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How to Create New Marijuana Strains: Breeding Guide for Growers

People have been using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes for a very long time. Indica and Sativa marijuana strains arrived early in the market during the 18th century, while hybrid strains are quite new. Since cannabis has been around for a long time, it’s not unusual if one wonders how many strains are available.

The Answer

Cannabis experts say there are 779 recognized cannabis strains in the entire world where several are already quite established due to their satisfying overall quality. These strains have been around for a long time became familiar to most, and have been available in cannabis dispensaries around the world. Strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, and Northern Lights, to name a few are the most notable ones boasting their unique characteristics.

This number of cannabis strains entails a horde of obscure and rare marijuana strains, too. However, growers have pursued their passion for inbreeding which led to the creation of more new strains. Professional growers may develop another strain of cannabis and will start promoting their creation by giving it a name. When they launch the strain, it will soon be recognized as a new, legit marijuana strain. However, if it fails to sell, it will likely disappear. 

Moreover, there is a big culture among novice home growers who do experiments with the new cannabis strains. When they succeed in creating something cool and interesting, they will name it immediately. While a homegrown strain may not be able to enter any kind of market, it will still exist and be recognized as a unique marijuana strain. 

Thus, the question of how many cannabis strains can hardly be answered.

Kinds of Cannabis Strains

In the US alone, people use weed mainly for medicinal purposes. However, some states legalized recreational marijuana, too. Consuming cannabis comes with multiple effects, both physically and mentally. The effects of recreational and medical marijuana use are mostly helpful, but they can also cause a few adverse effects. 

The effect of cannabis typically triggers a calming and relaxing sensation that you will feel and enjoy mentally and physically. Likewise, weed has been proven effective in providing temporary relief for various common health problems like body aches, headaches, depression, and anxiety. 

The possible adverse reactions you may experience in using weed include anxiety, paranoia, reddening of the eyes, dry lips, and lethargy. Every cannabis strain comes with various odors, effects, and flavors.

In most online sources and websites, there are 3 main kinds of marijuana:

  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • Hybrids


A few are called auto-flowering cannabis strains. They are those strains with shorter flowering times that are mostly between 6 to 8 weeks.

Indica Cannabis Strains

Historians say Indica strains came from the Hindu Kush area in Afghanistan. These strains are widely known for their short but bushy look. They have excellent yield production and shorter growing phases, unlike the Sativa strains. 

People often use Indica cannabis strains for medicinal use. They are effective in reducing inflammation. Also, they give temporary relief for body pains. Indica cannabis strains are more common in those states where medical marijuana is legal to aid insomnia sufferers and other patients who might be experiencing difficulty in sleeping. 

Unlike Sativa cannabis strains, Indica strains induce a more relaxing high. It’s a more energetic and powerful high. Its effects tend to be more relaxing and calming. Indica strains can also cause munchies, a condition in which you may feel stronger hunger pangs. Some Indica cannabis strains include Northern Lights, Pineapple Kush, Pineapple Chunk, and Bubble Kush.

Sativa Cannabis Strains

Sativa cannabis strains can grow tall and have a lanky look. They tend to grow taller, reaching a height of 20 feet. Sativa strains are very popular among recreational users due to the energetic and uplifting high.

Sativa’s effects tend to be more cerebral. Sativa strains are perfect for users who require to be more creative and energetic for increased productivity. It’s important for fighting mood swings and managing symptoms of some mental conditions like bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression. 

Sativa cannabis plants have a good THC amount. Hence, they’re not typically prescribed for medicinal use because they’re more suitable for recreational smokers. Examples are Candyland, Jack Herer, Island Sweet, Green Crack, and Skunk.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains are the cross between Sativa and Indica. Think of the hybrids as the children of 2 marijuana strains. Their varied genetics mean they’ll show the characteristics of their parents. Many growers choose to cultivate hybrid cannabis strains as they have the best of Indica and Sativa cannabis when it comes to effects. 

Hybrids give a combination of mental and physical effects. Popular hybrid strains are OG Kush, Sunset Sherbet, Lemon Diesel, THC Bomb, Blue Dream, Sour Grape, and Pineapple Express. Hybrids are ideal for growers who like to mix some varieties to their garden. 

They are an excellent option for smokers who like to get high both mentally and physically. Novices are suggested to try out the hybrids to experience first-hand how smoking marijuana makes one pleasurable high. Hybrids can be used for medical purposes as they give patients nice-balanced effects that can benefit them with frequent use.

Hybrid strains are fruits of extensive experiments. Growers are experimenting with breeding various strains to find out what they may be able to develop out of their curiosity. New hybrid cannabis strains enter the market every year.

Choosing the Right Strain for You

The type of cannabis strain that you should choose determines the type of high you will experience once you use it. Likewise, it will determine how you will try to raise them because various strains need a range of growing conditions and settings. 

In choosing a cannabis strain, you have to consider the type of marijuana experience you want to enjoy. Although it is not as easy as it seems because weed has up to 80 identified cannabinoids that will affect the brain and various body parts. Having a much better understanding of how every strain will affect you will help come up with a good decision.


The market offers more when it comes to cannabis strains. So, everyone has the privilege to find and get the strain with qualities that match their needs and desires. The choices are almost limitless.

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