Pure Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Pure Indica is a strain with an amazing relaxing effect. You will be enveloped with a warm, fruity taste and aroma that will linger in your senses for a long period. It has moderate THC, but when taken in a potent dose, it can lead to a couchlock effect. It is easy to grow sativa that has bountiful yields.

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More About Pure Indica (fem)

Great for Relaxation

The Pure Indica (fem seed) is very likable in the sense that it gives great relaxation. This is sourced out from the Afghani genotype. This Pure Indica fem seed is known for having a THC content level of about 13 to 17 percent. This is good for having fruity aroma and taste. This can give out its guaranteed results as promised.

This may seem quite a rare type, but this remains still a favorite for many smokers. This is due to the reason that it gives out a sense of floating. Their body can remain as glued to a couch enjoyable and delightful.

This is classified to be a hundred-percent pure Indica. This seed can turn into a small plant packed by its powerful punch. A lot of smokers enjoy it for its known therapeutic qualities. That is why they depend on it more.

This is just so relaxing and uplifting in the high it can bring. This exhibit Indica traits that are only visible in the hybrids.

8 reviews for Pure Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for B. Dixon

    B. Dixon

    strain perfect for cannabis breeders in need of a break from the stressful daily life..100% indica,means a deep relaxing sensation can be felt..good yielder plant that blooms 6 weeks time. she’s really my best buddy to combat anxiety..every smoke lighten up my day, loving that spicy sweet taste with earthy scent..Yes! she loves swaying under sunshine..easy to take care of coz she’s resilient to molds and pests. can grow upto 5ft outdoor, and has a thick,solid nuggets..high doses may cause dry mouth and eyes,drink plenty of liquid..

  2. Avatar for Max Shroehman

    Max Shroehman

    Truly a pure Indica! This pot just delivers that wonderful fruity oomph, a very yummy combo of mixed fruits and hints of earthiness. I love that it just gives me that summer vibe. After a whiff of it, I just felt that heavenly physical calm. Made me worry-free and just put me in a very elated state. The calming effects also helped me get rid of my migraines. All the seeds I planted grew into dense, chunky nuggets with a super fruity aroma. I also love that it’s quite a small plant and can fit in my small-sized grow room. For all you Indica lovers, you must try this strain!

  3. Avatar for M. Chipper

    M. Chipper

    I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis and was so thankful I have found the best antidote. It reduces pain and minimizes treatment side effects! This indica gives a great relaxation. I’ve germinated it outdoor and grew about 4 feet tall. Its dense buds were noticeable for it has a fruity aroma and taste. its smooth smoke was great. 2 tokes are enough for me each day for it can drys up the mouth and the eyes but moreover this weed is Perfectly Amazing!

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