However, marijuana stems can also be a great replacement as an ingredient. This is another way of what to do with marijuana stems. Before making a cannabutter, initially, you are required to make sure that you have enough marijuana stems as this part of the plant has less THC content.

Afterward, you can start grinding the stems using a food processor to make things fast and easy, as there will be a lot of marijuana stems to do this. Once finished, prepare a saucepan and pour the grind stems together with butter and let it simmer within forty-five minutes.

Allow stirring the mixture once in a while. When it turns brown, you can turn off the fire and pour the mixture into a strainer. In this way, the excess particles of marijuana stems will be separated. Let the finished product in the refrigerator stored. Nobody knows that cannabuter can be made out of the stem. Surely, the most efficient way of what to do with marijuana stems.

Ointments or Creams

There are tons of creative and cheap ideas on what to do with marijuana stems, and topical is one of them. Ointment and creams out from marijuana have shown great value in providing instant relief and effective treatment, which commonly used for some types of illness and relief from pain. In making a topical at home will not require many ingredients.

There are different ways to properly make these topicals that can be searched on the internet, which uses marijuana stems. You are even allowed to add important vitamins that work perfectly with the medicinal properties of marijuana stems.

Bubble Hash

There is another option on what to do with marijuana stems, and that is making a bubble hash. To make this possible, all you need to do is to prepare stems and break them apart. Grind the stems in the blender. Always take note; use only how much THC you can tolerate. In this case, since marijuana stems have lesser THC content, you may want to double the amount compared to the buds.

Prepare a jar, preferably a Mason jar containing isopropyl alcohol of 90% solution mixed it with the stems you grind up. Shake them all together for around one minute maximum. Pour the mixture using a coffee filter or cloth and placed it in a glass container.

You can dry it using a fan and allow the liquid to evaporate gradually. This process of evaporation will last longer than three hours. However, for better results, you can be patient and wait for one day. After this, you are allowed to indulge in the finished product.

Crafty Paper

Provided that marijuana has already been used worldwide in many different ways other than smoking it. In fact, the first papers made was from marijuana fibers. Stems are an extremely great part of the plant that has bountiful of fibers that can be used for making arts and papers.

To make a paper from marijuana stems, the initial thing to do is ground the marijuana stems and let its soak on the water together with scrap papers over the night. The next day after being soaked, pour the mixture into the blender and thoroughly blend it.

You could add water if it was necessary just to blend it smoothly. Afterward, place the blended mixture into a screen and wait until it dries. It is expected to finish the drying part within a day. However, it may take a while if the paper is thick or the environment around is humid.


This is another creative way of what to do with marijuana stems, and it is by making weave baskets. In making this creative thing, first, let the marijuana stems soaked in water for at least overnight. In this way, you are preventing the stems from easy breakage. Afterward, pick a few stems and tie them in the center together using a rope made out of hemp. You can start weaving the basket of your desired size.


Marijuana stems can be used for baking and create delicious and new recipes out of it. This is another method on what to do with marijuana stems. Using cannabutter out from marijuana stems, you can easily add this to any of your recipes. The flavor and seasoning will be up to your preferences and taste. Just expect that marijuana stems will have woody flavor, yet you can make edibles out from it without costing too much money.


Apart from extracting THC out from marijuana stems, there is another way and that is using it as skewers. It is a very simple procedure. Just sharpen the endpoint of the marijuana stems and let it soak with water for at least a night. Afterward, you can now make kabobs with some vegetables and meats of your likes.

The Don’ts on What To Do With Marijuana Stems

It is not news that some growers must have thought of smoking marijuana stems from leftovers. However, this idea should be avoided on what to do with marijuana stems. Stems are composed of the majority of plant matters. These plant matters do not have any therapeutic nor psychoactive effects on humans when smoked. The only valuable component of marijuana stems is the minimal THC amount it has.

Hence, when you try to smoke a marijuana stem, then you are merely combusting a plenty amount of unwanted plant matters, that will benefit nothing. Rather, it can cause severe headaches after smoking.

Final Thoughts

The next time you have leftover marijuana stems, instead of throwing them out in the garbage, try experimenting and make something creative and useful out from them. The list mentioned above are just a few and most common ways on what to do with marijuana stems, however, if you can be more creative, there are tons of ways. Except, of course, smoking them should be off the list.

There is nothing to be hate about marijuana stems; it just requires a little creativity and patience to turn a once leftover into something outstanding and useful. Despite all, the marijuana stems can still provide high effects and appreciate more the versatile capacity of the marijuana plant.

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