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What are Fast Version Marijuana Strains?

Legal marijuana is becoming part of the course across many states in the US and other countries. The use of cannabis is not just limited to smoking it for recreational use or consuming it for medical purposes. As the cannabis industry is booming, cannabis enthusiasts have also been considering growing their cannabis garden.

If you have decided to grow marijuana for quite some time now, you may have already tried growing several stains and may have seen the advantages and disadvantages of each strain. The growing experience may have taught you tricks and tips on how to grow your cannabis plant and produce a higher yield. In marijuana cultivation, patience is needed as it requires weeks to enjoy the harvest.

Cannabis growing is also advancing as cannabis cultivators have developed not just methods but also cannabis strains, which can produce high-quality yields. It has been every cannabis cultivator’s goal to achieve high-quality yield with every strain they intend to reproduce; that is why with the help of technology, breeders developed strains that can produce high-quality yield within as little time as possible. The strains developed can strain that is fast growing without comprising the quality of their products. These strains are referred to as a quick or fast version of marijuana strains.

What You Need to Know About Fast Version Marijuana Strains

To make things simpler, fast versions are the fast version of regular or classic feminized cannabis strains. Fast versions are a product of the cross between a female clone, which is selected from a variety of regular strains, and a good variety of auto-flowering females. The latter strain is reversed to be able to pollen that passes to auto-gen. This process will result in F1 or fast or quick hybrid that is not classified as auto, but these strains are faster than photoperiod genetics. In producing fast version marijuana strain, the important factor is to be able to select quality auto-flowering strains.

Fast version marijuana strains are feminized. These are strains that can produce flowers and not pollen, bearing buds and whose flowering period depends on the hours of light they receive. Fast marijuana strains are faster than other strains.

What are the benefits of Fast Version Marijuana Strains?

Do you want to grow fast? Then choose to cultivate with fast version marijuana strains. Growing these seeds has several advantages.

  • It can bring faster harvest: The sole purpose that these plants developed is to be able to produce seeds that can be harvested faster than the regular version of their strains.
  • It gives less chance of top rot: Because these plants are fast to harvest, you can start harvesting them before the rainy season for outdoor cultivation. It applies to both indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  • The cost is lower: It results in lower costs because of the short time that you will be spending on different growing or cultivating utilities.
  • Fast harvest allows you to grow more and harvest more often: By cultivating fast version marijuana strains, the cycle will also end sooner. Because of this, more cycles can be started in the same period.

Why choose Fast Version Marijuana Seeds?

As the popular proverb says: Patience is a virtue, and it should be applied by all cannabis cultivators. Apparently, with the help of technology, cannabis breeders were able to develop seeds that can be harvested in a short period. Fast version marijuana seeds can give you the same high-quality yield in a short period. If you want to grow massive plants and harvest them in a short period, the fast version of marijuana seeds is the best strain for you.

Example of Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

Cannabis is becoming popular, and it is becoming a trend. It no surprise that there are hundreds of strains available for cannabis consumers. These strains can be pure Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, which is the combination of the first two strains. Fast version marijuana strains are also emerging and are becoming a trend. It is now among the top choice of cannabis consumers and breeders alike. Aside from it is fast-growing, it can also top-quality strain that can produce quality yield

Here are examples of fast Version Feminized Seeds that you may want to consider when you cultivate your garden.

  • Royal Cheese (Fast Flowering): This Indica-leaning strain can produce top quality flowers. This strain was bred to mimic the famous Cheese strain. This strain has a THC content of 17%, which can produce a relaxing and strong body high. The taste is a classic flavor of sweetness and earth.
  • Honey Cream (Fast Flowering): This one of the fastest strains to grow, and it also develops rich trichomes and can flower within six weeks. This Indica-dominant hybrid can bring about a strong and relaxing body high. The taste is sweet and sugary. Honey Cream has a THC content of 16%, and it also has a medium level of CBD content. This plant grows small, so it can be cultivated indoors and outdoors and even in small grow space.
  • Speedy Chile: This strain will treat your buds with soothing flavors and scent. It is the product of the union of Early Skunk, Skunk, and Chile Indica cannabis strains. This strain can bring about strong physical and relaxation high. It has a THC content of 16%, making this strain suitable any time of the day. The flavor is a delicious blend of fruit, pie, and spice.
  • Candy Kush Express ( Fast Flowering): Candy Kush Express has a delicious and strong aroma of citrus and sweetness. This strain is high yielder; that is why it is a top choice among cannabis breeders.


The list we have is just a few of the many fast version marijuana strains that can be harvested in a short period. If you have decided to cultivate fast version marijuana strains, make sure to ask for tips and advice from cannabis cultivators who have successfully cultivated these kinds of strain. Remember that they have to be treated differently from regular cannabis strains. Make sure that your fast version seeds will get its basic needs like the right exposure to sunlight, water, vitamins, and minerals as it grows.

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