10 Best Marijuana Strains with Highest THC on Crop King Seeds

Searching for such a strain of cannabis that can threaten or fight back against persistent medicinal problems with your sensitivity? People usually ask us what kind of strains are by far the most strong, and although that depends on a number of variables, we have compiled a list of varieties that have credibility for high euphoria, from what was developed to the nature of genetics.

However the THC is the primary driver of marijuana effectiveness, it is important to take into account the function terpenes can play in improving and shaping the elevation of the strain. Terpenes such as caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene correspond to aromatic compounds that offer a special variety of odors to marijuana, and a marijuana strain high in both THC and terpenes frequently offers a more impressive environment than a crop deficient in medicinal chemistry.

The psychoactive substance responsible for developing elevated amounts of marijuana is THC. It’s obviously a high-THC marijuana strain if people say that a specific strain of cannabis is really good. 

High-THC marijuana strains generate powerful cerebral effects and may be beneficial for:

  • Nausea elimination 
  • Appetite rising 
  • Pain Relief 
  • Decreasing swelling 
  • Improving issues with muscle function

Top 10 Best Marijuana Strain with High-THC Content

1.Girl Scout Cookies

Most strains and it is one of those, needless presentations. Girl Scout Cookies has developed a huge popularity and fan status among marijuana lovers as a true Cali icon. The initial Californian GSC stood out by its powerful THC content level ranging 25-28%, though there are many varieties of this strain and many impersonations.

Girl Scout Cookies originated from its nice and fruity, but still very citrusy, complicated aromas. It is a powerful high that ideal features cerebral enhancement and physical relief, one of the factors GSC is becoming so common. It really is no wonder this strain has earned so several Cannabis Cups and awards, considering its genes, strength, flavor, and unusual results.

2. HulkBerry

There are several names that can teach you about a certain strain of weed, and that’s particularly the case for HulkBerry. This is a sturdy strain with abundant berry tastes and scents that generates potent buds. Its THC level is about 27%, causing a lengthy, intense euphoria. 

HulkBerry is a strain that is moderately sativa-dominant and shows through during its physical characteristics. It is a tall plant that likes to stretch, indicating to be cultivated indoors it may require some preparation and replanting. Nevertheless, it seems to be an easy-to-grow strain which yields successful harvests in a variety of growing environments regardless of a long flowering season.

3. Granddaddy Purple Strain

One of the finest Indicas around, Granddaddy Purple. This burden can be used to achieve relief for people with difficulties, particularly sleeping and serious issues. Both clinical patients and recreation users, which makes it really accessible. Granddaddy Purple is a distinctive Indica strain and a euphoric and emotional high will flood you with it. For individuals who can tolerate THC levels as strong as 23%, this strain is prescribed.

Both the mind and body can be hit by this pressure, which then blends into a smooth body high ideal for nighttime use. For ideal pain relief, patients should use Grand Daddy Purp. Numerous symptoms, namely fatigue, anxiety, and depression, can also be cured. Novices should try to absorb a lower volume of this strain since it can pack a potent high-dose punch. Until increasing the number, it’s recommended to begin with several hits.

4. Original Glue

Glue strains obtain their name through their potential to establish adhesive trichomes with thick layers. So these strains have especially rich chemical profiles, provided that trichomes are the core of cannabinoids and terpenoid development. For Initial Glue, that’s exactly the case. This strain has a THC level that routinely approaches 30% due to its ability to grow large, frosty buds.

Initial Glue is a very fascinating range, being such a three-way combination between Chocolate Diesel,  Chem’s Girlfriend,  and Sour Dubb. Which mesmerizes with aromas that mix sweet citrus flavors with rich earthy leanings that are mildly piney. This strain creates an intense drug stone due to the high THC content that will leave you couch-locked in no time.

5. Zkittlez (Skittles) Strain

Skittlez is made up of a high-THC amount alone, giving a huge ‘happy medium’ that is better than plants that test higher-THC content. Due to its high THC rating, Skittlez is not very appropriate for beginners. Sour Skittlez Strain was a very powerful strain available on many other dispensary racks and fun when used with mates who are like-minded.

A very short high can be achieved by people who smoke this strain, followed by a slight head-focus. Consumers can begin to feel a slight, easily adaptable tension around the eyes and ear. This emotion is recognized as sensory awareness as well. Many individuals often say feelings like perceptual fuzziness in specific interactions. This interference results in ambient changes that are appropriate for viewing a film or listening to music. This pressure often intensifies psychedelic impulses, making it hard for users to explore their thoughts, to certain theories taking up more room or time than appropriate. This kind of cerebral high appears to be the best way to accomplish challenging tasks such as household tasks. And the more the strain is consumed, the more active your brain gets.

6. Silver Haze

Silver Haze is indeed a strongly sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a 90% Sativa and 10% indica strain generated as a strong cross between the insanely common  Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1, Haze strains. Among many marijuana users, this Silver Haze is a favorite among cannabis enthusiast and has an average THC content of about 20-24%. The highly sparkling THC buds coating its buds lend Silver Haze its name. With amber and gold undertones and long thin abundant amber hairs, this bud has long thick pepper-shaped light neon-green nugs.

The Silver Haze High is characterized by users as one that is a powerful clear-headed high brain head which keeps you content, imaginative, and energetic. After the other elevated results, this clear-headed effect will linger, rendering Silver Haze a perfect wake-and-bake pressure. Silver Haze is really the best strain for prescribing drugs struggling with illnesses along with severe stress and anxiety, discomfort, or exhaustion because of these potent effects.

7.  Grape Ape Strain

Grape Ape is a really psychoactive strain with levels of THC ranging from 17-23%. This high potency bud provides you with such a pleasant and euphoric high that can alleviate fatigue, discomfort, insomnia, and similar disorders efficiently. It is advised that weed enthusiasts consume small doses of such a strain until going on with more big hits.

In the marijuana world, this strain has obtained some outstanding prestige. One of the heavy-hitting Indica strains ever comes from the combination of  Afghani, Skunk #1, and Mendocino Purps. By doing this strain, individuals with conditions such as muscle tension may have strong physical impacts.

8. Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain

Bubba Kush is a hybrid that is popularly known as Indica dominant. First, the pressure was taken forth by an L.A. Breeder as he combined Northern Lights and OG Kush. Bubba Kush was sold mostly as a duplicate over the last decade, but researchers have found a new method of packaging the seeds. Bubba Kush delivers the full Indica impact to consumers and makes them very happy and active. It provides a 15-22% THC and CBD ratio.

Because of its fast-growing and high ability, Bubba weed is ideal for inexperienced growers. This strain is ideal for both experienced and beginner growers because it’s easy to grow and grows good and enjoyable dense indica buds. Users who smoke this strain will get a sense of calm and happiness. Bubba Kush also has a highly sedative effect that is ideal for those with difficulties with sleeping and pressure.

9. Purple Kush Strain

By combining two South-Central Asian indica landraces including the Hindu Kush, from the mountain boundary of Afghanistan-Pakistan, and a purplish Afghani variety, Purple Kush is made. This strain is 100% Indica, and a gradual and relaxing boost is given.  Due to its strong THC content, from 17-27%, Platinum Purple Kush has received many awards.

When smoked, Purple Kush gives a long-lasting high. A gradual, upper body relaxation that travels from one part of the body to another can be expected by customers. You can experience a blissful, euphoric cloud when you light up this pressure that eases away all aspects of emotional struggle and tension. Although this strain gives a profound and essential sense of relief, new users are not advised. Due to its high potency and high narcotic-like effects, this strain is said to be among the strong strains on the planet. This pressure can also be used by professional users to relax during a long day at work. This pressure can be used for energy by those who feel vulnerable.

10. Green Gelato

Green Gelato is a combination between Sunset Sherbet, Scout Cookies, and Thin Mint Girl all of which were bred from special US genetics. The effect is a huge, powerful strain with a THC content level that appears to sit at 25-27%. Green Gelato has an unusual combination of smell and tastes that blend fruity, earthy, sweet, and tones, considering its potency.

Normally, Green Gelato generates a heavy, inspiring euphoria initially. Given its efficacy, though, it will easily make you feel sedated, comfortable, and prepared for a good few hours to disappear into the sofa. Green Gelato typically takes 8 to 9 weeks of flowering in the growing room and can grow to a height of 80 to 120cm indoors and could reach up to 200cm outdoors.


One of the most active marijuana drugs you can find is high-THC strains. As they can be effective in treating some health problems, they appear to have a powerful psychological impact as well. Try beginning with low-THC strains and making your way up if you are new to pot. While using high-THC goods, if you’re a skilled customer, go easy.



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